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Desilter Functions

This Desilter inquiry from oil well drilling company. It may stand for quantities drilling company requirements on same goods.

The Desilter shall be suitable for operation with the minimum & maximum ambient temperature of -6 0C to 55 0C. And the Desilter is suitable for frilling fluid “Mud” having specific gravity of 0.9 to 2.6 and API funnel viscosity 35 – 100 seconds/quart.

Drilling fluid (mud) processing temperature shall be up to 90 0C. It shall be designed to remove silt particles up to 25 macrons from the drilling fluids (mud).Feed line shall be so designed so as to provide adequate pressure (40 – 45 psi) to each Desilter cone.

Variable/Fixed Parameters on Desilter

Fluid Handling Capacity: 225 m3/hr / 1000 GPM / 3785 LPM. The specified capacity of the Desilter shall be at 2250 cm/ 75′ Head. 16 Nos. of  Desilter Hydrocyclones as per manufacturer’s design conforming to the required fluid handling capacity. The Desilter cone is:       10.16 cm (4″). The pipe feed inlet & overflow discharge vent:   20.32 cm (8″). Victaulic coupling:     20.32 cm (8″) with welded stub end.

Constructional Features

Construction: A. The equipment shall be designed and mounted on oil field skid for maximum rigidity and sturdiness, suitably reinforced.  

B. The equipment shall have lifting eye bolt/lugs.

C. Replaceable cone of durable moulded polyurethane, light weight and abrasive resistant material, quick connected in two parallel banks to pipe feed inlet & overflow discharge ends.

D. Desilter hydro cyclones reversible under flow collected in solids discharge trough.

E. All inlets, overflow header vent, pipe manifold connections should be leak proof.

F. Bourdon type 6″ dial glycerin filled pressure gauge in FPS & SI units shall be installed at

  appropriate place.

G. All rubberized parts shall be oil based mud resistant. 



Painting Feature

Complete Desilter unit fabricated material shall be sand blasted to white metal, primed with zinc rich epoxy primer and top coating with urethane paint to protect against corrosion, as per manufacturer’s standard practice, to ensure durability & reliability for a minimum period of 3-5 years. Frame shall be coated with anti-wear compound.

Desilter Material

The material of construction offered for different components of Desilter shall be compatible with specified operation conditions & parameters and shall be suitable for the intended service. All castings shall be sound, free of shrunk/blowholes, cracks & scale blisters. However material of some of the components given hereunder, for information only:

1.    Nuts & Bolts   : Stainless steel.

2.    Skid Manifold : As per ANSI class 150.

3     Victaulic Coupling with Nitrile rubber seal.

4.    Flange     : Stainless steel.

GN manufacture Desilter

GN can manufacture the 1000GPM Desilter. Also other specs Desilter used in drilling fluids processing. Almost all Desilters and Desanders can be customized according to clients’ specific requirements


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