Dec 15

New Zealand Drilling Solids Control System

New Zealand has a very strict regulation for solids control system. GN Solids Control has sold several solids control system to New Zealand till now. GN build a 1000GPM system for gas drilling started on Oct and deliveried to New Zealand end of Nov. Before this order, GN engineer visited the customer and showed GN design and other projects all over the world, then client come to GN factory for final inspection with 100% agree on quality and service to delivery

1000GPM Solids Control System Configuration

1)       2 sets GNZS703 shale shaker

2)       1 set GNZJ703 mud cleaner

3)       1 set GNLW452 decanter centrifuge

4)       3 mud agitators

5)       2 mud tank

6)       2 centrifugal pump to feeding desander desilter cone

7)       2 sets GNSLH150-50 jet mud mixer

GN Solids Control is a professional manufacturer in the world for solids control equipment including shale shaker, desander , desilter, decanter centrifugal,etc for a complete package of a system, Please contact us free for inquiry.


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