Nov 23

GN built one set of 200GPM soil recycling system this Auguest for No Dig 2015 which is held in Gold Seacoast. After the show, GN Debris keep the 200GPM mud taking system to show clients as well as for sale with great low cost cause we want to show totally in accordance with numerous structure in next year. The 250 GPM mud recycling system can be used for horizontal online drilling, diamond drilling along with drilling that mud taking flow bellow 200GPM. Its contained 2 phase associated with mud recycling with shale shaker and desilter together with mixing pump and hopper for mixing applications.

Key Equipment And Layout regarding GN 200GPM Mud These recycling System

One set increase deck shaker shaker along with 3 panel of shaker screens. The bottom deck set up 2 pcs of shaker screen for first cycle cleaning by 20 in order to 80 mesh screen based on drilling conditions, the reproced drilling mud will fall into first tank inner compartment for second phase cleansing. One set of centrifugal pump can pick up drilling mud via first tank compartment and also feed to desilter cone for second phase clean-up to 20 microns size. The particular solids particals will fall onto top deck regarding shaker screen to dry hues and recycle part of liquids contain. The clean going mud after desilter will probably over flow into second container compartment for re-use.

There may be one set of mixing pump and also mixing hopper for blending new mud. The mixing send and desilter feeding send layout together to save fish tank space which sit on a 4m long dirt tank for 5000 amounts tank capacity. The off-road tank is skid fastened with fock lift position for fast movement in addition to transport. There is a T wall plug for mixing pump that can be worked as an transfer send also.


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