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Decanter centrifuges are one kind of GN Solids Control’s core products, and they are widely used in many different industries in more than 70 countries in the world along with GN Solids Control’s international market. GN Centrifuge family have big bowl ones and baby centrifuges, including as large as 30 inch bowl and as small as 9 inch bowls. This dewatering centrifuge has a bowl of 9 inch diameter, one of the smallest models among GN centrifuges.

GNLW224EP-VFD Centrifuge is used for this project as dewatering centrifuge to work together with chemical dosing units. GN’s 9 inch bowl sized decanter centrifuges could be divided into 2 main models, GNLW223 and GNLW224, which are suitable for different applications. Both of them are electric driven.
GNLW 223 is a single motor decanter centrifuge, which has a high speed up to 3800RPM. The bowl length-diameter ratio is 3. In practice, it is widely used for HDD drilling, diamond drilling and etc.

Comparing with GNLW 223 decanter centrifuge, GNLW224 has same diameter bowl but longer, with bowl length diameter ratio as 4. In this case, although the treating capacity is same, because of the longer route with the longer bowl, the separating result could be dryer.


GN Dewatering Unit

For this project, the decanter centrifuges are planned to be used together with chemical dosing units. The client chose GNLW224. Why? As is known, a high speed decanter centrifuge can separate out particles from 2 to 5 microns. And when the particles are smaller than this range, it is time to invite in a chemical dosing unit. By adding polymer agent into the material, the extra fine particles could be flocculated into larger ones, in order to be chosen out by a decanter centrifuge, like in this project, the GNLW224-VFD.

GN has larger centrifuges for same purpose. Please consult GN direct for a more suitable solution.


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