Jul 29

Australia is popular with Horizontal Dirrectional Drilling(HDD),Coal Bed Methan(CBM) and other kind of drilling which will be using drilling mud to cool down drilling rig and other applications. GN mud recycling system is working to separate drilling cuttings and other soldis particals from drilling mud and mixing chemicals to keep it’s balance .

GN sales 2 unit of 3 tanks GN 200 GPM Mud Recycling System to Australia

GN just wind an order for 2 unit of 3 tanks GN 200 GPM Mud Recycling System from Australia and details construction for 1 unit system including:

1. 1 drilling mud recycling mud tank
2. 1 shale shaker with 4 nos desilter cone
3. 1 feeding pump for 4 nos desilter cone
4. 1 jet mud mixer with mixing pump and mud hopper
5. 1 mud gun
6. 1 trip mud tank
7. 1 water tank
8. 2 trip pump for trip tank and water tank

GN further more orders for drilling mud recycling system from Australia

From last sep GN have get 9 unit drilling mud recycling system with 200GPM , 500GPM and 1400GPM system . 500GPM mud recycling system is one of the most popular till now .Please contact GN Solids Control freely for more info.


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