Jun 10

Just recently, GN Solids Control has delivered to a client in Middle East a batch of decanter centrifuges. It was a repeated order from the same client. And comparing with normal centrifuges, this lot of centrifuges are hydraulic decanter centrifuges, instead of electric driven ones.

Each year, GN Solids Control manufactures around 200 sets of decanter centrifuges, among which 95% are electric driven ones. But still, there are clients who prefer the hydraulic driven ones because of the extreme ambient temperature or the need of more flexible bowl speed and differential speed.
Unless the VFD controlled decanter centrifuges, the hydraulic decanter centrifuges’ feeding pump are not controlled by a VFD panel. Then, is it possible for us to adjust its speed? The answer is Yes. During years of experiences in providing decanter centrifuges, GN Solids Control has accumulated a certain pile of knowledge in centrifuge feeding pumps, especially the screw pumps. By using a manual pulley, the pump speed could be adjusted according to the centrifuge need. Such facilities are also used already with some fixed speed decanter centrifuges or even for some VFD centrifuges as an optional function of the customized pump.
GN High Quality Hydraulic Decanter Centrifuge:
In GN Centrifuge family, this hydraulic driven centrifuge is named under FHD series, which means fully hydraulic driven. Here GN is cooperating with ROTODILL for the hydraulic control panel. And this GNLW363-FHD Centrifuge is designed in a single skid for easier transportation and rig up.
GNLW363 Decanter Centrifuges: GN started the hydraulic centrifuge with the model GNLW363, which is also the best seller model among all GN centrifuges models. It has a 14 inch diameter bowl with a high speed upto 3900RPM when equipped with an electric driven. It is also the most popular model at rig sites.


written by shale shaker

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