Mar 23

Recently GN solids control shipped four units of shale shaker and 4 units associated with mud cleaner to The ussr, we’ve got a lot of large orders since 2015 with regard to solids control equipments as well as drilling waste management within Russia. Even though the oil cost keep in a low level, and also the project is very slow, just the companies who keep enhancing the technology and provide top quality equipments and service might win the order.
With regard to oil drilling industry, we offer 3 models shale shakers for different applications. 4 panel shale shaker GNZS594E-HB, three panel shale shaker GNZS703E-HB and double deck shale shaker GNZS706E-HB ( six panels with 3panels on the top and 3 panels with regard to bottom). We can provide vibes with IEC ex certification, ATEX, DGMS( for Indian only) and China surge proof with Italy Oli, Itavibras or Martin brand name. GNZS594E shale shaker might be also used as high-G dryer shaker for drinking water based mud drilling cuttings treatment. GNZS706E-HB shale shaker with top screen terrace ( scalping deck) as well as bottom screen deck ( screening deck). All the shaker models could be made because tandem shale shaker or even dual tandem shale shaker for convenient move.

shale shaker
An alloy with different numbers of desander cone qty and desilter cone qty and the 3 versions shale shaker, we could offer different treating capacity mud cleaners, you can choose with just desander cone as desander unit or with both desander & desilter as mud cleaner or only along with desilter cone as mud cleaner. Compared with the desander & desilter without bottom part shale shaker, the mud cleaner bottom shaker might recycle more useful drilling fluids and separate the actual drilling cuttings much more dry.
We also have linear movement shale shaker and thready motion mud cleaner within stock in Houston stockroom, if you require solids control equipments, pls contact with GN solids control.


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