Mar 05

Just recently, GN Solids Control just finished building of a 3rd Lab Oily Sludge Treatment Unit, one of the many sets of different models GN has provided to different clients in different countries. And this set of OST is customized for a domestic client, in their customized color, with their customized equipment list.

GN has several different optional models for the oily sludge treatment solutions. Being divided by equipment, GN has some specific equipment for each application, for example, the shale shaker is always the first step for separation, which is used to move out the most solids by using the correct meshes. Centrifuge is an essential part of the complete system, which is used to separate out the fine particles from 2 micron to 5 micron. Between the shale shaker and the centrifuge, if there are extra fine particles even smaller than 2 to 5 microns, then there should be a chemical dosing unit to help with feeding the centrifuge, for flocculating the extra fine particles to be separated by centrifuge. An inclined plate clarifier is also efficient for reducing the particle content entering the centrifuge, enhance to raise the efficiency of centrifuge. After the centrifuge, there is an oil water separator to final separate the oil and water.
Another option equipment allocation is almost same in procedure but different in choosing equipment. In this new design, before the shaker, there is a pre-heating unit for helping to reduce the viscosity of oily sludge. And a chemical dosing unit could add chemical into pipelines both before and after shaker (before centrifuge) per sludge conditions. The oil water separation procedure is simplified by a disc stac.
In both solutions, the oil is to be recycled, the water is to be reused into unit while the solids could be safer and easier treated.


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