Oct 23

As one of the most complicated process in the world, drilling is very difficult to understand. For a common people, we need to learn some necessary subjects and try to understand the drilling process (such as various drilling tools should be chosen properly) in the practical usage.


When people do the drilling work, it’s sure that many underground materials such as rock or wood as well as some other hard materials will be extracted from those digged holes.

For most people, we might have no idea of environmental drilling. In the Drilling Waste Management, the environmental drilling is commonly used. Compared to the vertical drilling process or horizontal drilling process, the environmental drilling seems a little complicated and this is usually used in water wells.

In order to get the underground water, we need to use some pumps after drilling a hole and extract the mud from it. Various pumps (for example mechanical pumps or vertical turbine pumps) can be used pump the water to the ground. Although there are still some undeveloped regions using labor to draw water from well by tying ropes with a set of bucket, most places are using Mechanical Shear Pump.

As the development of environmental drilling fluids, to get water from wells are becoming easier and easier than many years ago. At the same time, since people are having much more strict demands on the water quality, we need an extra process which is to eliminate those harmful materials from the underground water.

Nowadays, pumps that are using electricity are much more popular, there are no doubt the electrical pumps having many large advantages. When drilling a well, it is very important to consider how to extract mud from underground. As to GN Solids Control, a famous brand in the world, clients from sixty countries are using GN Solids Control Equipments. Any questions are welcomed to contact GN engineers.



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