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API RP 13C is a new physical testing and labelling procedure for shaker screens. To be API RP 13C compliant, a screen must be tested and labelled in accordance with the new recommended practice. The tests describe a screen without predicting its performance and can be performed anywhere in the world. Internationally, API RP 13C will become ISO 13501.

API RP 13 C Screen Cut Point

The API RP 13C shaker screen cut point test is based on a time-proven testing method used by ASTM to classify particles by size. The procedure utilizes a series of standard-size screens (sieves), which have been used for such analysis since 1910. The API standards committee simply adapted the use of these sieves to designating shaker screens. The shaker screen designation is identified by matching the screen’s cut point to the closest ASTM sieve cut point.

Hook Strip Screens

Hook strip screens are also available. Because of the superior life characteristics of the panel mount units, they have been relegated to a minor role on linear motion machines, although they are used extensively on circular and elliptical motion machines. Proper tensioning (and frequent retensioning) of all screen types is good screen management and can significantly increase screen life. Individual manufacturers operation manuals should be consulted to obtain the proper installation methods and torque requirements, where applicable, for specific screens/ panels.

Bonded Screens

Several types of bonded screens are available. The repairable perforated plate screen has one or more layers of fine mesh cloth bonded to a sheet of metal or plastic with punched, patterned holes. Perforated plate designs are available in various opening sizes and patterns. Additional designs include a special application where backing and fine screen(s) materials are bonded together, eliminating the need for perforated plates. Flat-surfaced, pretensioned screen panels are becoming popular because of their even tensioning, easy installation, and the even distribution of liquids and solids across the screen deck.

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