Jul 02

Australia is a large market for 500GPM mud system/unit and normally working on HDD or CBM. GN designed and manufactured a standard 500GPM mud system with jack legs to meet Australian requirement and made for fast moving .

Mainlly construction of GN500GPM jack leg mud system to Australia

1. 1 set GN BEM(balanced elliptical motion )shaker

2. 1 set GN BEM mud cleaner

3. 1 set mud agitator

4. 1 set mud tank

5. 1 set of hydraulic system for jack leg system

Advantages of GN 500GPM jack leg mud system

1. It’s a compact design with 1 mud tank

2. The most advanced technology for BEM shaker in the world

3. Fast moving with jack legs system

4. Don’t need to disassemble equipment while travelling in Australia

Australia have had a habit to buy from America which they believes it’s better quality althouth with much higher price . But they think it’s reserved . GN have designed the 500GPM mud system to say that GN system can be competive with America equipment and better for quality, service and support. Please contact GN freely for mud system.


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