Apr 06

GN balanced elliptical motion(BEM) shaker is the most advanced shaker in the world for mud cleaning . In the mud cleaning system , shale shaker works as the first phase for separating of solids particals . The BEM shaker works for better treating capacity and discharge than linear motion shaker.

Advantages of GN BEM shaker in mud cleaning system

1. Adopt ANSYS limited element analysis to optimize structure

2. Adopt SS304 or Q345 high-strength alloy material

3. Heat treatment on complete shaker deck

4. Shaker surface is coated with heavy anticorrosive paint

5. Vibration motor is from Italy Oli

6. BEM shaker was praised by government and got “National technology progress awards”

7. Compared with linear motion shale shaker, treating capacity increased by 20%-30%,discharge speed increased by 10%-20%

Clients feedback of GN BEM shaker

One Australia clients choose GN BEM shaker becasue of it’s better performance . They used Kem-Tron shaker and other equipments before but choose GN BEM shaker and GN system. We manufactured BEM mud cleaner to work together for this clients too . Another clients choose 2 unit of GN500 GPM mud cleaning system based on GN BEM shaker and BEM mud cleaner . Please find more information from GN Solids Control web

The balanced elliptical motion (BEM) shaker is a new product and develop very fast based on it’s better performance. GN have sold many sets of GN BEM shaker after designed and tested in oil feild .


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