Apr 27

Brandt VSM 300 shale shaker screen is getting more and more popular together with the VSM300 shale shaker . GN is one of a few manufacturers that can produce VSM300 shaker screen . Some of our clients told us that they ordered VSM300 shaker screen from China buy many of the screens can’t fit the shale shaker . Hope the bellowing introdution of VSM300 shale shaker screen will do much help for all of you.

Brandt VSM300 shale shaker screen structure

VSM300 shaker screen including 3 different type of screen with 2 larger one and a smaller one.This VSM300 shale shaker is three decks. The first deck is scalping, then the primary, last deck is called secondary deck. Scalping deck will be fitted with 3 pcs screen, primary deck will be fitted with 4 pcs screen, secondary deck is fitted with 4 pcs screen.  Totally, the VSM300  request 11 pcs screen. All of them are steel frame screen and pretensioned type

GN shaker screen all over the world

GN not only manufacturer Brandt VSM300 shale shaker screen but some other screens like Brandt Cobra for NOV brand , Derrick Brand ,Kem-Tron brand and so on. GN as a solids control equipment manufacturer including shale shaker,we  know what kind of screen is better quality which makes us top qualityl for equipments and shaker screens .


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  1. Derrick FLC 503/ 504 Shale Shaker Says:

    […] been proved to have better performance.Another USA shale shaker manufacturer,NOV Brandt have the VSM 300 shaker with the […]

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  1. 1. HDD mud system Says:

    hey,really atractive articals for Brandt VSM300 shale shaker screen !

  2. 2. Shale Shaker Screen Says:

    I ordered some VSM300 Brandt shaker screen last year but they are wrong size of it . Can you let me know it’s dimentions and pictures more?

  3. 3. g hartley Says:

    are vsm100 screens compatable with vsm300

  4. 4. Do Says:

    trust me, the screen is original screen, not produced by GN, and GN doesn’t produce any screen, they just buy the screens from others.

  5. 5. Magnolia Opiela Says:

    Nick diaz got another paycheck. Dana white sais if hes expression holy shit in any argue hes penning some check.

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