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Does a HDD mud recycling system need a decanter centrifuge? How to use the decanter centrifuge for HDD?

In most cases, there is no need to use a decanter centrifuge in a HDD mud recycling system. One thing is because the drilling mud for HDD project is not as complicated as the mud for the oil and gas solids control, and even in some oil and gas solids control systems, there is no centrifuge. The second is because that the cost for a decanter centrifuge is high, the centrifuge itself is more expensive than other equipment, and the centrifuge need professional staff to operate it and need more careful maintenance.

Centrifuge for HDD

GN Centrifuge used for HDD and CBM

GN Mud Recycling Systems for HDD, CBM and other drillings.

But according to the newly established laws and registrations in a lot of countries, the treating result is of higher standard than before, and now it is quite necessary to employ a decanter centrifuge for HDD mud recycling system. Like in China, the leading HDD contractor CPP added into their new mud recycling system a decanter centrifuge.
GNLW452C is a quite suitable model as a HDD decanter centrifuge, it is used after the desilter cones and the middle speed centrifuge is to separate out the particles from 5 to 7 microns. The big bowl design enables GNLW452 to have a large capacity.

If we have an existing HDD mud recycling system, how can we add a GNLW452 into it?

GN has solutions and the design was well tested at jobsite. The GNLW452 could be mounted on a skid and a screw pump and the control panel ( as a VFD control panel) is mounted on skid, below the centrifuge. The screw pump is used to feed the centrifuge from desilter cone. Solids discharge are collected and liquid flows back to desilter tank. This circle also helps to reduce the mud weight.

For more information, welcome to contact GN.


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Jun 02
Hebei GN Solids Control company was established in Year 2007, ever since it was established, GN has developed rapidly but stably. It soon became one of the most famous brands of solids control industry for oil and gas drilling. During the years of development and also in order to meet the new demands of this industry, GN has expended the product line, now GN core products cover the complete solids control system and the waste management systems.
GN 2nd factory

GN 2nd factory, for decanter centrifuges

Decanter centrifuge is the most important and most widely used equipment in the solids control system and waste management system, it could cover such following roles:
1. middle speed decanter centrifuge for solids control system, for recovering the barite from the drilling mud. Normally, for this application we need a big bowl centrifuge to work at 1800RMP and the ideal length-diameter ratio of the bowl is 2. So GNLW 452 with 18 inch bowl diameter is an ideal choice.
2. high speed decanter centrifuge for the fine particles with diameter ranging from 2 to 5 microns. In most cases GN clients use GNLW363 with 14 inch bowl diameter for this use. For solids control high speed decanter centrifuge, an economic configuration GNLW363 with fixed speed is OK.
3. drilling fluids waste management and drilling cuttings waste management systems, we suggest you to use GNLW363 high configurations for option, it uses the best material and serves as VFD controlled control panels, to achieve different speeds per jobsite condition.
Besides GNLW363 and GNLW452, which are most popular models, GN has different centrifuges with different sizes, like the GNLW223, with 9 inch diameter bowl as baby centrifuge, GNLW453 big bowl centrifuge, with 18 inch bowl diameter as GNLW452 but the length-diameter ratio as 3, and also GNLW553 with 22 inch diameter bowl as super big bowl decanter centrifuge.
Since the previous producing yard is not enough to meet the requests from clients, GN constructed the 2nd factory especially for decanter centrifuges.

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Jan 07
GN bIg bowl centrifuge


Among all the solids control equipment, the shale shaker and the desander or desilter cones are of less technology. The quality for the shale shakers always depends on the designed structure, the material choosing and the welding standards, like if there are bubbles in the welding seam. In fact, in the first year of operation, a well made shale shaker and a poorly made one are nearly the same with each other. But when they are used longer than one year, the problems start to show. In a word, the shale shakers’ technology is not so complicated.

Comparing with the shale shaker and mud cleaner (which could be divided to desander cones and desilter cones), the decanter centrifuge shows a manufacturer’s producing capability to the most. Because:

  1. there are many rotating parts in the decanter centrifuge, the producing accuracy is very important to the rotating part. And the producing accuracy comes from the advanced producing machines and professional operators and workers. GN Solids Control, as the number 1 solids control and waste management centrifuge manufacturer, is also the first one in this field to invite the five face producing machine for the centrifuge parts manufacturing in order to ensure the accuracy.
  2. the decanter centrifuge is of highly speed and the most welcome speed for waste management centrifuge is 3200RPM. Although many manufacturers claim that their centrifuges could reach high speed up to 3200RPM, but seldom could ensure the noise and vibration during high speed. GN Solids Control’s centrifuges are under precise test and producing and each one was strictly inspected before delivery. So GN’s high speed centrifuge is really high speed performance one.
  3. a suitable length and diameter ratio. Normally it is 3, and 3 is the most suitable ratio for the waste management centrifuges. For the solids control ones for treating the HGS, the middle speed and 2 of length diameter ratio is enough. And also how long is the cone part affect the treating performance.

Pls consult GN for more information.


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Dec 08

In the past several years, GN Solids Control has been developing very quickly from a new brand to a world wide well known company which is known as one of the main and leading solids control manufacturers in world. When you talk about the oil and gas solids control systems from China, with good quality and reliable service, GN Solids Control is the first name that comes across your mind.

Solids control and waste management is not only important for the oil and gas drilling industry, but also benefit a lot for the whole environment of the world, especially the waste management systems. If the solids control systems is for the benefit for the drilling companies because the drilling mud recycling reduces their cost for drilling and help the driller to re use the valuable drilling liquid.

GN Waste Management System

GN Waste Management System

But regarding the drilling cuttings discharged the solids control system, there are different ways to treat. Although in some under developed countries there are still some places where the drilling cuttings could be disposed directly to some barren place or buried underground, more and more people get to admit that such drilling cuttings could forever ruin the land and underground water, and more and more governments are establishing laws to regulate the drilling companies’ behavior and zero discharged solutions seem a must for future drilling. GN Solids Control, as the first API Certified China solids control manufacturer, has come to several solutions for different levels requests. Including but not limited as following:

  1. GNZS594HGE-LD high-G drying shaker and GNLW363CG-VFD high speed decanter centrifuge, mainly for further drying of water based mud solids discharge,
  2. GNCD930D Vertical cuttings dryer and GNLW363CG-VFD high speed decanter centrifuge, mainly for further drying of both water based mud and oil based mud solids discharge,
  3. GNGH15A Solidification system for final treatment of drilling cuttings, and making the liquidate components in the drilling cuttings to be stabilized and no longer harm to the environment.

May you have more interest, welcome to contact us freely.


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Aug 04

As a sales for the China Top solids control manufacturer and one of the world top brands for solids control and waste management equipments and systems, most of my clients are professionals in this industry. From them I have learnt a lot of knowledge in this field.

But sometimes, I am also asked questions like what is solids control and what the system used for, those questions are from my family or friends, sometimes from the clients who just enter this industry.

Simply speaking, when drilling rig is working, it need driling liquid to go into well to help lubricate the drilling bid and bring out drilling cuttings. And drilling liquid need to be recycled as much as possible. But before the drilling liquid enter to the system, the drilling cuttings should be separated out as much as possible.

Solids control system is used to separate out the cuttings, by means of 5 steps of clarification or separation, respectively:

  1. shale shaker, cutting particle larger than 100 microns

  2. vacuum degasser, the bubbles in mud are separated,

  3. desander cones for separating larger than 40 microns particles

  4. desilter cones for separating larger than 20 micron particles.

  5. solids control centrifuge



    , to recover barite and separate fine particles.

Pumps are used to transfer the liquid from one tank to next equipment, like the centrifugal pumps respectively for feeding the desander cones and desilter cones. Submersible slurry pump or screw pump are used for feeding the centrifuge.

Mud guns and mud agitators prevent the liquid from setttling to the tank bottom and in some cases, the mud guns also play a role as transporting the mud from one tank to another.

Jet mud mixer is used for adding new necessary chemicals into the drilling mud. And the jet mud mixer need centrifugal pumps to feed it.

GN can produce all above mentioned equipments and mud tanks, including the electric control for the complete system, for drilling rigs capacities ranging from 250HP to 3000HP.


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Apr 25

For oil and gas drilling work in many jobsites, especially for deep oil and gas wells, there are many different material and chemicals or other additions used during work. Some cheap ones could be discharged or re-treated if they are harm for environment. While some expensive materials should be recovered for future re-use. Barite is one of them. So the barite recovery centrifuge is an important equipment.

GNLW452 Decanter centrifuge is an ideal choice for this application, in all the solids control systems GN made, most of them use this model GNLW452 for the barite recovery and it was proved efficient.

Main Specifications of GNLW452 Decanter Centrifuge:

Bowl diameter: 18 inch or 450mm

Bowl length: 43 inch or 1105mm

Effective capacity: 176 GPM

Max capacity: 250GPM

Max bowl speed: 1800RPM.

G Force: 815

Gear box torch: 57:1


GNLW452 Decanter Centriufge, big bowl large capacity

GNLW452 Decanter Centrifuge is designed to be a middle speed centrifuge, in order to separate the low gravity material like the barite recovery, in some jobsites, per customer feedback, GNLW452 is even having better performance than the US made and European brands.

What features does GNLW452 have?

  1. For this model, GN has improved it to the 3rd generation, with a lot of improvements, with better solids discharge and effectively avoids the blocking of material.
  2. Instead of spray welding on the impeller, GN use special ceramic tiles to ensure a easier future maintenance without re-adjusting the dynamic balancing and enables a longer service life.
  3. World famous brand bearings to get a stable performance and a longer service life.
  4. Patent solution for bearing protection during transportation which greatly helps to prevent damage to bearings.
  5. Big bowl, 18 inch bowl diameter to have a large capacity.

Other options for the GNLW452C decanter centrifuge.

The standard GNLW452C decanter centrifuge is a fixed speeded one, but for the same model, we also have VFD available. In some high standard HDD mud recycling units, end users prefer this centrifuge in VFD control panel after the hydrocyclones for further treatment.

Besides this model, GN Solids Control also have other sizes decanter centrifuges for you to choose, at least one will be suitable for your jobsite.


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