Dec 15

Decanter centrifuges are one kind of GN Solids Control’s core products, and they are widely used in many different industries in more than 70 countries in the world along with GN Solids Control’s international market. GN Centrifuge family have big bowl ones and baby centrifuges, including as large as 30 inch bowl and as small as 9 inch bowls. This dewatering centrifuge has a bowl of 9 inch diameter, one of the smallest models among GN centrifuges.

GNLW224EP-VFD Centrifuge is used for this project as dewatering centrifuge to work together with chemical dosing units. GN’s 9 inch bowl sized decanter centrifuges could be divided into 2 main models, GNLW223 and GNLW224, which are suitable for different applications. Both of them are electric driven.
GNLW 223 is a single motor decanter centrifuge, which has a high speed up to 3800RPM. The bowl length-diameter ratio is 3. In practice, it is widely used for HDD drilling, diamond drilling and etc.

Comparing with GNLW 223 decanter centrifuge, GNLW224 has same diameter bowl but longer, with bowl length diameter ratio as 4. In this case, although the treating capacity is same, because of the longer route with the longer bowl, the separating result could be dryer.


GN Dewatering Unit

For this project, the decanter centrifuges are planned to be used together with chemical dosing units. The client chose GNLW224. Why? As is known, a high speed decanter centrifuge can separate out particles from 2 to 5 microns. And when the particles are smaller than this range, it is time to invite in a chemical dosing unit. By adding polymer agent into the material, the extra fine particles could be flocculated into larger ones, in order to be chosen out by a decanter centrifuge, like in this project, the GNLW224-VFD.

GN has larger centrifuges for same purpose. Please consult GN direct for a more suitable solution.


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Nov 30

As a responsible country, China government has built “One belt, one Road” involving many countries all over the world. Like in Africa, lots of infrastructure projects are booming, and so are the requirements for the resources like the crude oil. Luckily, the born rich Africa has rich reserve for gold and oil, and also a splendid steppe. And from the very beginning, African government pay an eye to the environment protection along with resource exploration, and in most of countries in Africa, drillings are requested to have a waste management system to go along with as a premise to start.


GN Solids Control, as one of the leading solids control and waste management solution providers, enjoy good reputation in Africa, as in other places in the world. Recently GN has provided another 2 sets of drilling waste management equipment package to Africa, including:

1. Vertical cuttings dryers 2 sets: GNCD930 series vertical cuttings dryers are designed for treating oil based mud drilling cuttings and per some projects’ feedback, they are also suitable for water based mud, too. Such drilling cuttings are always from shaker discharge of a drilling system, quite muddy with high water content. By using the vertical cuttings dryer, the OOC could be reduced to 0.5%.

2. High speed waste management decanter centrifuges, 2 sets. High speed decanter centrifuge is always located after the vertical cuttings dryer for making the liquid phase cleaner. It has a VFD control panel for adjusting speed and differential speed to achieve an ideal result as per liquid condition.

3. Screw conveyors, 6 sets: screw conveyors could be used under shaker to collect muddy cuttings and also used to feed the vertical cuttings dryer. They can be horizontal or sloping based on jobsite layout.

Welcome to contact GN for more information.


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Jan 13

A complete separation system is not only about the equipment used for separation, but also includes the equipment used for transferring material into the separation machines. A suitable and stable transferring pump ensures the efficiency of the equipment it feeds for and even greatly affects the whole system’s running.

GN Solids Control is professional in providing separation solutions, and all necessary pumps, too.
Like for the shale shakers, if the material to be treated is from the pit or pond, GN has submersible slurry pump or vacuum pumps, for the desander or desilter, GN has full series of centrifugal pumps and etc:

1. Centrifugal pumps: centrifugal pumps are the most frequently used mud transfer pumps in a solids control system, it is used for desander and desilter feeding, jet mud mixing, and trip tank filling. GNSB series sand pumps are totally interchangeable with Mission pumps even for small parts, and the raw material used for GN centrifugal pumps are most suitable for drilling mud transferring.

2. Vacuum Pump: it is also called the sludge pump or solids transfer pump, cause it can handling a material with high solids content and large particle size. It is fully mechanical driven by compressed air, and movable. It is widely used in waste management, oily sludge separation and construction.

3. Submersible slurry pump: it is used for pumping sludge from mud pit to a desander unit or other equipment, it is also an economic solution as centrifuge feeding.

4. Screw pump: GN cooperate with international famous pump brands for centrifuge feeding. Normally, in VFD control panels for decanter centrifuge, the 3rd VFD is used for the screw pump speed adjusting, and also for fixed peed screw pumps, GN also provide customized solutions by adding mechanical adjusting device.

5. For deep drilling works and some big capacity solids control system, GN has shearing pump for cutting the material with high viscosity.

If you need more information or some pumps in your project, welcome to contact GN freely.


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Nov 21

In last blog, we introduced the shale shaker and mud cleaner in a compact mud recycling system produced by GN Solids Control for the SINOPEC. In this system, there are in all 4 steps of separation, with the first step as shale shaker, second step as the mud cleaner with 1 of 10 inch desander cone and 8 of 4 inch sized desilter cones. The dewatering centrifuge is the fourth step separation for the fine particles left in the liquid.


Why need a decanter centrifuge?
Till now, the decanter centrifuge is a second to none choice for choosing out the particles in the drilling mud between 2 to 5 microns. Even for finer particles, the decanter centrifuge can handle them by adopting a chemical dosing or so called flocculating unit.

How to choose a suitable centrifuge?
1. First of all, to choose a suitable size of centrifuge, the diameter of a centrifuge determines the treating capacity of a centrifuge. In this project, the end user chose GNLW363-VFD, with a 14 inch bowl diameter while the speed is typically 3200RPM, which is quite popular in drilling solids control and drilling waste management applications. Besides this most popular model, GN has centrifuges from small size as 9 inch bowl to big size up to 30 inch diameter bowl.
2. The centrifuge bowl diameter ratio determines the particle size to be separated out, for example, the longer centrifuge is, the dryer solids come out. Among GNLW centrifuge models, there are bowl length diameter ratios for option from 2 to 4.
3. And the higher speed a centrifuge has, the finer particles to be separated out. Per different speeds’ range, there are middle speed centrifuge and high speed centrifuge. Normally a middle speed means around 1800RPM, for example as the big bowl centrifuge GNLW452, with a typical speed as 1800RPM, and a bowl of 18 inch diameter, which is mostly used for barite recovering in a solids control system.

Welcome to send your project information to GN for more professional suggestions.


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Sep 25

Although in recent years, a large percentage of GN Solids Control’s products are sold to different industries besides the solids control projects, solids control systems and equipment are still GN’s traditional business of which GN’s brand is still quite well known and widely accepted. And GN customers in oil and gas solids control industry are introducing some of GN new products into their traditional works.

gn powerful vacuum pumps

vacuum pumps

Vacuum pump is one of the most popular products of recent 2 years ever since GN firstly showed one of such pump with a capacity of 40 cbm/hr in CIPPE Oil Show in Beijing for year 2017. In the following year, also in CIPPE oil show, GN showed another model alongside with GNSP-40A, which had half capacity and need half air consumption, with a compact and movable design, the GNSP-20A.

The vacuum pumps are quite powerful small machine. It could handle a material with quite large particles size, as long as the particle could pass the hose’s diameter, and with some liquidate. Such like the sands and small stones. Talking about transportation power, take the GNSP-40A for instance, it can suck the material from 50 meters away and deliver it to more than 100 meters away. Now it is widely used in oily sludge separation systems in refineries, in chemical industries, for tank bottom cleaning works, and for drilling cuttings transfer in oil and gas drilling.

Comparing with other pump types, like the GNSB series centrifugal pumps GN provides for the desander/desilter feeding, for the jet mud mixing, or with the submersible slurry pumps for feeding the centrifuge and sucking mud from mud pit, the vacuum pump, although powerful, it has some shortcoming like non continuous operating. But GN engineers are working on it, in order to find some solution. Let’s see.


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Jun 20

Moscow, the capital of Russia, is famous of its rich history and cool weather. But recently, it is heated up because of its role as the host of FIFA 2018. 32 top football teams are gathering in Moscow, occupying the full attention of the whole world.
Meanwhile, another things is also warmed up in Moscow, which is the oil and gas market. As the gradually raising of the crude oil price, as the world’s second largest oil reserving country, Russia’s oil and gas marketed is providing more and more opportunities.
GN Solids Control has been supporting Russian Market for many years, and GN products are well known in Russian market:

1. The traditional solids control equipment: GN Solids Control has provided to Russian market many sets of complete solids control systems, including the shale shaker, mud cleaner, mud mixing unit including the centrifugal pumps, mud mixing hoppers, mud agitators, mud guns and etc. Some end users are building tanks by themselves or build tanks locally, but they trust GN Solids Control’s quality, so they prefer to buy from GN for the equipment.
2. Drilling cuttings waste treatment systems: GN provides 2 different solutions for drilling cuttings waste management , for water based mud and for oil based mud. In Russian, OBM is more widely used, that’s why the OBM drilling cuttings waste management systems are more popular. GN has provided more than 10 sets of such systems including GNCD930 series cuttings dryers and GNLW363 series decanter centrifuges and their feeding pumps.
3. GN Shaker Screens: in GN’s shaker screen factory, the automatic shaker screen producing line makes composite material frame screens for all main shaker models all over the world, including GN own models and other brands like Derrik, Mongoose, Cobra and etc.
Enjoy your World Cup 2018 and have a prospective year 2018.


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