Dec 12

Recently, GN has produced for 2 different clients who worked for similar projects, with following equipment and solutions:
1. GN big bowl 22 inch diameter decanter centrifuges.
2. GN chemical dosing unit
3. GN standard containers.


GN has been providing this design for many years, and the technology is quite mature:
1. GNDU2000 Chemical dosing unit. GN has been providing the chemical dosing unit or so called the dewatering unit for many years, since some of GN clients are using GN centrifuges as dewatering centrifuges and prefer GN to make compact design for them. A chemical dosing unit is used to treat the material by some chemical methods, for example, to add some material to reduce the viscosity of material, or to flocculate the extra fine particles into larger ones, which are suitable for centrifuge use.
2. GNLW553C-VFD decanter centrifuge is a big bowl decanter centrifuge with a treating capacity up t to 90 cbm per hour, and the rotating speed could reach 3000 rpm. It is quite suitable for drilling liquid management, especially being used together with chemical dosing system. Normally, the centrifuge treating capacity for material after flocculation would be greatly reduced, that’s why a big bowl centrifuge with a large treating capacity is always used for this application.
3. 20 ft containers for housing the centrifuge and chemical dosing system, which is quite popular design. For one thing, it is more convenient and easy to transport the system when the main equipment are in standard containers. Secondly, the containers give a shield to the equipment, providing a suitable temperature and clean condition. Thirdly, the 2 sets of 20 ft containers could be put one under another, in this way, less room to be occupied.
In this design, GN engineers designed the round shaped ladders for the upper located container with the big bowl decanter centrifuge, when transporting, the ladder could be put into the container.


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Jul 12

Does a HDD mud recycling system need a decanter centrifuge? How to use the decanter centrifuge for HDD?

In most cases, there is no need to use a decanter centrifuge in a HDD mud recycling system. One thing is because the drilling mud for HDD project is not as complicated as the mud for the oil and gas solids control, and even in some oil and gas solids control systems, there is no centrifuge. The second is because that the cost for a decanter centrifuge is high, the centrifuge itself is more expensive than other equipment, and the centrifuge need professional staff to operate it and need more careful maintenance.

Centrifuge for HDD

GN Centrifuge used for HDD and CBM

GN Mud Recycling Systems for HDD, CBM and other drillings.

But according to the newly established laws and registrations in a lot of countries, the treating result is of higher standard than before, and now it is quite necessary to employ a decanter centrifuge for HDD mud recycling system. Like in China, the leading HDD contractor CPP added into their new mud recycling system a decanter centrifuge.
GNLW452C is a quite suitable model as a HDD decanter centrifuge, it is used after the desilter cones and the middle speed centrifuge is to separate out the particles from 5 to 7 microns. The big bowl design enables GNLW452 to have a large capacity.

If we have an existing HDD mud recycling system, how can we add a GNLW452 into it?

GN has solutions and the design was well tested at jobsite. The GNLW452 could be mounted on a skid and a screw pump and the control panel ( as a VFD control panel) is mounted on skid, below the centrifuge. The screw pump is used to feed the centrifuge from desilter cone. Solids discharge are collected and liquid flows back to desilter tank. This circle also helps to reduce the mud weight.

For more information, welcome to contact GN.


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Apr 12

Like one of the largest oil reserving countries in the world, also Iran was under sanction for many years, no one could ignore the power of IRAN, as the coming IRAN OIL SHOW is the first oil show after the releasing of the sanction, many companies are coming to this oil show including GN Solids Control.

GN Solids Control has brought to IRAN a GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge, and this centrifuge is also the most popular model among all the centrifuges GN produces.

Advantages of GNLW363CG Decanter centrifuge:

GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge is of the highest international standard.

  1. material used for the bowl of GNLW363CG decanter centrifuge is SS2205, and impeller protection, GN use tungsten carbide tiles for better protection and longer service life and also easy for maintenance.
  2. spare parts, like the bearings, GN use genuine SKF bearing for the longer service life and stable performance.
  3. protection belts during transportation, helps the bearing not to be damaged during long way transportation.

More details pls see GN website.

GN decanter centrifuges

Now, the new design and model of GNLW363D is coming, if you have time, welcome to contact GN Solids Control for a visit near Beijing, Capital of China.


Advantages of GN Solids Control:

  1. GN Solids Control is the first API certified solids control manufacturer in China.
  2. GN Solids Control’s products was exported to more than 60 countries and regions all over the world, the clients include many international huge companies.
  3. GN Solids Control’s products cover the complete line of solids control and waste management, including the drilling cuttings waste management, the dewatering system, the solidification unit and even the TDU.

4, GN’s products is not only used for oil and gas solids control but also the HDD, TBM, CBM, water well drilling and etc.


GN Solids Control’s booth in Iran Oil Show is Hall 38, booth Number 1734. Welcome to see GN centrifuge and talk with GN’s sales team there.

Or if you have to miss Iran Oil Show, you can also visit our booth in Moscow Oil Show, in OTC, or in Abu Dhabi in November.


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Nov 24

The going operator might know that immediately after several times reuse of the drilling mud, there will accumulate more and more really fine solids in the soil that cannot be separated out and about with physical method perhaps by using high speed decanter centrifuge device.
The accumulated solids can rise up the mud precise gravity that will greatly impact the mud performance. While, to help maintain the normal density of the off-road, under this circumstance, often the flocculation no doubt is the most well-known method to be used.
The flocculation process is produced in a form of machine called polymer combining unit. This unit can be used to mix the polymer that is fed into the centrifuge to accumulate the fine solids from the mud. This polymer blending unit is always connected with typically the centrifuge unit in the solid control system. After the splitting up by primary solids control equipment like shale shaker along with cyclone unit, most of the solid waste larger than 5 microns may be removed out. The centrifuge unit plays an important position in this flocculation process. At times, this centrifuge is called dewatering centrifuge.

polymer mixing unit (1)
GN’s polymer pairing unit is designed as a few compartments mixing tank together with automatic dosing conveyor along with agitating device. Dry chemical substances and water are feasted into the first compartment with regard to mixing, and then overflow in to the second compartment for growing old process. The third compartment is employed to store the solutions looking forward to use.
The material of this unit body is PP. At each drawer, there is installed one automatic seditionist with stainless steel made agitating shaft and impeller. The harmful chemicals feed hopper is also made from SS304.
In order to realize the particular continuously mixing, the container compartments are installed with fluid level control device. The mixing, growing old and storing process frequently transfer with low labour cost. The PLC layout makes the operator adjust the perfect solution concentration as per request, higher automatic degree, and no have to have human watch over.
GN could possibly provide the mud mixing system with dewatering centrifuge containerized for weather proof. For more information, delightful click to see GN Dewatering System.


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Apr 18
see gn system and gn auger

Augers’ application

Besides the high quality and well performance GN series waste management equipments used for oil and gas drilling cuttings, GN also provide very practical auxiliary equipments like screw conveyors. Because GN Solids Control has rich experiences in solids control and waste management field, their designs for the auxiliary equipment are also very considerate for end users and site operators.

Screw conveyors, no doubt, known as its name, they are used for conveying material from one place to another. In a complete solids control system, it is used alongside the whole line of treating equipments including shale shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge to help collecting the solids phase /cuttings discharged. This above mentioned screw conveyor is horizontally laid to the next step separation, drilling waste management system. For feeding the drilling waste management system, (usually to the hopper shaped feeding port on the vertical cuttings dryer), there is another set of screw conveyor, located slope, to carry the material from the first conveyor to the vertical cuttings dryer.

GN Solids Control has several standard designed models of screw conveyors available, depends on the capacity, there are 12inch, 14 inch, 16 inch impellers for option, and talking about length, which is decided by the space of the system, there are 24ft, 36ft and 48ft for option.  All screw conveyors are combined by 2 to 4 sections, each section is 12ft long. Motors and rail bearing are separately installed on first section and last section, so in case of 36ft and 48ft, each middle section could be reduced per jobsite condition and interchangeable with each other. This design enables the screw conveyor to be suitable for many jobsite flexibly.

Besides the standard designed screw conveyors, GN Solids Control also provide and customize other screw conveyors for some extreme different oil and gas jobsite or condition. May you need more information, contact us at our website or email to



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Oct 13

As the top company of solids control and waste management systems and 1st API certified solids control manufacturer, GN is the only one who have designed and make it true of both vertical cuttings dryer and big bowl centrifuge.

Among all the available centrifuge models, GNLW363 is the most popular one. Because:

  1. GNLW363’s 14 inch diameter bowl is the most popular and practical size.
  2. GNLW363 could reach a high speed of 3200RPM.
  3. GNLW363 has the best materials.




And in order to enable this well performance decanter centrifuge with more applications, and also in order to cater the customers’ various requests, GN has designed several optional applications and accessories for GNLW363 Decanter centrifuge:

  1. For VFD GNLW363, some customers decided to order an extra fixed speed package as backup. This package includes a fixed speed control panel, a set of coupling. Because in some cases, the needed speed is clear and fixed speed control panel requires less space and less expertise personnel to operate.
  2. For fixed speed GNLW363, cause the designed speed is solo, in order to get more applications, the end users could order a extra or 2 extra sets of pulley and belt for the centrifuge to reach other speeds.
  3. Telescopic skid for decanter centrifuges, which can enhance the operating altitude of the decanter centrifuge for more possibilities at jobsites. Such could provide 2.2 meter and 3.3 meter as options.
  4. Container-sized frame for decanter centrifuge and pumps. In this situation, the GNLW363 decanter centrifuge and its feeding pump, always screw pump, could be fixed in a container-sized frame, easy to transported and lift.


All above mentioned options have been executed and proved practical, if you need more information, welcome to contact us or surf on our website.


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