Jan 22

GNGH Solidification Unit is a new contribution GN Solids Control brought to the drilling waste management industry in year 2015. It is reasonable and final treatment for the drilling cuttings discharged from the drilling waste management equipment like GNCD930C vertical cuttings dryer and the drilling waste decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG-VFD.

The working process of drilling cuttings solidification unit is to add a suitable ratio of hardening agents to the drilling cuttings in order to prevent them from penetrating into the soil. The hardening agents should be well mixed with the drilling cuttings for a certain time, then by means of physical and chemical transformation, the harmful and toxic components are transformed, sealed and fixed into safe materials and become some other solids without pollution and to be used as construction materials.

GNGN Solidification Unit

GNGN Solidification Unit

GNGN Solidification Unit is the final treatment for the drilling cuttings. In many countries, people and government are more and more aware of the necessary of limiting the pollution from oil and gas drilling. No country would like to sacrifice the environment for the temporary economic benefit, and the traditional solids control and even the waste management solutions are not enough for such requests. The equipment manufacturers, drilling companies and oil service companies are looking for solutions for this trend, and among all, GNGH is an more efficient solution and already tested on jobsite.

  1. new design with mature technology. It is a new design, but the components and equipments used are from mature technology.
  2. lower cost for useful application. The cost of GNGH solidification unit is not high, but the usefulness and application are really clear.
  3. human oriented, not only about the easy operating but also for the welfare for the environment.

For more information, pls email to Renee@gnsolidcontrol.com.


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Apr 18
see gn system and gn auger

Augers’ application

Besides the high quality and well performance GN series waste management equipments used for oil and gas drilling cuttings, GN also provide very practical auxiliary equipments like screw conveyors. Because GN Solids Control has rich experiences in solids control and waste management field, their designs for the auxiliary equipment are also very considerate for end users and site operators.

Screw conveyors, no doubt, known as its name, they are used for conveying material from one place to another. In a complete solids control system, it is used alongside the whole line of treating equipments including shale shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge to help collecting the solids phase /cuttings discharged. This above mentioned screw conveyor is horizontally laid to the next step separation, drilling waste management system. For feeding the drilling waste management system, (usually to the hopper shaped feeding port on the vertical cuttings dryer), there is another set of screw conveyor, located slope, to carry the material from the first conveyor to the vertical cuttings dryer.

GN Solids Control has several standard designed models of screw conveyors available, depends on the capacity, there are 12inch, 14 inch, 16 inch impellers for option, and talking about length, which is decided by the space of the system, there are 24ft, 36ft and 48ft for option.  All screw conveyors are combined by 2 to 4 sections, each section is 12ft long. Motors and rail bearing are separately installed on first section and last section, so in case of 36ft and 48ft, each middle section could be reduced per jobsite condition and interchangeable with each other. This design enables the screw conveyor to be suitable for many jobsite flexibly.

Besides the standard designed screw conveyors, GN Solids Control also provide and customize other screw conveyors for some extreme different oil and gas jobsite or condition. May you need more information, contact us at our website or email to renee@gnsolidcontrol.com.



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Apr 06

As it is known all, Saudi Arabian market is always with a highest standard in the world, in most cases, USA products are preferred by Saudi Arabians, especially for the mechanical equipments. But recently, a big group in Saudi Arab started business with GN Solids Control, the comparably younger company but of high quality equipments and good service.

see GN compact design mud system for piling

GN compact design of mud system for piling and TBM

This is the first order that company signed with GN, the chef engineer from the client say that this slurry plant is a test and beginning, if it is suitable for their projects, new orders will come soon, not only for slurry plant used for piling, but also HDD mud recycling systems.
In fact HDD is one of the 3 main majors, which include:

1 Drilling Waste Management Systems for oil and gas,

2 Oil and Gas Solids Control system and equipments,

3 HDD mud recycling systems and mud unit for TBM and piling and etc.


For such systems like mud recycling systems and slurry plants, GN Solids Control has following benefits:

1. GN Solids Control is most professional manufacturer for Solids Control Systems and Mud recycling systems, as is recognized by many end users in this field. For example, CPP, China Petroleum Pipeline, choose GN Solids Control as a long term and stable supplier for HDD mud recycling systems.

2. Australian market is regarded as the most difficult market in the world to enter, with the world’s highest standard. GN Solids Control is the only China manufacturer whose systems entered Australian market, cause GN’s systems are not only certified by API, ISO, but also DNV CE, and also some certificate from Russia.

3. Many world famous HDD Rig companies like Vermeer, use GN Solids Control’s systems into their packages and using them in jobsites.


May you need any such systems or have any question about it, pls don’t hesitate, just call us or send us email, we’re glad to help you find most suitable solution for your projects.


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Nov 06

On the bottom of mixing tank in a complete drilling mud solids control system, there are always 2 sets of centrifugal pumps installed there. These 2 centrifugal pumps are parallel connected, by means of complicated valves and pipes, these so called mixing pumps could serve for various functions more than mixing when connected with other equipments.

Here, we cited the 3 main functions of mixing pumps.

  1. Traditional function as mixing pumps when connected with mixing hoppers.

As the 2 centrifugal pumps are called mixing pumps, they are connected to 2 mixing hoppers installed on tank top. The inlets of centrifugal pumps are connected with pipelines leading to mixing tank, and next storage tank. Such pipelines are controlled by valves, and therefore, either centrifugal pump can be fed from either tank, and also could feed either hopper.

  1. As mud pump feeding pumps.

There is a bypass pipeline on outlet pipe of centrifugal pumps, when the valves to mud tank is shut down and valve to mud pump is open, the pumps could feed mud from mixing tank or storage tank to the mud pumps, via which, the well treated drilling mud could return to drilling system.

  1. As mud gun feeding pumps.20141101_102604

Another bypass pipeline on outlet pipe of centrifugal pumps are directed to mud gun pipeline on the cubic pipe by side of mud tanks. This pipe is used for feeding the mud guns. Mud guns are installed all over the tanks, except for the shaker tank. Besides stirring the mud from settling, mud gun and their pipes are also used to transfer drilling mud from tank to tank.

In a word, mixing centrifugal pumps and mixing systems are vital to a complete and efficient drilling mud solids control system, and GN Solids Control, as the TOP solids control system designer and manufacturer in China, is professional in such field, and always provides with customers the most suitable solutions and high quality products.

This weekend, GN team will attend to Abu Dhabi Oil Show held in UAE. You’re welcome to visit our booth in HALL 10, 10320D.



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Sep 23

Urban tunneling is one kind of TBM projects. When we mention the TBM, Tunnel Boring Machine, one must think of some in-city constructions like the subway, cross-mountain tunnel and etc. Exactly correct! In history of TBM, the tunnel diameter can range from as small as I meter by micro-TBM, to as large as 19.25 meters.

In TBM projects, there is special requirement that the surface of the working ground is better not disturbed or damaged. In this condition, the operator must pay enough attention to keep the soil pressures during and after construction of the tunnels. And also, pre-planning is vital to these projects, existing pipelines, and existing infrastructures must be taken into consideration.

GN has various optional capacity of mud systems

GN mud system

Just as all the drilling related to, no matter it is hard rock TBM or soft ground TBM, there must be a drilling mud cleaning system related to. Depends on the various capacity requirements, TBM mud recycling systems varies.

GN Solids Control is top manufacturer in China and also wellknown manufacturer in the world for mud systems for oil and gas drilling, TBM, HDD, PILING and etc. Lots of HDD companies, like CPP in China, HDD Rig manufacturers like Vermeer, TBM contractors and Piling contractors stably order their mud systems from GN Solids Control. CPP, for instance, purchases from GN around 10 sets for systems each year.

In order to provide with customers more suitable and quick mud recycling solutions, GN has standard configuration designs for different typical capacities at hand. In this way, a customer can easily choose what is needed, save time for customers. Sometimes, GN even has in-stock systems for customers’ convenience.

GN Solids Control is the first API certified solids control manufacturer in China, and also an ISO certified company. It got HSE certificates last year and its solids control systems has got CE Mark by DNV. It has exported systems and equipments to Russia and has got TP &TC certificate to Russian market.


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Feb 15

At an ealier time, GN Solids Control signed a 6 units solids removal  system with CPPE (China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Corporation) a division of CNPC.  The 6 units solids control system are with a treating capacity of 500GPM. They are used for trenchless project.

Now GN Solids Control has completed 3 sets of production. The main equipments are as follows:

  • 20 Ft Container Size Mud Tank completed with walkway, Handrails, and mud clean gate etc.
  • One High G GNZS594 Shale Shaker with Linear Motion.
  • One GNZS594-1S8N Mud Cleaner completed with Shale shaker and desander desitlers.
  • Two Centrifugal Pumps for feeding the desander and desilter.


We started working with CPPE for the Solids Removal Unit since 2009. Before working with GN Solids Control, CPPE took the mud recycling system from US or Europe companies, now GN Solids Control is the Major Solids Removal Unit Supplier for CPPE. Working together with the Biggest HDD Contrator in China brings us more experience for doing the toughest job in HDD industry.  Our Solids Removal Unit has been applied for the very high solids content, especially with a lot of fine solids. GN Solids Control provided the four phase solids removal unit for the project from Shale Shaker, to Desander to desilter, and finnally to the Decanter Centrifuge.

GN Solids Control is good at manufacturing solids control systems for oil and gas drilling, HDD, CBM. Many systems are customized. We developed trailer mounted systems and hydraulic jack up systems for easy transport from one drilling site to another. GN Solids Control’s mud system is vary from a minimum 150GPM treating capacity to 1500GPM.  Contact us for a whole solution for your drilling site solids control.


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