Jul 20

Ever since long time ago, perhaps since the Chinese silk dealers explored the silk roads, or since the Columbus firstly discovered the new continent, the world had become smaller and smaller. The trade and sharing of information between different nations are not only the causes but also the results of mutual understanding. As the modern transportations like vehicles, express railways and airplanes becoming possible, the international trade is more frequent and much easier than before.

The international exhibitions are one of the facilities which help the international trade. According to the different exhibition types, there are general exhibitions and professional exhibitions based on certain industries. As the boost of oil and gas exploration, the exhibitions for oil and gas are one important group among the exhibitions.
Most famous 3 Oil and Gas exhibitions:
1. OTC in Houston, USA. This exhibition is held in May in every year, and it is located in the center of oil and gas technologies. Also, Houston occupies most of active drilling rigs in the US. In this exhibition you could see the most advanced technologies and newly designed machineries.
2. ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi. Middle East countries have the largest oil reserve share in the world. As the capital of the most open countries in Middle East, Abu Dhabi has more than 95% of the oil reservation in UAE. This exhibition is held in every November of year, when the weather in Middle East is quite nice. All companies, the drilling contractors, equipment manufacturers, and service companies attend this exhibition.
3. CIPPE in Beijing, in each March. It is also one of the largest exhibitions in oil and gas industry. Because most of the machineries involved with oil and gas industry are made in China or at least OEM in China.
Besides these 3 exhibitions, there are Australia Oil show in Feb., MOIGE in Moscow in June, Iran Oil Show in May, Indonesia Oil Show in Aug, and etc.


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Jun 26

Tomorrow, on June 27th, the yearly MIOGE will be started at Crocus Expo, in Moscow. Russia is ranked as the second largest oil reserve owner in the world, and the MIOGE is the yearly largest oil show in Russia. Every year, this oil show gained attention from all over the world, the oil service companies, drilling contractors, drilling rig manufacturers and other equipment manufacturers all gather in Moscow for business and opportunities.

GN Solids Control has been working with Russia for more than 7 years, and solids control equipment with brand of GN Solids Control has been well known not only in Russia, but also in other Russian spoken countries. And the equipment GN exported to those countries cover all GN product range including:
1. Solids control equipment and systems including GNZS shale shaker, GNZJ desander, desilter, and mud cleaner, GN degassers, GNJBQ series mud agitators, GNNJQ series mud guns and various pumps.
2. GN Waste Management Equipment and systems, including GNLW decanter centrifuges, GNZS HGE drying shaker and GNCD vertical cuttings dryers. And also GN dewatering units are popular in Russia.
3. GN Shaker screens for GN own brand shakers and other brand shakers. GN’s most popular screens are GN composite material frame screens.
For this year’s MOIGE, GN Solids Control will show following equipment:
GNLW594E Shale Shaker, GNLW363G-VFD Decanter Centrifuge, GNZJ594E Mud Cleaner, GN Centrifugal Degasser, and various shaker screens GN produces.
Information about the exhibition:
Exhibition Name: MIOGE 2017
Exhibition Time: from June 27th to June 30th, 2017
Location: Crocus Expo, Moscow
GN Booth Number: A239, Hall 13, Pavilion

If you have to miss this oil show, and still want to contact GN, welcome to visit our website at www.gnsolidscontrol.com, and contact GN Solids Control in China or GN Solids America in Houston.


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Jul 08

Shale shaker is the primary solids control equipment in drilling water recycling system used to may help drill cuttings from water. For most of the drilling website, at least two units shale shaker will be equipped: one particular for working while the various other one is for back up, or maybe both are for working reason. Some sites even have to have three or four unit shale shakers which could handle a larger circulation rate. A tandem shale shaker is designed for easy putting together and disassembling onsite. It will always be convenient for transportation whenever moving the rig.
How exactly does Tandem Shale Shaker Do the job?
The tandem shale shaker is a design of put a couple of unit single shale shakers on a skid. These a couple of unit shaker are absolutely same for easy surgery and maintenance. As the drilling water treated by the shaker system finally will go through the line mesh shaker screen and give way to the under located mud tank, the skid was made with 2 square spaces from where the drilling water could fall into the mud tank. Both shaker sections are equipped with buffer box, some sort of provided mud distributor, regardless of pipe type or package type; the drilling water could be guided to the two shakers for separation practice. It means a tandem shale shaker could handle the particular flow rate 2 times than the usual single shaker. If you want make use of this tandem shale shaker regarding smaller drill rig, you may only run either one within it and the other one is utilized in case any break down for the first unit.

160629 tandem shale shaker
What are the great things about Tandem Shale Shaker?
one Tandems shale shaker could possibly be used flexibly as per the drilling fluids flow rate.
2 . not Convenient transportation as the skid is designed with container kind fixing point so that the complete skid could be easily placed on a flat bed trailer to some where you want.
3. Easy installation along with dismount. The operator really only need use a crane to pick up the whole skid to put about the tank and take off.
That tandem shale shaker is perfect for a very big drilling organization in Middle East. “GN’s equipment is always working great. This makes our mud manufacture very happy. That is why we place repeated order to them. ” Says a director only at that drilling company. Actually, this provider is GN’s old customers and very good friends.
Besides the Duo shale shaker unit, this kind of client also ordered an abundance of centrifugal pumps, mud agitators and mud guns via GN. These equipments they fit orderly in GN solids control’s assemblage workshop, which is really eye catching. Clients need to be well confident by good machine effectiveness. Obviously, for this clients, GN did it.


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Jun 14

Last week, GN Solids Control held one outward sure in Beijing Great Wall structure, all GN employees experienced fund and learned with this outward bound.
GN Solids Control pays great care about employees’ fully development. Basically, all GN employees if you very crazy which can arrive at to 100, 000, 000 sales volume every year. This current year, the oil price is suprisingly low, GN Solids Control’s world business is largely effective also, but due to some marketplace are still keep drilling, GN Solids Control is easily sell better than before. In Central East and Africa and Russia, GN Solids Control provided more solids control and drilling waste management equipments those drilling firms, as many companies are trying to find the most affordable manufacturer in China. Coming from some degree, you could even claim it is a advantage for GN Solids Control to develop global industry.
There is a saying: you cannot generally work without play. GN employees finally found an opportunity and took a breeze for an extended time hard working since the start of this year. Some personnel went out for outward sure in Beijing Great Divider.

GN employees enjoyed excellent sightseeing over there; many interesting activities were also created to strengthen the cooperation on the inside. We were divided into two competitors for competition and synergy. Each team designed thier name, logo and slogan. It was an extremely interesting journey for GN employees. We all learned the best way to work together with the mutual have confidence in and support. For all GN sales, they believe the mix projects should be paid focus with the help of different regions.
GN Solids Control is specialized in provide the best quality solids control and drilling waste management equipments such as decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner, shale shaker, cutting dryer, mud agitator, Vacuum Degasser, Mud Gas Separator. etc . All GN staff are also paid great awareness as they are the most precious success for GN. With the quick development of GN Solids Control, GN Solids America as well as GN Solids Russia also have be opened to develop worldwide market.


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Mar 07

As a world-famous manufacture of solids control equipment and customized drilling mud system, GN provides different equipment and mud system to global customers.

In 2013, GN Solids America LLC was founded in the Houston City of USA, which has been the 1st and biggest USA-based solids control company from China. There are 30,000 square feet warehouse for stocking and working.

In GN Solids America LLC, there are always different kinds of solids control equipment and relevant spare parts in stock and could be delivered to customers at any time, such as the Decanter Centrifuge, Shale Shaker, shale Shaker Screens, Vertical Cuttings Dryer, Centrifugal Pump, Shear Pump, , Mud Gun, Cones for Desilter, Cones for Desander and Mud Agitator, Impeller for Pump, Motors, etc. According to the stock status, regularly different equipment and spare parts will be delivered to Houston from China so as to guarantee any equipment or parts are in stock. When customer has relevant requirement, the equipment & parts could be provided and shorten the waiting time of customer.


In the past 3 years, GN America LLC has been providing the best service & support to customers from USA, Canada and Mexico. Meanwhile, it has been effectively expanding the company business on the whole North America. Based on the good quality and timely customer service, GN Brand becomes more and more familiar to the customers from North America and gets their approval.

Despite the oil price is low and all the world economy is suffering, there are still wide requirements and market in the North America. According to the development strategy of company, in the future many more manpower and material resources will be given to North America Market.

AS the company base in North America, GN Solids America LLC will definitely play much more important role in the future.

Finally, if you want to learn more about GN’s Centrifugal Pump, welcome to visit GN’s website and contact us.




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Aug 04

As a sales for the China Top solids control manufacturer and one of the world top brands for solids control and waste management equipments and systems, most of my clients are professionals in this industry. From them I have learnt a lot of knowledge in this field.

But sometimes, I am also asked questions like what is solids control and what the system used for, those questions are from my family or friends, sometimes from the clients who just enter this industry.

Simply speaking, when drilling rig is working, it need driling liquid to go into well to help lubricate the drilling bid and bring out drilling cuttings. And drilling liquid need to be recycled as much as possible. But before the drilling liquid enter to the system, the drilling cuttings should be separated out as much as possible.

Solids control system is used to separate out the cuttings, by means of 5 steps of clarification or separation, respectively:

  1. shale shaker, cutting particle larger than 100 microns

  2. vacuum degasser, the bubbles in mud are separated,

  3. desander cones for separating larger than 40 microns particles

  4. desilter cones for separating larger than 20 micron particles.

  5. solids control centrifuge



    , to recover barite and separate fine particles.

Pumps are used to transfer the liquid from one tank to next equipment, like the centrifugal pumps respectively for feeding the desander cones and desilter cones. Submersible slurry pump or screw pump are used for feeding the centrifuge.

Mud guns and mud agitators prevent the liquid from setttling to the tank bottom and in some cases, the mud guns also play a role as transporting the mud from one tank to another.

Jet mud mixer is used for adding new necessary chemicals into the drilling mud. And the jet mud mixer need centrifugal pumps to feed it.

GN can produce all above mentioned equipments and mud tanks, including the electric control for the complete system, for drilling rigs capacities ranging from 250HP to 3000HP.


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