Feb 11

Each year, GN Solids Control produces and provided more than 200 sets for shale shakers for drilling rig solids control systems in more than 70 countries and regions in the world. Some equipment are exported together with GN’s system, some are exported separately to replace the old ones for existing system, or when clients are building tanks locally.

GN Shale Shaker System for Australia
Recently, just in last month, GN Solids Control has shipped a complete mud solids control system to an Australian drilling company, and this system now is approaching the destination port in Australia, and is schedule to be put into use in early March. Besides the basic functions a solids control system could provide, this system for Australia must meet some extra requests specific to Australia and New Zealand projects, like the cable laying rules, the distances between each stair and etc. GN Solids Control has an engineer team with rich experiences and a strict QC department to survey the producing procedure and final products, that’s why clients are always happy with GN. In the past years, GN has provided to Australia and New Zealand many systems, including but not limited to following typical ones:

1. Webster drilling’s solids control system, which was fabricated by GN Solids Control years ago.

2. A helicopter lifting system with accurately calculated weights for each tank unit.

3. A 400BBL system with 2 mud tanks and 1 mixing hopper skid with limited height and minimum storage capacity.

And in HDD industry, GN Solids Control has delivered more than 30 sets of complete mud systems to Australia and GN Solids Control is the most famous Chinese brands, and one of the best known among international brands.
Shaker screen is another popular product GN provides to Australian market. Last year when GN upgraded the screen producing line and started to make all frame screens with composite material frames.


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Jan 16

GN Solids Control is one of the leading brands for solids control and waste management system, and second to none ranks among Chinese manufacturers in this industry. A lot of worldwide famous oil companies and oil drilling companies are using GN equipment and comprehensive solutions, including SINOPEC, CNPC and COSL. Recently, GN delivered main equipment for 2 sets of drilling cuttings waste management systems for CNPC.


Drilling cuttings are solids discharge from the drilling rig solids controls system, from the shakers, desander and desilters. After the solids control system’s first 3 phases separating, the drilling fluids are returned back to the system without the solids particle. But the separated-out particles are still too wet. For one thing, it is a waste for valuable drilling fluid. Secondly, it could damage to the environment if disposed directly. That’s why it is not only necessary but also mandatory to do some further treatment for the drilling cuttings.
GN Solids Control has zero discharge solutions for both WBM and OBM. And this order, combining the vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge, is for the oil based mud. A vertical cuttings dryer is specially designed for the oil based mud separation. GNCD930 series vertical cuttings dryers could dry the drilling cuttings to reach OOC value to 5%. The vertical cuttings dryer is running as the drying step of a washing machine. The vertical cuttings dryer is equipped with a screen basket with certain mesh number. Fluids pass the mesh and collected, while cuttings are stopped by mesh and falls down.
GNLW series decanter centrifuges with VFD control panels are used after the vertical cuttings dryer to remove the particles from 2 to 5 microns from the liquid. Most common model is GNLW363CG-VFD, a medium sized centrifuge with a high rotating speed. But for bigger treating capacity, GN has GNLW453C-VFD and GNLW553-VFD available, both of high rotating speed while bowl sizes are respectively 18 inch and 22 inch. In this project, clients chose GNLW453C-VFD.
Pls contact GN for more information.


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Nov 24

The service companies or project contractors are always very strict on choosing equipment manufacturers, because a good manufacturer is not only about the image and reputation, the more important thing is, the good performance of the equipment. Like for the oil and gas drilling, working on the rig means continuously operating and any unexpected failure comes at big cost.
In many projects which are in need of separation works, the shale shakers play a very important role. For example, in oil and gas drilling solids control projects, the shale shaker take over more than half of separating work, and in HDD or TBM projects, a shaker is always the first or even only separation step, even in drilling cuttings waste management projects, a high-G shaker with a 8.0G force are head in the queue.


GNZJ series shale shakers have following features:
1. High G force to ensure a good performance and good separation results. With Italy brand Oli as professional vibrating motors, GN shale shakers could reach a G force up to 7.5, and according to the jobsite condition, this G force is adjustable.
2. A strong structure of shaker deck made of stainless steel, instead of normal steel. Only a strong structure could endure the high G force vibration. That’s why GN shale shakers have a longer service life.
3. API RP 13C shaker screens with composite material frame. GN now make all its frame screens with composite material frames, it has a longer service life than steel frame ones, and the conductance is much larger. With same screen area, the unblocked area is much larger than steel frame ones.
Those above mentioned are only several features and advantages of GN shale shaker and shaker screens, since space here is limited, if you need more information about GN company and products, welcome to visit our website or contact us by email, telephone or fax directly.

In most of countries in the world, environment protection is very important for all industries with very strict laws. For the drilling projects, the separation standard is evens more. That’s why, GN became one of the most well-known brands during past years and its adjacent countries for the ideal separation solutions in oil and gas drilling industries and other drilling projects like HDD, TBM and etc, and even for the construction works.


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Jul 11

Per experiences and calculated data, the drilling liquid occupies in any well drilling is between 4 percentage to 10 percentages, no matter in onshore drillings or offshore drillings. Considering its effects on the drilling operation performance, which occupies nearly 50 percentages, the drilling fluid is quite vital to the drilling.

GN Waste Management Equipment

That’s why, a professional drilling manager has to have a professional team for the drilling mud services, or find a qualified drilling fluid service company. In practice, drilling companies or drilling contractors always focus on drilling work, and employing a subcontractor for the solids control system. Each drilling rig has eight systems connected to each other, among which, the solids control system is comparably independent. An expertized drilling fluid company has the right personnel and suitable equipment, and more important, they know how to treat the fluid well.

A professional oil service companies provide following services:
1. Solids control equipment and services. The solids control systems help to treat the drilling fluid directly from the well mouth. It contains three or four phases for separation, including the shale shaker as the first phase, the desander cones as the second phase, the desilter cones as the third. Some include the decanter centrifuge as the forth one. In most solids control systems, there are mixing unit for adding more chemicals into the fluid when necessary.
2. Drilling cuttings waste management systems, in some countries, this part is also regarded as a part of solids control, because this is also for treating the solids from the drilling fluid. Those systems always contains the vertical cuttings dryer, the high G drying shaker and the decanter centrifuge.
3. Drilling fluid waste management, it is the further treatment for the drilling fluid. As the fluid has been used for a long time, this system uses some chemicals to flocculate the extra fine particles into larger ones before being separated out by a decanter centrifuge.
As one of the leading manufacturers of solids control and waste management, GN Solids Control has been providing lots of oil service companies in the world for all above mentioned systems and equipment. For more information or a formal quotation, welcome to contact GN directly.


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Jun 23

In a complete oil and gas drilling system, there are solids control system and drilling cuttings waste management system to combine a complete line for drilling mud recycling. Generally speaking, all the treating phases after the solids control system could be called as waste management system, because the solids control system is always together with the drilling rig and served as a closed loop during the drilling works. In traditional experiences, after drilling one well, the drilling cuttings would be transferred to a specific place to get further separation, for drilling waste management.

GNCD930C in waste management system

GN vertical cutting dryer

The drilling waste management system could be divided into 2 phases, the first phase is vertical cuttings dryer / high-G drying shaker plus decanter centrifuge combination, the second phase is dewatering system, with a dewatering unit, flocculation system and a high speed centrifuge combination.

1. First stage waste management system: vertical cuttings dryer + decanter centrifuge

2. Second stage waste management system: dewatering unit + decanter centrifuge

But recently, the boundary between solids control system and drilling waste management system is not as clear as before. In some countries, for every drilling rig, before start the drilling work, there must be a waste management system accompanying. That’s why, some companies are consider the vertical cuttings dryer/ high-G drying shaker plus decanter centrifuge combination as a part of solids control, while only the dewatering unit is as waste management system.

The separation process before dewatering unit is physical separation, and since the dewatering unit, it is kind of chemical separation. GN Solis Control, as the first API Certified solids control manufacturer in China, has provided to more than 60 countries and regions complete range of solids control and waste management systems and equipments including all above mentioned equipments including the dewatering unit.

May you have interest, welcome to contact us freely. We have a in-time pre-sale service, like recommending suitable equipments and give draft design for the systems and also reassuring after sale service of one week free of charge first commissioning. And GN always have in stock spare parts for quick delivery to clients.


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Jan 19

Every day, when you open a daily or weekly newspaper, or even a monthly magazine, you could find at least one article written about the crude oil price. No doubt, this subject has become one of the hottest topics because, to shock to everyone, the crude oil price has dropped in half a year, to half as before.

People is used to see the crude oil price to fluctuate, higher or lower, just for a while, no matter caused by political, economic, or anything. But to see the crude oil to keep dropping for 6 months and get to this point, and further more, seems not to the end yet, it is really above the expectation. Foreseeing economists, this time, failed again to broadcast this.



For common people, the only connection between me and the oil seems only the car consumption for petro. I will do nothing about it, of course, couldn’t do nothing about it. I just drive from home to work and enjoy the less cost than before. And hopefully, in future, all products I need to use and produced by oil will have a lower price.

GN Solids Control

But as an Oil company or drilling company, if I were, what should I do when the aspired benefit margin is squeezed so much? As is known to all, this time, even APEC itself, couldn’t change the price of crude oil, so we have to accept the price reluctantly. And in order to survive, what we must do now, is to cut the cost, to find more cost-effective equipments manufacturers and service providers. As a consumable system in a drilling rig system, the solids control system is one of my concern.

GN’s Products

GN Solids Control, as the TOP solids control manufacturer in China, is always giving good price for best equipments to its clients. It has very cost-effective solutions and never sell spare parts at a high price. It is always ready to support to old and new customers via its professional equipments and service.


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