Sep 04

Recently, GN just finished another set of solids control system to Australia, which is going to be used for oil and gas industry and now the system is at sea for sailing to Australia. Seldom solids control manufacturers could reach such a high standard of Australia, which are even higher than the USA and Europe. But this system is not the first one. In recent years, GN has provided to Australia 3 sets of oil and gas solids control systems, and more than 30 sets of mud systems for HDD projects.
Besides the normal standards for the oil and gas industries, the Australian market has its specially high standards:

1. For electrical components, including the motors, cables, glands and control panels, all have to meet both IECEX standards and Australia standards.

2. Walkways and guardrails must reach very specific standards, like the max and min distance of gaps. Lifting pads and lifting eyes all have to meet safety standards, and marked with SWL.

3. Walkways and stairs are made of high duty fiber glass, instead of gratings or checkered plates.

4. Higher standards for welding and painting.

Australian companies are quite strict when choosing the supplier and inspecting the equipment. During fabrication and before delivery, there are top management and third party engineers coming to GN Solids Control for checking their orders. They are quite satisfied with GN’s factory management and designing ability of GN engineers.

In fact, GN has more than 10 years of experiences in this solids control and waste management industry and GN was the first API certified manufacturer in China for oil and gas solids control equipment. GN’s products, like the shale shakers, mud cleaners, decanter centrifuges, vertical cuttings dryers, mud agitators and centrifugal pumps are exported to more than 70 countries of the 5 continents in the world. And also GN shaker Screens.


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Jul 14

As is known to all, centrifugal pumps, which are also called sand pumps, are very common but useful equipment in a solids control system. It’s the most important conveying device. Centrifugal pumps are typical feeding pumps for desander and desilter, and also mixing pump when used together with jet mud hopper. It can also play a role as trip pump in trip tank.

GNSB series centrifugal pumps were not core product in GN Solids Control’s product catalogue, the production ability was just enough for providing for GN Solids Control systems. But since this summer, GN has raised the production of centrifugal pumps for feeding the demands of GN old clients.

GNSB centrifugal pump

GNSB series centrifugal pumps have following features:

  1. Wide range of capacities from GNSB4*3-9.5J to GNSB8*6-14J for options.

  2. Mechanical seal with material tungsten carbide, strong structure.

  3. All spare parts for GNSB centrifugal pumps interchangeable with world famous brand, easy and economic for user to keep or source spare parts.

  4. Famous brand bearing for GNSB centrifugal pumps, to ensure a reliable performance and a long service life

  5. Easy for installation and maintenance by using open designed impeller.


Now GN Solids Control has centrifugal pumps for sale. May you or your clients have interest, welcome to contact us directly.


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Apr 02

A drilling mud circulation system can be oprated by several mud circulation equipments ,tanks , electrical control parts and other parts . The mud circulation equipments are the core parts of the total mud circulation system .

Drlling mud circulation procedure with the equipments

The drilling mud comes to shale shaker for first phase of mud circulation . depending on treating capacity , we can choose a single shaker or double or triple shaker in this phase of the mud circulation system . One centrifugal pump will pick up mud which have been treated after shaker to desander cone , the treated mud with solids will goes to the down shaker and clean mud will goes to the second compartment of tank for step on circulation . Thirdly another centrifugal pump will pick up mud which have been treated by desander cone to desilter cone . The cleaner mud from desilter cone will goes to the third compartment for next step of mud circulation with decanter centrifuge . A mud circulation equipments Jet mud mixer will mixing mud with chemicals for ready drilling mud to feeding rig . This is the totall drilling mud circulation procuedure with the mud equipments .

Drilling mud circulation equipments manufacturer

Derrick is the head manufacturer for drilling mud circulation equipments as it has developed years . Nov Brandt , Kem-Tron ,GN Solids Control are some following manufacturers . GN solids control is a young but developing manufacturer for drilling mud circulation equipments . As difference countries may require for difference of equipments for quality and price basis . GN have been more and more popular with top quality and reasonable price to over 40 countries sales for mud circulation equipments and solids separation .


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