Apr 19

In next month, before the voting of Malaysia, the Trenchless Asia 2018 will be held in Kuala Lumpur Exhibition Center. Although under the light of big event like voting, the Trenchless Asia still keeps its radiation and will attract visitors from Asian countries. Trenchless Asia is scheduled on each other year and this year’s Trenchless Asia will be the 10th. This exhibition is not big but very professional and international.
Who will come to Trenchless Asia to show their equipment?


  1. Rig manufacturers like Vermeer, Delong, TANGXING, Goodeng, Hecklech, and etc, many traditional rig brands and newly developed ones are attending this exhibition, some even bringing their big rigs on open yard exhibition.
  2. Other equipment and parts which are widely used in those industries for horizontal directional drilling, tunnel bored drilling, pipe jacking and etc, like the mud recycling systems, chemicals, pipelines, valves and etc. GN Solids Control, as the leading manufacturer for mud systems in China and one of the most famous brands in world, will bring its new product and high quality screens to exhibition.
  3. Service providers in the industry like the drilling contractor, chemical labs, slurry treatment and transportation contractor and etc.

What is GN Solids Control’s advantages in Trenchless Industry?
Mud systems or Desander Unit are one of the 3 main applications GN Solids Control’s products are used for. GN has a wide product range which could be combined as compact mud recycling unit, or 2 or 3 phase mud separation unit, with or without mud mixing unit, or even equipped with a decanter centrifuge and a dewatering unit.
GN Solids Control makes the same standard equipment for Trenchless Industry as durable and high quality as equipment for the oil and gas industry, and GN Solids Control’s equipment have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions in the world.

Information of Exhibition:
Location: Kuala Lumpur Exhibition Center, Malaysia
Time: May 7 to 8th, 2018.
GN Booth: No. 26.


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Apr 06

As it is known all, Saudi Arabian market is always with a highest standard in the world, in most cases, USA products are preferred by Saudi Arabians, especially for the mechanical equipments. But recently, a big group in Saudi Arab started business with GN Solids Control, the comparably younger company but of high quality equipments and good service.

see GN compact design mud system for piling

GN compact design of mud system for piling and TBM

This is the first order that company signed with GN, the chef engineer from the client say that this slurry plant is a test and beginning, if it is suitable for their projects, new orders will come soon, not only for slurry plant used for piling, but also HDD mud recycling systems.
In fact HDD is one of the 3 main majors, which include:

1 Drilling Waste Management Systems for oil and gas,

2 Oil and Gas Solids Control system and equipments,

3 HDD mud recycling systems and mud unit for TBM and piling and etc.


For such systems like mud recycling systems and slurry plants, GN Solids Control has following benefits:

1. GN Solids Control is most professional manufacturer for Solids Control Systems and Mud recycling systems, as is recognized by many end users in this field. For example, CPP, China Petroleum Pipeline, choose GN Solids Control as a long term and stable supplier for HDD mud recycling systems.

2. Australian market is regarded as the most difficult market in the world to enter, with the world’s highest standard. GN Solids Control is the only China manufacturer whose systems entered Australian market, cause GN’s systems are not only certified by API, ISO, but also DNV CE, and also some certificate from Russia.

3. Many world famous HDD Rig companies like Vermeer, use GN Solids Control’s systems into their packages and using them in jobsites.


May you need any such systems or have any question about it, pls don’t hesitate, just call us or send us email, we’re glad to help you find most suitable solution for your projects.


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Sep 27

In most people’s eyes, in the Oil & Gas field, GN Solids Control is professional and well-known for their solids control systems and waste management systems used for Oil and Gas drilling. But in fact, GN Solids Control firstly started business mainly in providing HDD systems. In recent years, although GN’s business on Oil and Gas exceeded the HDD, HDD mud systems still occupies its share in GN’s business.


Who is GN Solids Control?

  1. GN Solids Control is the first solids control manufacturer who was second to none who got API and ISO certified, and also certified by HSE.

  2. GN Solids Control’s solids control systems has been certified by DNV of the CE marks.

  3. GN Solids Control is the first China born solids control company who has established its son-company in USA.

  4. In recently 7 years, GN Solids Control has exported its products to more than 60 countries of world, and oversea market occupies 70% of GN sales.


Why choose GN Solids Control?

  1. Just like HDD mud recycling systems, GN has various capacity configurations, standard design, with rich site experiences and saves time and money for clients.

  2.  Well known CPP, short for China Petrolum Pipeline Bureau, they only buy mud system from GN. Until now, they have bought over 30 sets complete 500GPM mud system from GN.  And many customers got to know GN’s name because they saw GN mud system’s good performance at jobsites and contacted GN for purchase.

  3.  Australia, can be regarded a country with highest standard, in some degrees it has higher standard than European market. We have sold over 25 sets complete compact mud systems there.

  4. Vermeer, whose name speaks for itself in HDD field, has purchased several HDD systems from GN, especially recently.


See GN, visit GN

GN Factory near Beijing Airport, China

This time the 350GPM HDD system for Kazakhstan is GN high Standard configuration for 350GPM mud systems, which can be suitable for middle standard configuration for 500GPM capacity. Besides this, GN also have other solutions available. May you need more information, welcome to contact me directly at renee@gnsolidcontrol.com.


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Aug 16

Last week, a well known drilling company from Middle East visited GN Solids Control’s office and factory near Beijing. They are head quarters of that company. GN was the only solids control company they visited in China. They spend a good time during visit and get more information of GN Solids Control.







They knew GN Solids Control’s name on their sister company’s jobsite, where they saw equipments working well with GN logo print on them. This time, they are planning to purchase some storage tanks and equipment first and will extend order in near future. They gave good comments on GN’s production ability per following facets:

  1. GN workshop. During visit, they paid attention to GN workshop and saw the original parts GN sourced from Top suppliers. They agreed that GN focus on top quality rather than price.

  2. GN production department. In GN workshop, they saw the advanced CNC machines for centrifuge and other equipment and parts which in need of dynamic balancing.

  3. GN QC department. They were glad to see GN has a strict QC team, and they shared with GN Solids Control their experiences in devices for QC.

  4. GN cutting machines and GN patents in equipments. They acknowledged that GN’s efforts and success in promoting the equipments.

  5. GN’s API, ISO, HSE and CE certifications. They know that those certificates show them a responsible and capable company.

No doubt, GN is leading solids control and waste management manufacturer and supplier in China who are much ahead of peers. That respectful company likes to have more co-operation with a company like GN Solids Control. And GN will strive to give all valuable customers with best support.


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Jul 14

As is known to all, centrifugal pumps, which are also called sand pumps, are very common but useful equipment in a solids control system. It’s the most important conveying device. Centrifugal pumps are typical feeding pumps for desander and desilter, and also mixing pump when used together with jet mud hopper. It can also play a role as trip pump in trip tank.

GNSB series centrifugal pumps were not core product in GN Solids Control’s product catalogue, the production ability was just enough for providing for GN Solids Control systems. But since this summer, GN has raised the production of centrifugal pumps for feeding the demands of GN old clients.

GNSB centrifugal pump

GNSB series centrifugal pumps have following features:

  1. Wide range of capacities from GNSB4*3-9.5J to GNSB8*6-14J for options.

  2. Mechanical seal with material tungsten carbide, strong structure.

  3. All spare parts for GNSB centrifugal pumps interchangeable with world famous brand, easy and economic for user to keep or source spare parts.

  4. Famous brand bearing for GNSB centrifugal pumps, to ensure a reliable performance and a long service life

  5. Easy for installation and maintenance by using open designed impeller.


Now GN Solids Control has centrifugal pumps for sale. May you or your clients have interest, welcome to contact us directly.


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Jul 07

Besides Oil&Gas drilling, HDD and Piling are both important drilling works, which of course need drilling mud recycling systems. Although all drilling mud systems shares same principals, they have different characters per the different standards of mud.

  1. Finer screens for HDD than Piling

In piling projects, the requirements of fineness of drilling mud are not so high. So the shaker screens used in mud recycling system for piling is not as fine as is used in HDD. Usually grating screens are ok in piling projects, while in HDD, shaker screens are similar with Oil & Gas drilling.

  1. More further treatment for HDD than Piling

In most cases, desander as last treatment for Piling drilling mud is OK. After treated by desander cyclones, the drilling mud can be returned to the system. But for HDD drilling, there is always desilter cyclones adopted.

  1. Larger storage capacity for HDD than Piling

    see GN compact design mud system for piling

    GN compact design of mud system for piling and TBM

  2. Some cases, mixing hopper is necessary in HDD drilling projects


GN Solids Control is famous brand for designing and manufacturing closed loop mud recycling system for oil & gas drilling, HDD drilling and Piling. For HDD mud systems, lots of customers all over world use GN Mud recycling system in their drilling package with Ditch Witch or Vermeer drilling machines. Also, as simple configuration, GN Solids Control has very cost-effective GND series mud system for Piling and Micro Tunnel.



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