Apr 13

GN Solids Control just finish CIPPE Beijing oil show with great success. The latest model solids control equipment at the oil show attracts lots of visitors. Drilling waste management vertical cuttings dryer and drilling waste management centrifuge designed on high telescopic skid for easier operation, decanter centrifuge family from 9 inch baby centrifuge, 14inch popular size centrifuge, 18 inch big bowl big capacity centrifuge to 22inch big bowl centrifuge for fast drilling. GN Solids Control also take one economic desanding plant mud cleaning system to the show, some core drilling client, diamond drilling client or mining may need this economic design to treat the drilling mud in working process.


After CIPPE Beijing 2016 oil show, GN now is ready for OTC 2016 oil show in Houston, USA. GN Solids Control has two booths there to enlarge the brand impact in America and Latin America countries.


GN Solids America @OTC2016, OTC official website: http://2016.otcnet.org/

OTC Event time: 2-5 May, 2016

OT Address: Houston, Texas, USA

GN Solids Control China Booth No. : Reliant Center 1652-A

GN Solids America Booth No.: Reliant Arena 9732

Make an appointment by sending email to: sales@gnsolidscontrol.com

GN decanter centrifuges

At OTC 2016 oil exhibition, you can check GN Solids Control equipment by watching the design, touching the production material, checking the working video at jobsite, talking with GN sales and engineer there to deeper the understanding of GN brand and products. We will take the high speed decanter centrifuge (GNLW363C centrifuge) and waste management vertical cuttings dryer (GNCD930C). All equipment has over 3-5 years jobsite experience as high quality and mature product. GN Solids Control will also take the baby centrifuge for some construction industry, mining or piling.


Except for the show, we also welcome your come to GN Solids America facility to check the product and office. We have main equipment like shale shaker, mud cleaner, shear pump, centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer stock in our USA facility to support urgent project requirements. Spare parts is also available for urgent needs.


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Sep 27

In most people’s eyes, in the Oil & Gas field, GN Solids Control is professional and well-known for their solids control systems and waste management systems used for Oil and Gas drilling. But in fact, GN Solids Control firstly started business mainly in providing HDD systems. In recent years, although GN’s business on Oil and Gas exceeded the HDD, HDD mud systems still occupies its share in GN’s business.


Who is GN Solids Control?

  1. GN Solids Control is the first solids control manufacturer who was second to none who got API and ISO certified, and also certified by HSE.

  2. GN Solids Control’s solids control systems has been certified by DNV of the CE marks.

  3. GN Solids Control is the first China born solids control company who has established its son-company in USA.

  4. In recently 7 years, GN Solids Control has exported its products to more than 60 countries of world, and oversea market occupies 70% of GN sales.


Why choose GN Solids Control?

  1. Just like HDD mud recycling systems, GN has various capacity configurations, standard design, with rich site experiences and saves time and money for clients.

  2.  Well known CPP, short for China Petrolum Pipeline Bureau, they only buy mud system from GN. Until now, they have bought over 30 sets complete 500GPM mud system from GN.  And many customers got to know GN’s name because they saw GN mud system’s good performance at jobsites and contacted GN for purchase.

  3.  Australia, can be regarded a country with highest standard, in some degrees it has higher standard than European market. We have sold over 25 sets complete compact mud systems there.

  4. Vermeer, whose name speaks for itself in HDD field, has purchased several HDD systems from GN, especially recently.


See GN, visit GN

GN Factory near Beijing Airport, China

This time the 350GPM HDD system for Kazakhstan is GN high Standard configuration for 350GPM mud systems, which can be suitable for middle standard configuration for 500GPM capacity. Besides this, GN also have other solutions available. May you need more information, welcome to contact me directly at renee@gnsolidcontrol.com.


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Sep 23

Urban tunneling is one kind of TBM projects. When we mention the TBM, Tunnel Boring Machine, one must think of some in-city constructions like the subway, cross-mountain tunnel and etc. Exactly correct! In history of TBM, the tunnel diameter can range from as small as I meter by micro-TBM, to as large as 19.25 meters.

In TBM projects, there is special requirement that the surface of the working ground is better not disturbed or damaged. In this condition, the operator must pay enough attention to keep the soil pressures during and after construction of the tunnels. And also, pre-planning is vital to these projects, existing pipelines, and existing infrastructures must be taken into consideration.

GN has various optional capacity of mud systems

GN mud system

Just as all the drilling related to, no matter it is hard rock TBM or soft ground TBM, there must be a drilling mud cleaning system related to. Depends on the various capacity requirements, TBM mud recycling systems varies.

GN Solids Control is top manufacturer in China and also wellknown manufacturer in the world for mud systems for oil and gas drilling, TBM, HDD, PILING and etc. Lots of HDD companies, like CPP in China, HDD Rig manufacturers like Vermeer, TBM contractors and Piling contractors stably order their mud systems from GN Solids Control. CPP, for instance, purchases from GN around 10 sets for systems each year.

In order to provide with customers more suitable and quick mud recycling solutions, GN has standard configuration designs for different typical capacities at hand. In this way, a customer can easily choose what is needed, save time for customers. Sometimes, GN even has in-stock systems for customers’ convenience.

GN Solids Control is the first API certified solids control manufacturer in China, and also an ISO certified company. It got HSE certificates last year and its solids control systems has got CE Mark by DNV. It has exported systems and equipments to Russia and has got TP &TC certificate to Russian market.


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Sep 18

Vermeer, one of the world Top 3 HDD drilling rig suppliers has ordered from GN Solids Control 2 sets of mud recycling systems in their Rig Package. One of them is of 350GPM capacity. It was finished several weeks ago and shipped to the end user.

Each year, GN produces tens of such systems, that’s why GN has already some standard configurations for option and of various levels. This system is high-configuration 350GPM system, which also can be used as a 500GPM mud recycling system.

This system includes below equipments and assemblies:

GN's standard 350GPM system

GN HDD system for Vermeer

1) Mud tank, dimension is the same with 20ft container. With container port at corner for locking during shipment: L 6100*W2400*H1500mm GNZJ703D-6N double deck mud cleaner. 1 each.

2) GNZJ703D-6N double deck mud cleaner. 1 each.

3)Centrifugal pump GNSB5x4-12J (22kw), 2 each.

Centrifugal pump GNSB5x4-12J (22kw), 2 each.

4) Mud gun GNNJQ50-3G, 1 each. Jet mud mixer GNSLM25-220, 1 each

5) Jet mud mixer GNSLM25-220, 1 each

6) Submerssible slurry pump, GN80YZ80-20,11kw, 2 each

Not only Vermeer, but also other famous systems, just like CPP, the largest HDD project contractor in China, they are all GN’s valuable customers. Each year, only CPP, will buy from GN around 10 sets of mud recycling systems, most of which are of 350-500GPM capacity.

In fact, GN has not make some many advertisements or marketing work. But as the old saying says” good product speaks itself”, some new customers get to know GN’s name because they saw GN’s equipments for systems operating in their peers’ jobsite. Then they find GN for solution. Luckily, GN never failed them and cooperation starts and continues.

Hopefully and we fully believe, GN will never cease to have better designs for better products for the valuable clients.



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Aug 16

Last week, a well known drilling company from Middle East visited GN Solids Control’s office and factory near Beijing. They are head quarters of that company. GN was the only solids control company they visited in China. They spend a good time during visit and get more information of GN Solids Control.







They knew GN Solids Control’s name on their sister company’s jobsite, where they saw equipments working well with GN logo print on them. This time, they are planning to purchase some storage tanks and equipment first and will extend order in near future. They gave good comments on GN’s production ability per following facets:

  1. GN workshop. During visit, they paid attention to GN workshop and saw the original parts GN sourced from Top suppliers. They agreed that GN focus on top quality rather than price.

  2. GN production department. In GN workshop, they saw the advanced CNC machines for centrifuge and other equipment and parts which in need of dynamic balancing.

  3. GN QC department. They were glad to see GN has a strict QC team, and they shared with GN Solids Control their experiences in devices for QC.

  4. GN cutting machines and GN patents in equipments. They acknowledged that GN’s efforts and success in promoting the equipments.

  5. GN’s API, ISO, HSE and CE certifications. They know that those certificates show them a responsible and capable company.

No doubt, GN is leading solids control and waste management manufacturer and supplier in China who are much ahead of peers. That respectful company likes to have more co-operation with a company like GN Solids Control. And GN will strive to give all valuable customers with best support.


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Jan 05

Recently GN Solids Control got an order from an Australian customer of a whole set solids control mud system. This system is used to recovery drill cuttings and drilling mud. It’s configured with hydraulic jack up legs for easy transport to meet the requirement of frequency transport from one site to another.

This mud system is a water based mud recycling system. It consists of  shale shaker, desilter, decanter centrifuge and Hi-G dryer shaker.  The High G dryer shaker is mainly used for water based mud treatment. It’s widely used in drilling waste management. While for the oil based mud, GN has vertical cuttings dryer for the treatment. The drilling fluids goes through shale shakers, desitlers and centriguge. The clean recycled mud is falls into a large clean compartment. The drill cuttings separated from shale shakers, desilters and decanter centrifuges is transferred to Hi G dryer shaker for a further treatment. After the treatment of dryer shaker, you will get rather dry cuttings.

With increasing legislation, public awareness and minimum operator environmental standards, the containment, handling and treatment of drilling waste has increased in importance and now ranks in importance along side that of drilling fluids in many countries around the world. GN Solids control has relative equipment for drilling waste management.

The system for Australian customer now is in assembling and soon it will be delivered. The customer will come and inspect the system in our factory in Beijing before delivery. GN Solids Control has exported a lot of such systems to Australian market. Compact design mud system is also very popular in this market.


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