Mar 10

In next week, since March 14th to 16th, from Wednesday to Friday, AOG 2018 will be held in Perth, WA, Australia. AOG is short for Australia Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference, and it has been held for many years in Perth, one of the oil center of Australia. GN Solids Control has been exported mud recycling systems and equipment to Australia for many years. This time GN Solids Control is not attending AOG directly, GN Screen sample will be shown at TENSA’s booth and GN brochures also available there.

GN light weight mud system

Light weight mud tank system

TENSA Equipment is an oil service company located in Australia, who provides different services, oil and gas drilling related equipment and turn-key solutions to clients in domestic Australia and also from adjacent countries like New Zealand, New Papua Guinea and etc. Last year, TENSA Equipment worked on a light weight mud system which was requested to be transported by helicopters, and that was also a start of cooperation between TENSA Equipment and GN Solids Control. Both parties were happy with this cooperation and in this coming Exhibition, although GN is not coming directly, TENSA would like to help with some introductions.

Following are some information about the AOG 2018 and TENSA’s Booth:
Links about TENSA’s booth:
Time of Exhibition: (AOG) 2018 from Wednesday 14 to Friday 16 March
Location of Exhibition: at the Perth Exhibition and Conference Centre (PECC). Perth City, WA, Australia
TENSA’s Booth Number: J1

At TENSA’s booth, GN will show a composite material frame screen. It is a composite material frame screen produced with new technology. For employing new technology into screen production, GN established a separate screen workshop and invested on cutting and welding robots, which enabled the automatic producing line for screens. Comparing with manual production, the robots are more easily and precisely controlled. Therefore, screen quality is much better.


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Dec 10

GN Solids America LLC is Chinese solids control manufacture not only produce full line of solids control machinery but also customize the whole mud cleaning system to meet various of drilling project.  The HDD system is second in demand after oil rig mud system and we can fully customize as well.

The drilling mud feed from the HDD drilling project is from the  mud pit to the shale shaker for the first phase cleaning to remove solids above 100 microns and  the centrifugal pump GNSB6x5 will feed to the second phase of cleaning by using desander for cleaning solids above 40 microns, and the another centrifugal pump GNSB6x5 will feed mud from the second compartment of the mud tank and using the desilter for removal of solids above 20 microns. The clean drilling fluids will overflow to the third compartment of the tank for reuse in the HDD drilling rigs. Above description of full cycle of the HDD system but it depends on the need of project, not all system are the same.

CNPC jobsite waste management centrifuge

HDD mud system is often more simpler compare with oil rig mud system due to demand of filtered mud quality is not as high as oil rig. The basic set up include  shale shaker, desande,r desilter, centrifugal pumps  and the mud tank.  A decanter centrifuge can be add in if need by drilling operation.

  1. Use the slurry pump pumping drilling mud to mud tank
  2. The mud pump the fluid to shale shaker , shale shaker treating large solid particles by filter t through shaker screens and shaking then the processed mud flow into the under the shale shaker.
  3. The mud pumping to the desander to treating particles above 44um.
  4. The mud from desander pumping to the desilter to treat particles above 15 um.
  5. Mud were pumped to decanter centrifuge (if need it) to remove the particles above 0.5 um.

The waste solid will be ruled out in one side of mud tank . The circulating drilling fluid from decanter centrifuge warehouse pumping back to the HDD drilling rig .


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Nov 20

GN solids Control is China along with USA based leading provider for solids control equipment  & drilling waste management equipment. Our own equipment includes solids manage equipment, mud system, drilling waste management equipment etc .
Recently, most of us ship one set drilling cuttings solidification unit to help Africa client. The client will be local professional oil Agency with many years experience within solids control & drilling waste management. Formerly, the client wants to obtain US brand fixation model. However , the client checks the style of our fixation unit, and after that compare the price with US brand name fixation unit. Finally, the customer choose GN Solids Management brand for the fixation system.

2015.11.13 cuttings solidification unit
GN drilling cuttings fixation unit composed of below products.
1) One hopper to gather drilling waste from shaker discharge / mud solution discharge / centrifuge produce
2) One screw conveyor connected with waste hopper, exchange the screw conveyor for you to mixing blender.
3) A pair of sets stainless steel chemical container with screw conveyor attached to both side of food blender, to add curing agent or even cement
4) One combining blender to mix the healing agent / cement using drilling waste.
Except for often the drilling cuttings fixation device, the client also bought one conical bottom mud tank for you to storage liquid drilling mud. A pair of mud agitator installed on major of mud tank with regard to mixing function.
The client found our factory to do the check up before delivery. We conduct some adjustment as per the client’s necessity and add more support components.
After client visit our company, he is very interested in the solids control equipment, particularly interested indecanter centrifuges as well as vertical cuttings dryer. Right now, all solids control devices working in his country will be USA brand, like Derrick solids control equipment, SWACO centrifuges. The cost is very excessive and cost callback is rather slow. After he discovered our solids control performing video at many work site, the client want to buy 2 units centrifuge for test buy.
GN Solids Control centrifuge & other solids manage equipment, working performance nearly same as USA brand hues control equipment. Price is significantly better, and client can callback cost very soon.


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Aug 16

Last week, a well known drilling company from Middle East visited GN Solids Control’s office and factory near Beijing. They are head quarters of that company. GN was the only solids control company they visited in China. They spend a good time during visit and get more information of GN Solids Control.







They knew GN Solids Control’s name on their sister company’s jobsite, where they saw equipments working well with GN logo print on them. This time, they are planning to purchase some storage tanks and equipment first and will extend order in near future. They gave good comments on GN’s production ability per following facets:

  1. GN workshop. During visit, they paid attention to GN workshop and saw the original parts GN sourced from Top suppliers. They agreed that GN focus on top quality rather than price.

  2. GN production department. In GN workshop, they saw the advanced CNC machines for centrifuge and other equipment and parts which in need of dynamic balancing.

  3. GN QC department. They were glad to see GN has a strict QC team, and they shared with GN Solids Control their experiences in devices for QC.

  4. GN cutting machines and GN patents in equipments. They acknowledged that GN’s efforts and success in promoting the equipments.

  5. GN’s API, ISO, HSE and CE certifications. They know that those certificates show them a responsible and capable company.

No doubt, GN is leading solids control and waste management manufacturer and supplier in China who are much ahead of peers. That respectful company likes to have more co-operation with a company like GN Solids Control. And GN will strive to give all valuable customers with best support.


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Apr 13

Piling and deep foundation industry

Deep foundations relying on driven piles often have groups of piles connected by a pile cap which is a large concrete block into which the heads of the piles are embedded, to distribute loads  larger than one pile can bear. Pile caps and isolated piles are typically connected with grade beams to tie the foundation elements together; lighter structural elements bear on the grade beams while heavier elements bear directly on the pile cap

Piling mud equipments

For the principles , piling mud equipments is similar with oil drilling and HDD mud cleaning equipments . We just sold one equipments to Pakistan for piling mud equipments . It’s a small tank with one double deck shaker to combination a totay mud cleaning system with one desander cone and a feeding pump for desandser cone. This system capacity reaches to 120GPM . Piling mud required treating capacity is always small and mud conditions is not so strict as oil drilling mud . So a compact construction will be very important for piling mud equipments to save space

GN Solids Control starts  drilling mud equipments for oil and gas drilling and expanded to HDD , CBM ,slurry separation and to piling mud equipments based on oil drilling mud equipments experience . Please visit GN web for more news


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