Jul 08

Shale shaker is the primary solids control equipment in drilling water recycling system used to may help drill cuttings from water. For most of the drilling website, at least two units shale shaker will be equipped: one particular for working while the various other one is for back up, or maybe both are for working reason. Some sites even have to have three or four unit shale shakers which could handle a larger circulation rate. A tandem shale shaker is designed for easy putting together and disassembling onsite. It will always be convenient for transportation whenever moving the rig.
How exactly does Tandem Shale Shaker Do the job?
The tandem shale shaker is a design of put a couple of unit single shale shakers on a skid. These a couple of unit shaker are absolutely same for easy surgery and maintenance. As the drilling water treated by the shaker system finally will go through the line mesh shaker screen and give way to the under located mud tank, the skid was made with 2 square spaces from where the drilling water could fall into the mud tank. Both shaker sections are equipped with buffer box, some sort of provided mud distributor, regardless of pipe type or package type; the drilling water could be guided to the two shakers for separation practice. It means a tandem shale shaker could handle the particular flow rate 2 times than the usual single shaker. If you want make use of this tandem shale shaker regarding smaller drill rig, you may only run either one within it and the other one is utilized in case any break down for the first unit.

160629 tandem shale shaker
What are the great things about Tandem Shale Shaker?
one Tandems shale shaker could possibly be used flexibly as per the drilling fluids flow rate.
2 . not Convenient transportation as the skid is designed with container kind fixing point so that the complete skid could be easily placed on a flat bed trailer to some where you want.
3. Easy installation along with dismount. The operator really only need use a crane to pick up the whole skid to put about the tank and take off.
That tandem shale shaker is perfect for a very big drilling organization in Middle East. “GN’s equipment is always working great. This makes our mud manufacture very happy. That is why we place repeated order to them. ” Says a director only at that drilling company. Actually, this provider is GN’s old customers and very good friends.
Besides the Duo shale shaker unit, this kind of client also ordered an abundance of centrifugal pumps, mud agitators and mud guns via GN. These equipments they fit orderly in GN solids control’s assemblage workshop, which is really eye catching. Clients need to be well confident by good machine effectiveness. Obviously, for this clients, GN did it.


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Mar 31

GN Solids Control is known as a manufacturer and supplier of drilling mud system, not only the individual equipment. Some customers do have mud tanks; they only need order the equipment like shale shaker and centrifuge units. While some other customers will require the complete mud system including the mud tanks and necessary tank attachments. Then, how to order mud System from GN?

When customers come to GN for a quote on complete mud mixing system, GN’s sales will ask few questions as below:

What type drilling the mud system used for?

What are the Rig type, power and model?

How deep you will drill?

What is the required flow rate or treating capacity of the mud system?

Where is the rig location?

Some customer may feel boring to see so many questions. Please be patient, all GN’s sales representative are trained to get as much as information from customer via different questions. The purpose is to give the best proposal to customers. If you are a mud engineer, you know well on the mud system, you may understand easily that all the questions asked by GN are critical on making the proposal. And if unfortunately, you are a new one to buy a mud system, you will feel it is complicated to buy a mud system. Fortunately, so long as you answered all the questions, then GN could provide a suitable solution for you.


On the other hand, GN does have standard configuration of mud system for customers to choose.

In regards to oil gas drilling rig, GN has mud systems for rig from 350HP to 2000HP. Here the HP means the power of the rig winch. And for the mud systems used in HDD projects, GN design ranges from 200GPM to 1500GPM, compact structure and self-contained. GN also has economic mud recycling unit for water well drilling, piling and TBM projects. All these mud system could be designed standard and customized.

If you have the request on a mud system but you don’t know how to order a suitable one, just contact with GN Solids Control as every sales guy in GN are good at guiding customer to find what they are looking for.


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Dec 31

Drilling fluid Mud Gas separator is the first stage professional equipment to treat the gas invade mud. It is mainly used to remove the big bubbles with the diameter of about ≥Φ3mm.Most of these bubbles are the expanded gas filled in the drilling fluid in annular of wellbore. It would cause well kick if mot to remove it timely.

Operation principle of the separator

Drilling fluid with gas invades goes into the separator at the import tangentially and drops to a series baffles along the inner wall. After collision to increasing the contact area, It flows downward and become to a turbulent state which makes gas separate from mud and the free gas passes through the top of tand and discharged from the gas export. The length of gas export pipe can be determined at site and b e imduced to the safe place. The drilling fluid without gas will flow into the circular tank.

Mud Gas Separator manufactured by GN Solids Control

GN Solids Control is one of the leading manufacturer in China for solids control equpment including mud gas separator. There are 3 models of mud gas separator ZYQ800,ZYQ1000 and ZYQ1200 are the main for oil and gas drilling rig solids control to working for 2000m,3000m,4000m,5000m or 7000m drilling rig solids control system. Other than mud gas separator, GN also supply shale shaker, desander, desilter, centrifugal pump, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator,mixing hopper, mud tank and so on related for drilling mud solids control system.


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