Aug 04

As a sales for the China Top solids control manufacturer and one of the world top brands for solids control and waste management equipments and systems, most of my clients are professionals in this industry. From them I have learnt a lot of knowledge in this field.

But sometimes, I am also asked questions like what is solids control and what the system used for, those questions are from my family or friends, sometimes from the clients who just enter this industry.

Simply speaking, when drilling rig is working, it need driling liquid to go into well to help lubricate the drilling bid and bring out drilling cuttings. And drilling liquid need to be recycled as much as possible. But before the drilling liquid enter to the system, the drilling cuttings should be separated out as much as possible.

Solids control system is used to separate out the cuttings, by means of 5 steps of clarification or separation, respectively:

  1. shale shaker, cutting particle larger than 100 microns

  2. vacuum degasser, the bubbles in mud are separated,

  3. desander cones for separating larger than 40 microns particles

  4. desilter cones for separating larger than 20 micron particles.

  5. solids control centrifuge



    , to recover barite and separate fine particles.

Pumps are used to transfer the liquid from one tank to next equipment, like the centrifugal pumps respectively for feeding the desander cones and desilter cones. Submersible slurry pump or screw pump are used for feeding the centrifuge.

Mud guns and mud agitators prevent the liquid from setttling to the tank bottom and in some cases, the mud guns also play a role as transporting the mud from one tank to another.

Jet mud mixer is used for adding new necessary chemicals into the drilling mud. And the jet mud mixer need centrifugal pumps to feed it.

GN can produce all above mentioned equipments and mud tanks, including the electric control for the complete system, for drilling rigs capacities ranging from 250HP to 3000HP.


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Nov 06

On the bottom of mixing tank in a complete drilling mud solids control system, there are always 2 sets of centrifugal pumps installed there. These 2 centrifugal pumps are parallel connected, by means of complicated valves and pipes, these so called mixing pumps could serve for various functions more than mixing when connected with other equipments.

Here, we cited the 3 main functions of mixing pumps.

  1. Traditional function as mixing pumps when connected with mixing hoppers.

As the 2 centrifugal pumps are called mixing pumps, they are connected to 2 mixing hoppers installed on tank top. The inlets of centrifugal pumps are connected with pipelines leading to mixing tank, and next storage tank. Such pipelines are controlled by valves, and therefore, either centrifugal pump can be fed from either tank, and also could feed either hopper.

  1. As mud pump feeding pumps.

There is a bypass pipeline on outlet pipe of centrifugal pumps, when the valves to mud tank is shut down and valve to mud pump is open, the pumps could feed mud from mixing tank or storage tank to the mud pumps, via which, the well treated drilling mud could return to drilling system.

  1. As mud gun feeding pumps.20141101_102604

Another bypass pipeline on outlet pipe of centrifugal pumps are directed to mud gun pipeline on the cubic pipe by side of mud tanks. This pipe is used for feeding the mud guns. Mud guns are installed all over the tanks, except for the shaker tank. Besides stirring the mud from settling, mud gun and their pipes are also used to transfer drilling mud from tank to tank.

In a word, mixing centrifugal pumps and mixing systems are vital to a complete and efficient drilling mud solids control system, and GN Solids Control, as the TOP solids control system designer and manufacturer in China, is professional in such field, and always provides with customers the most suitable solutions and high quality products.

This weekend, GN team will attend to Abu Dhabi Oil Show held in UAE. You’re welcome to visit our booth in HALL 10, 10320D.



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Oct 27

Liquid mud plant is a very popular and useful tank configuration for drilling companies and waste management companies or drilling mud companies for Oil and Gas field. It is used for storage drilling mud, keeping the suitable mud proportion and also adding and mixing the drilling mud.

GN Solids Control ,as the second to none solids control manufacturer in China, has rich experience in designing LMP, and can provide complete equipments needed in a LMP. GN is glad to share with you some information for Liquid Mud Plant.


See GN’s LMP

In a normal configuration of LMP, below elements are necessary:

  1. Mud tank, as the most important application of LMP is for storage drilling mud, the mud tank is no doubt the most essential part. The QTY and dimension of tanks are customized by end user, and GN engineers always gives most suitable and economic solution for it.

  2. Mud agitators, which is the typical equipment for stirring the drilling mud from settling ,in order to keep an ideal proportion of mud. GNJBQ series mud agitator is very popular, not only used in solids control systems and LMPs, but always purchased by such companies sperately.

  3. Mud gun, used together with mud agitator, always one agitator is matched with one mud gun. Functions for mud gun is same as mud agitator.

  4. Jet mud mixer or shear mixer, combined with a centrifugal pump & jet hopper or shear pump & jet hopper, for adding new ingredient into drilling mud in case of necessary.

  5. Solids control decanter centrifuge. It is always an option but not a must. For some drilling mud companies or waste management companies, the drilling mud comes form jobsite only after treatment of solids control system until the desilter step, so in this case, it is necessary to further separate out the solids particles before letting the muMud tank, d enter the mud system.

Each year, GN Solids Control provides the customers numbers of such systems, both domestic and abroad. With GN’s years of experience and research, GN’s systems and all GN products are being more and more popular in the field.


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