Dec 03

Last month, GN Solids Control has delivered a liquid mud plant with totally 7500BBL volume to a client from South America. A mud plant is a place used for prepare the drilling mud for drilling rigs, it could be regarded as a mud station. In some mud plant, the used mud can be also treated then returned to solids control system. 7500BBL mud plant is not a small one.

This liquid mud plant manufactured by GN Solids Control is combined by following sections:

1. Mud mixing tank with agitators. This tank is used for prepare the drilling mud by adding useful chemicals into it through a mud mixing hopper. This mud mixing tank also has a storage capacity of 7500BBL.

2. Mud mixing hopper and mud mixing pump. In practice, a mud mixing hopper and a mud mixing pump could be regarded as a integrate mud mixing unit, which can be located on a mud mixing tank or separately besides and mud mixing tank. The end user can choose parallel hoppers together and 2 centrifugal pumps to be linked in parallel. Either pump could serve for either hopper, one for use, the other back up.

3. Vertical mud storage tanks, totally 14 sets, each with 500BBL volume. In order to save space, those storage tanks are made in cylinder shape vertically. All tanks are equipped with level meter to show the mud volume inside. By well-designed pipelines, pump from outside those tanks can suck mud from each tank.

Besides the mud liquid plant, GN Solids Control can also provide waste management systems for both drilling cuttings treatment and drilling fluids treatment, including chemical dosing and decanter centrifuge. For mud liquid plant, clients can invest in such a system to treat the used drilling mud, to remove the particles from the drilling liquid and return the clean mud back to the mud plant.


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Aug 16

Last week, a well known drilling company from Middle East visited GN Solids Control’s office and factory near Beijing. They are head quarters of that company. GN was the only solids control company they visited in China. They spend a good time during visit and get more information of GN Solids Control.







They knew GN Solids Control’s name on their sister company’s jobsite, where they saw equipments working well with GN logo print on them. This time, they are planning to purchase some storage tanks and equipment first and will extend order in near future. They gave good comments on GN’s production ability per following facets:

  1. GN workshop. During visit, they paid attention to GN workshop and saw the original parts GN sourced from Top suppliers. They agreed that GN focus on top quality rather than price.

  2. GN production department. In GN workshop, they saw the advanced CNC machines for centrifuge and other equipment and parts which in need of dynamic balancing.

  3. GN QC department. They were glad to see GN has a strict QC team, and they shared with GN Solids Control their experiences in devices for QC.

  4. GN cutting machines and GN patents in equipments. They acknowledged that GN’s efforts and success in promoting the equipments.

  5. GN’s API, ISO, HSE and CE certifications. They know that those certificates show them a responsible and capable company.

No doubt, GN is leading solids control and waste management manufacturer and supplier in China who are much ahead of peers. That respectful company likes to have more co-operation with a company like GN Solids Control. And GN will strive to give all valuable customers with best support.


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Jan 05

Mud plant is a station to store mud after finished drilling or mix new drilling mud. Australia is full of CBM drilling and mud plant for CBM drilling mud is getting more and more popular.

Main Equipment for Mud Plant

1)       Shale shaker. Shale shaker will work to recycling waste mud when there are cuttings.

2)       Decanter centrifuge. Decanter centrifuge will be used to lower down mud density if mud weight too high.

3)       Mud Agitator. Agitator will be installed on storage tank to avoid sand settle down.

4)       Mud Gun. Mud gun is working to assistant agitator or keep corner without sands settling down.

5)       Mixing pump and hopper. Mixing pump and hopper is working to mix new mud.

6)       Shear pump and hopper.

7)       Mud tanks to storage mud.

Main working procedure

Normally a mud plant is working to storage of mud, so many tanks will be included. It will require shear pump & mixing pump connect with each other to require a replacement if necessary. The discharge line from mixing hopper should reach to any of the tanks. Mud gun line and water line will need to reach to every tank too. Shale shaker and centrifuge is seldom working but can reach a circulation.

GN Solids Control build a complete line of solids control equipment for mud plant. Please send us inquiry freely.


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