Mar 08

The CIPPE for year 2018 will be held in International Exhibition Center in Beijing, during March 27th to 29th. Same as usual, the main players in Oil and Gas industry will attend the exhibition and show their core products and services. During the economic turbulence of the past 3 years, some companies have disappeared, while the tough ones survived. Spring of China is coming, so is the international economy of oil and gas industry.

GN will attend CIPPE 2018

It has been a routine that GN Solids Control will attend the CIPPE, bringing some new products of year. This year, GN is bringing core products including:

1. GN advantaged and core products like GNZS shale shaker, GNZJ mud cleaner, GN Decanter Centrifuges for VFD controlled and hydraulic controlled, GN composite material frame shaker screens.

2. GN new products of the year: GNSP serious vacuum pumps for solids transferring, with solids content up to 80%.

3. GN Mud Systems, a traditional GNMS-500D might be shown in exhibition, or maybe GN will bring out a completely new system, of course for separation. It might be a surprise.

If you have plans to attend this exhibition, and keen to see GN Solids Control, welcome to contact GN for appointing a meeting.

GN Booth Information: E2-168, in E2
Exhibition information: March 27th to 29th, at Beijing International Exhibition Center, Beijing, China.

Don’t worry if you have to miss CIPPE, GN will also attend OTC 2018 in Houston, USA. GN top management will be there in OTC. GN Solids America has been established for 4 years, which is the first solids control brand located in USA from China. In Houston, GN has office and warehouse for core products and popular models of shaker screens.
In June, 2018, MIOGE will be held in Moscow, Russia, and GN Solids Russia team will be there together with GN partner.


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Jan 16

GN Solids Control is one of the leading brands for solids control and waste management system, and second to none ranks among Chinese manufacturers in this industry. A lot of worldwide famous oil companies and oil drilling companies are using GN equipment and comprehensive solutions, including SINOPEC, CNPC and COSL. Recently, GN delivered main equipment for 2 sets of drilling cuttings waste management systems for CNPC.


Drilling cuttings are solids discharge from the drilling rig solids controls system, from the shakers, desander and desilters. After the solids control system’s first 3 phases separating, the drilling fluids are returned back to the system without the solids particle. But the separated-out particles are still too wet. For one thing, it is a waste for valuable drilling fluid. Secondly, it could damage to the environment if disposed directly. That’s why it is not only necessary but also mandatory to do some further treatment for the drilling cuttings.
GN Solids Control has zero discharge solutions for both WBM and OBM. And this order, combining the vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge, is for the oil based mud. A vertical cuttings dryer is specially designed for the oil based mud separation. GNCD930 series vertical cuttings dryers could dry the drilling cuttings to reach OOC value to 5%. The vertical cuttings dryer is running as the drying step of a washing machine. The vertical cuttings dryer is equipped with a screen basket with certain mesh number. Fluids pass the mesh and collected, while cuttings are stopped by mesh and falls down.
GNLW series decanter centrifuges with VFD control panels are used after the vertical cuttings dryer to remove the particles from 2 to 5 microns from the liquid. Most common model is GNLW363CG-VFD, a medium sized centrifuge with a high rotating speed. But for bigger treating capacity, GN has GNLW453C-VFD and GNLW553-VFD available, both of high rotating speed while bowl sizes are respectively 18 inch and 22 inch. In this project, clients chose GNLW453C-VFD.
Pls contact GN for more information.


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Apr 20

On March 29-31, GN Solids Control successfully attended the global biggest oil equipment exhibition —“2016 CIPPE Exhibition”.

At the exhibition, the products of GN Solids Control experienced the “word of mouth marketing”, let us know more about it in detail.

Now the international crude oil price is low and all the companies in the oil industry are suffering, but that does not mean they will compromise to product quality though they need low cost product.

Now in the world, lots of customers don’t like to use the products made in China, as the product quality they think is bad though the price is low. They would prefer to use theproducts with high price made in Germany, America and so on, as the product have good quality.

At this exhibition, 1 customer from Phillipines has the need with the solids control equipment like shale shaker, centrifuge, mud cleaner, but as they used the relative equipment from another manufacture of China before, the result proved to be disappointed.

CIPPE 2016

CIPPE 2016

This time they came to attend the “2016 CIPPE Exhibition” and tried to find other suppliers, but they are still doubtful duo to the previous experience. They came to the booth of GN Solids Control and looked at the products of GN Solids Control.

The customer looked at the Shale Shaker, Centrifuge, Vertical Cuttings Dryer, Vacuum Degasser , during the communication between the customer with the salesman of GN, the customer asked lots of sharp questions.

Compared with the salesman, they are more willing to believe the other customers.

GN Solids Control has one customer from France and has purchased GN’s products before. This time, the customer came to attend the exhibition and want to place another order on GN Solids Control.

Facing the doubt and sharp questions from the Phillipines’ customer, this France’ customer shared the personal experience and said GN’s products are believable!

The France’s customer gave a detailed comparison between the products of GN Solids Control and other similar manufactures in China. Finally, the Phillipines’ customer showed the trust and interest on GN’s products.

Compared with the salesman, customers are more willing to believe what said by the other customers.

This is the “word of mouth marketing” experience with GN Solids Control!!

Finally, if you have any need with the products used for solids control and drilling waste management, welcome to visit our website and contact us at any time.


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Mar 01

GN Solids Control (with another US brand and corporation, GN Solids America) can be a leading manufacturer for drilling waste management system. GN brand drilling waste management equipment and system are offered to over 60 countries along with regions worldwide, including U . S ., Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Evening chill, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabic, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Turkey, India, Indonesia, etc…
GN drilling waste therapy system are suitable to treat typically the drilling cuttings with rigs or in the waste mud pit.
Below is a basic idea of the treatment for greasy waste from drilling rigs or from oil improve industry.
Step 1: Oily sludge mixing tank, 1 tool
The oil waste through mud pit goes to the actual tank and it is mixed with substances. There is mud agitators loaded to the tank to stirring it the oil waste having chemicals. The chemical is employed to make the oil comes out from your waste. The oil, waste material and solids are easy to you are using layers after settle down. Solids through the tank goes to shaker to be treated. Liquid goes to oil drinking water separator.
Step 2: High R drying shale shaker one ea and Decanter centrifuge 1 ea. This step is designed for mechanical separation.
A 4-panel high G drying shaker is used in this step. Often the shaker is used to remove rough particles from the oil squander. The liquid will be more separated by the 1# decanter centrifuge. Solids phase by shale shaker goes to TDU for further dry. Liquid stage from 1# decanter centrifuge goes to dewatering unit and after that separated by high speed centrifuge.

mud recyling system
Step 3: Dewatering unit and also a high speed Decanter centrifuge 2# for remove the fine solids
Flocculants from dewatering model is mixed with the water from 1# decanter centrifuge. And then the mixture of compound and liquid goes to centrifuge 2# for treatment. Solids by 2# decanter centrifuge goes toward TDU. The Fluids via 2# centrifuge is mix of oil, water and modest content of ultra okay solids, they can go to essential oil water separator.

GN Solids Control is China primary manufacturer of mud solids control systems including mud mixsing system , mud cleaning system , mud recycling system, any question welcome to contract us.


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Nov 16

Although only established for 7 years, GN Solids Control soon has become the second to none solids control manufacturer in China and now is enjoying good fame in this industry among both domestic and oversea clients.

GN Solids Control China

Why GN Solids Control succeed? What’s the secret?

Behind the well manufactured products, there are efforts from many departments and from every single detail. Including but not limited as below:

Professional GN Engineers:

GN Solids Control has a group of professional engineers in oil and gas solids control and drilling waste management fields. GN’s chef engineer has more than 25 years working experience in one of the largest drilling company in China, as the solids control chef engineer. GN young engineer team also contains engineers with more than 5 years working experiences. They have been to many jobsites. Besides this, GN also has a professional R&D team for developing new applications and improving the designs. Each year, GN has been executing some new improvements on core equipments if necessary, and such improvements are mainly from the ideas of customer feedback and jobsite data.

Strict Procedures for QC:

GN Solids Control always stick to the belief that Quality first, Price second. GN has an independent QC department which reports directly to the general manager. And GN has a standard strict procedure for QC. From material step, as soon as the raw material and parts arrive to the factory, QC department is requested to inspect the quality and give report. During the producing, for each product and semi-product, after every working process, QC engineers would inspect them carefully. For welding, painting and factory testing before delivery, GN has standard for all of them and give record.

For example, for decanter centrifuges before delivery, each centrifuge is inspected carefully for the vibration, noise level and other main factors.


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Nov 09

GN Solids Control is China leading manufacturer for solids control  & drilling waste management . The customized compact mud system can work for much industry application. The most popular is GN500GPM mud system working for Horizontal Directional Drilling. We have both domestic clients and overseas clients who give good reputation of GN mud system after using it many years at jobsite.

GN Standard mud recycling system, including:

GNMS-200G mud system, 200gpm mud system which can be put into 20ft container for shipment

GNMS-350G mud system, 350gpm mud system which can be put into 40ft container for shipment

GNMS-500G mud system, 350gpm mud system which can be put into 40ft container for shipment

We can also offer GNMS-500GL, GNMS-1000G, GNMS-1000GL mud system.


In domestic market, CPP is GN VIP buyer for 500gpm mud system & 1000gpm mud system. CPP is the largest HDD contractor and with over 20 years experience. CPP also have many overseas contract and they transport our mud system and their HDD drilling rig to overseas market for use. Like CPP teamwork is also working in Thailand, Mongolia, Philipines, Sigapore, Iraq etc.

Marketing case 1:  GN 1000gpm Mud Recycling System working at CPP HDD jobsite

Marketing case 2:  GNMS-500GL mud recycling system working at HDD jobsite


In overseas market, our mud compact mud system is mainly used in Australia & South East Asia, Middle East & Africa. We have big sales amount in the past years for these markets.

Marketing case 1: GN 500gpm mud system for Thailand

Marketing case 2: GN 500gpm mud system for Israel clients

Marketing case 3: 2 Sets 500GPM Mud Recycling System with Hydraulic Jack up to Australia Brisbane

Marketing case 4:  GN 500GPM Mud System Sent to India Customer in Trenchless Industry


Exccept for compact mud system, GN can also offer economic configuration GN desanding plant for TBM drilling / piling / Tunneling etc.

GNMS-200D  Capacity: 200GPM,50m³/h

GNMS-500D  Capacity: 500GPM,120m³/h

GNMS-1000D Capacity: 1000GPM,240m³/h


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