Dec 20

GN Solids Control is a famous brand who started from solids control equipment manufacturing, and now also professional in separation solution provider in nearly all fields including the oil gas drilling projects, HDD projects, TBM works, piling, water well drilling, drilling cuttings treatment, drilling fluids treatment and other industrial separation works.

But still, among all the applications GN Solids Control’s products are used for, the traditional solids control system and equipment still occupies a large ratio among all GN’s products of each year, especially for the high standard clients, GN Solids Control is still their favorite and reliable supplier. For example, the Asian and Parcific market, like in Australia, New Zealand and India, where their standards are even higher than the USA and Europe.
In Australia, there are some special and difficult to reach standards, including the electric cable connections and layout, the tank surface treatment, the material choosing and even stair positioning. But GN Solids Control has rich experiences in working with Australia and New Zealand and also is well known by those clients. That’s why, during the past years, GN Solids Control has sold to Australia more than 30 sets of mud systems, not including the single equipment like decanter centrifuges and vertical cuttings dryers.

India is also a special market, India has talent management team and also brilliant engineers, they set up a high standard for their equipment, especially in oil and gas industries. For example, the shale shaker material, they always request the stainless steel as the material of the shaker frame. Although there are local solids control manufacturers in local India, still, clients are coming to GN for the suitable models and solutions. Even in Middle East, the management from big Middle East countries who are Indians prefer to choose GN Solids Control as manufacturer.


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Aug 03

GN ZJ20 solids control system:
1, assessment
ZJ20 drill drilling mud system is a set of physical and electrical control connected with sludge treatment system (sees attached figure a, ZJ20 solids control system configuration drawing), the system is especially including (1) mud is purified tank, (3), (2) the particular transition of mud movement platforms such as mixing tank through the manifold connection just about all tanks and forming the entire drilling mud solids control equipment system. The main equipment are: substance tank, ZS83 x 108-2 linear shale shaker, QJ250 x 10 x 2/100 mud cleaner , LW450 x 842 and centrifuges, JBQ5. 5 kW mixer, JBQ7. 5 kW mixer, SB6 x5 centrifuge pump, NJQ50-3 mud gun, SLH150-45 jet mixing unit, etc .
ZJ20 drilling mud system design features of several crucial processes, to grading regarding drilling mud, in accordance with the needs of drilling technology with the overflow groove mud movement. Tank also could be employed for mud aggravating, mixed, mixing and filtering. Clear h2o pipeline in the clear faucet connection can provide water to the mud circulating system; compound powder can provide the equivalent chemical ingredients; Mud setting system can be mixed intended for mud solid control system, supplementary; Mud gun canal and mixing system is usually fully mixing the slurry mud tank mud and mix. two, mud circulation:

Well outside the mud from the system (1) the slurry distributor for the mud purification tank, with the adjustment of the manifold sphincter muscle can be respectively or in the two vibrating screen as well, after dealing with the filter of mud into the orange sand, mud from settling tank through a discharge chute in the desanding tank; Desanding tank in the mud by one particular # sand pump suction conveying to 2/100 QJ250 x x 10 connected with mud cleaning machine, other than sand hydrocyclone after digesting desand hydrocyclone mud over the overflow manifold into the mud tank; In addition to the mud hopper by 2 # mud pump suction conveying in order to 2/100 QJ250 x times 10 of mud mud cleaning machine in the cyclone, the mud cyclone following processing of mud from the overflow manifold into (2) the transition of 1 # tank (centrifugal separation tank); Need to deal with the centrifuge, according to the program to open typically the centrifuge, restart submerged pump will be (2) the adaptation of the tank 1 # hold mud supply decanter centrifuge for further purification treatment, right after processing of the mud by means of pulp out centrifuge tubing flow (2) the adaptation of 2 #mud tank (suction tank). Part of the flows via mud overflow groove to be able to (2) the transition of two # tank (suction tank). As shown in information 2 .
Mud pump by means of manifold and (2) often the transition of 2 # tank (suction tank) 12 “1. 0 MPa flange program is linked together, throughout the mud tank high butterflies valve switch to adjust, may respectively sampling (2) the actual transition of 1 #, a couple of # tank, and (3) the slurry mixing tank (sees attached figure three or more, mud pump suction slurry system flow diagram), delivered to the mouth of the well, so that it will complete a systemic circulation regarding drilling fluid purification.


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Jul 05

GN solids control can be a specialized manufacturer for drilling rig solids control system and mud mixing system , we provide the solids control accessories and spare parts. We can source spare parts not only for our unique equipments, but also for US company solids control equipments in oil along with gas drilling industry, HDD and construction industry.
The actual replacement spare parts GN can certainly supply including:
Mission 300 series or Magnum pump spare pump
Replacement shaker screens for Derrick, Brandt, Swaco shale shaker and mud cleaners
Replacement hydrocyclones with regard to mud cleaner

GN new factory for centrifuge
Other parts needed by the customers.
Especially for Assignment pump spare parts, since we all has introduced production line to provide centrifugal pump by our very own factory, the price could be really competitive compared with the INDUSTRY spare parts.
For shale shaker, we can provide all types of shaker screens, including steel structure screens, composite material projection screens, hook strip shaker monitors, with stainless steel wire fine mesh. We provide option for the clients with 2 layers cable mesh, 3 layers in addition to 4 layers wire fine mesh.
GN shaker screens continues to be tested and approved by a great deal of professional and big clients in this particular industry with their good responses for the working life and gratification, our screens are permitted as high cost-performance rate replacement shaker screens.
Aside from the spare parts, we mainly provide the complete line of mud tank system with solids control equipments, like shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, shear pump, desilter, decanter centrifuge , vacuum degasser, poor son degasser, Mud Gas Separator, mud gun, mud hopper, jet shearing device, and so on
We also paied the attention on the drilling squander management industry, which is the new development for oil drilling industry, to be a responsible company to the environment has become the necessary purchase.
If you need drilling rig replacement components or solids control spare parts, drilling cuttings treatment gadgets, pls contact with GN.


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Nov 23

GN built one set of 200GPM soil recycling system this Auguest for No Dig 2015 which is held in Gold Seacoast. After the show, GN Debris keep the 200GPM mud taking system to show clients as well as for sale with great low cost cause we want to show totally in accordance with numerous structure in next year. The 250 GPM mud recycling system can be used for horizontal online drilling, diamond drilling along with drilling that mud taking flow bellow 200GPM. Its contained 2 phase associated with mud recycling with shale shaker and desilter together with mixing pump and hopper for mixing applications.

Key Equipment And Layout regarding GN 200GPM Mud These recycling System

One set increase deck shaker shaker along with 3 panel of shaker screens. The bottom deck set up 2 pcs of shaker screen for first cycle cleaning by 20 in order to 80 mesh screen based on drilling conditions, the reproced drilling mud will fall into first tank inner compartment for second phase cleansing. One set of centrifugal pump can pick up drilling mud via first tank compartment and also feed to desilter cone for second phase clean-up to 20 microns size. The particular solids particals will fall onto top deck regarding shaker screen to dry hues and recycle part of liquids contain. The clean going mud after desilter will probably over flow into second container compartment for re-use.

There may be one set of mixing pump and also mixing hopper for blending new mud. The mixing send and desilter feeding send layout together to save fish tank space which sit on a 4m long dirt tank for 5000 amounts tank capacity. The off-road tank is skid fastened with fock lift position for fast movement in addition to transport. There is a T wall plug for mixing pump that can be worked as an transfer send also.


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Nov 09

GN Solids Control is China leading manufacturer for solids control  & drilling waste management . The customized compact mud system can work for much industry application. The most popular is GN500GPM mud system working for Horizontal Directional Drilling. We have both domestic clients and overseas clients who give good reputation of GN mud system after using it many years at jobsite.

GN Standard mud recycling system, including:

GNMS-200G mud system, 200gpm mud system which can be put into 20ft container for shipment

GNMS-350G mud system, 350gpm mud system which can be put into 40ft container for shipment

GNMS-500G mud system, 350gpm mud system which can be put into 40ft container for shipment

We can also offer GNMS-500GL, GNMS-1000G, GNMS-1000GL mud system.


In domestic market, CPP is GN VIP buyer for 500gpm mud system & 1000gpm mud system. CPP is the largest HDD contractor and with over 20 years experience. CPP also have many overseas contract and they transport our mud system and their HDD drilling rig to overseas market for use. Like CPP teamwork is also working in Thailand, Mongolia, Philipines, Sigapore, Iraq etc.

Marketing case 1:  GN 1000gpm Mud Recycling System working at CPP HDD jobsite

Marketing case 2:  GNMS-500GL mud recycling system working at HDD jobsite


In overseas market, our mud compact mud system is mainly used in Australia & South East Asia, Middle East & Africa. We have big sales amount in the past years for these markets.

Marketing case 1: GN 500gpm mud system for Thailand

Marketing case 2: GN 500gpm mud system for Israel clients

Marketing case 3: 2 Sets 500GPM Mud Recycling System with Hydraulic Jack up to Australia Brisbane

Marketing case 4:  GN 500GPM Mud System Sent to India Customer in Trenchless Industry


Exccept for compact mud system, GN can also offer economic configuration GN desanding plant for TBM drilling / piling / Tunneling etc.

GNMS-200D  Capacity: 200GPM,50m³/h

GNMS-500D  Capacity: 500GPM,120m³/h

GNMS-1000D Capacity: 1000GPM,240m³/h


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Apr 18
see gn system and gn auger

Augers’ application

Besides the high quality and well performance GN series waste management equipments used for oil and gas drilling cuttings, GN also provide very practical auxiliary equipments like screw conveyors. Because GN Solids Control has rich experiences in solids control and waste management field, their designs for the auxiliary equipment are also very considerate for end users and site operators.

Screw conveyors, no doubt, known as its name, they are used for conveying material from one place to another. In a complete solids control system, it is used alongside the whole line of treating equipments including shale shaker, desander, desilter and decanter centrifuge to help collecting the solids phase /cuttings discharged. This above mentioned screw conveyor is horizontally laid to the next step separation, drilling waste management system. For feeding the drilling waste management system, (usually to the hopper shaped feeding port on the vertical cuttings dryer), there is another set of screw conveyor, located slope, to carry the material from the first conveyor to the vertical cuttings dryer.

GN Solids Control has several standard designed models of screw conveyors available, depends on the capacity, there are 12inch, 14 inch, 16 inch impellers for option, and talking about length, which is decided by the space of the system, there are 24ft, 36ft and 48ft for option.  All screw conveyors are combined by 2 to 4 sections, each section is 12ft long. Motors and rail bearing are separately installed on first section and last section, so in case of 36ft and 48ft, each middle section could be reduced per jobsite condition and interchangeable with each other. This design enables the screw conveyor to be suitable for many jobsite flexibly.

Besides the standard designed screw conveyors, GN Solids Control also provide and customize other screw conveyors for some extreme different oil and gas jobsite or condition. May you need more information, contact us at our website or email to



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