Feb 11

Each year, GN Solids Control produces and provided more than 200 sets for shale shakers for drilling rig solids control systems in more than 70 countries and regions in the world. Some equipment are exported together with GN’s system, some are exported separately to replace the old ones for existing system, or when clients are building tanks locally.

GN Shale Shaker System for Australia
Recently, just in last month, GN Solids Control has shipped a complete mud solids control system to an Australian drilling company, and this system now is approaching the destination port in Australia, and is schedule to be put into use in early March. Besides the basic functions a solids control system could provide, this system for Australia must meet some extra requests specific to Australia and New Zealand projects, like the cable laying rules, the distances between each stair and etc. GN Solids Control has an engineer team with rich experiences and a strict QC department to survey the producing procedure and final products, that’s why clients are always happy with GN. In the past years, GN has provided to Australia and New Zealand many systems, including but not limited to following typical ones:

1. Webster drilling’s solids control system, which was fabricated by GN Solids Control years ago.

2. A helicopter lifting system with accurately calculated weights for each tank unit.

3. A 400BBL system with 2 mud tanks and 1 mixing hopper skid with limited height and minimum storage capacity.

And in HDD industry, GN Solids Control has delivered more than 30 sets of complete mud systems to Australia and GN Solids Control is the most famous Chinese brands, and one of the best known among international brands.
Shaker screen is another popular product GN provides to Australian market. Last year when GN upgraded the screen producing line and started to make all frame screens with composite material frames.


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Jun 21

We have stock over 10 sets Vertical cuttings dryer in stock for sale from last year. As the going down crude oil price, quite a few drilling rigs stop working and the requirements for solids control equipment and drilling waste management equipment reduce a lot subsequently. To clear the stock equipment, the vertical cuttings dryer is on sale now.


Vertical cuttings dryer is key equipment for drilling waste management, which can be installed in on shore rig site, offshore rig site, drilling waste management station workshop, mud plant etc. The vertical cuttings dryer can treat the drilling waste liquid containing particles around some hundred microns. It mainly used to treat the drilling cuttings waste discharged from shale shaker, some hundred microns cuttings inside the drilling waste. For the drilling waste discharged from mud cleaner or decanter centrifuge, the vertical cuttings dryer cannot treat that. Because the vertical cuttings dryer screen basket opening have 0.5mm, 0.35mm and 0.25mm for available, that means 500microns, 350microns and 250microns. If the solids in the drilling waste is smaller than 500microns, the treating capacity of vertical cuttings dryer will not that good. This means nothing can be separated by vertical cuttings dryer.


Draw a conclusion: pls don’t feed drilling waste discharge from mud cleaner and centrifuge to vertical cuttings dryer, you can get nothing and just block the screen basket opening.


GN Solids Control vertical cuttings dryer have been working for the oil drilling field for over 3 years. The stable working performance, lower maintenance cost and easy operation give good reputation for the unit.


Except for the vertical cuttings dryer, the client generally need decanter centrifuge working together after the vertical cuttings dryer. The high speed decanter centrifuge with 3200RPM bowl speed can separate the fine solids from the drilling mud, thus to lower down the mud gravity and mud density. After decanter centrifuge, the clean drilling mud can go back to active mud tank system for reuse.


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Jan 05

This is the second coming back GN Solids bring gear to Oil & Natural gas Indonesia with one set of thready motion shale shaker to signify. It is 3 shows infact with Oil &Gas, mining or prospecting and constructions but presented together to gather more individuals there. We received many consumers in the drilling industry that all interest in GN Solids about solids control equipment or drilling waste management gear.
GN Solids Linear Motions Shale Shaker On Essential oil & Gas Indonesia

indonesia oil show- shale shker
GNZS594E -HB model of linear motions shale shaker is a several decks shale shaker along with screen area 2 . several square meters and composit material of screen might be installed to improve screen performing life. The 2 sets regarding vibrator motor help to source a linear motion coup and max 7. 5G G force for improved work output. The 4 pc regarding frame type shaker screen installed on shale shaker by means of 8 pc wedge regarding fast replace. The several decks length will help going cuttings can be process dryer for longer drying long distance and performance. There are 3 choices for buffer box of shale shaker depending on what going they do. HB buffer package for oil & gas  drilling shaker, DZ lager box for Coal Natural gas Methan or HDD drilling shaker, hopper buffer pack for drilling waste management treatment shaker.
Other than shale shaker, GN Solids provide a full line of solids control devices and drilling waste management including desander, desilter, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, screw pump, auger, vertical cuttings dryer, mud agitator, mud tank, mud gun, etc . GN Solids offer a complete design for an entire solution for client, make sure you contact GN website to learn more or call us directly.


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Dec 04

GN Solids Control given many shakers, mud cleansing agents, decanter centrifuges, cuttings electric drying machine to worldwide clients. Several spare parts are also welcomed by simply our clients due to the good quality as well as satisfied working performance.
As being the oil price is going down, a lot of large oil and gas drilling online businesses are trying to cut cost by simply finding the most cost effective manufacturers. Although one thousand suppliers could have one thousand prices, we all be aware of lowest price products are not always the best option for oil and gas companies. We now have the belief that the oil cost will go up higher ultimately, but before we have a rewarding oil and gas business, how to choose a fantastic supplier for a long time win-win cohesiveness?
In China, there is an older provoke: Seeing is thinking. We strongly recommend our clients to see our Chinese factory or maybe GN Houston warehouse just before they place the final purchase, especially when they are decided to invest in many sets of solids control or drilling waste management systems.

GN Solids Control is a world famous top manufacturer on solids control and drilling waste management. Although many solids control makers are suffering the low necessary oil price, GN Solids Control is still selling many value packs of large mud recycling system including shakers, decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers. GN spare parts such as shaker displays, hydrocyclones are also hotly made welcome by many drilling organizations.
GN hydrocyclones (also named cyclone separators sometimes) are constructed of polyurethane. With the characteristics excellent for efficiency, large treating ability and longer wear existence, GN hydrocyclones are successfully used to separate finer solids or particles.
GN hydrocyclones have two models:
– 10 inch desander cyclones, separate solids larger than forty microns.
2 . 4 in . desilter cyclones, separate solids larger than 20 microns.
GN Solids America LLC has its own solids control equipments in addition to drilling waste management programs storaged in Houston. To get clients in North America and South America, they are able to get these spare parts genuinely fast. GN shaker projection screens are also effectively used to substitution Mongoose, Derrick shaker displays.


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Nov 26

GN Solids Control delivery just one sets standard 500gpm mud system- GNMS-500GL to home-based client on May 25th, 2015. This mud system previously worked for over 3 tasks. Our engineer gives teaching on the installation & examination, taking back valuable construction site data. The client is much content with GN compact mud system.
Below pic is GNMS-500GL mud recycling system performing at HDD jobsite. Often the mud system including shale shaker, mud cleaner, mud agitator, centrifugal pump, mud hopper, mud tank and so on For details, pls visit our web site from GNMS-500GL mud taking system for HDD Trenchless Project
1) Which spot can GN compact mud system be used for?
GN Solids Control is China foremost manufacturer for HDD/CBM mud recycling system. The system can be used for:
• HDD trenchless project
CBM drilling as well as geothermal drilling project
• TBM or bored pile job
• Diamond drilling or h2o well drilling project
The compact mud system is usually widely used in Australia, Completely new Zealand, Singapore, Mongolia, Dalam negeri, Myanmar, Korea, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, Sth America, etc .

CNPC jobsite waste management centrifuge
2) Apart from compact mud system, that which equipment can GN present?
For GN Company, through 70% of sales total is from oil and gas drilling. We can give below equipment & soultion
A) Total solution to get oil & gas drilling mud system, like 1000gpm mud system /1500gpm mud system.
B) Total remedy for drilling waste management, from first step to final one:
Step 1: High H shaker / vertical cuttings dryer to treat the going cuttings discharged from shale shaker
Step 2: waste management Decanter centrifuge to treat the actual fluids recovered from Large G shaker / up and down cuttings dryer.
Step 3: Arctic desorption unit to treat the particular drilling waste ( solids part) discharged from up and down cuttings dryer.
Step 4: Following TDU treatment, the squander can be made into bricks regarding construction industry.
For drinking water based mud, we can offer you cuttings solidification unit to blend the cuttings with chemical substances & cement, making it zero harmful to environment.
C) Solids control centrifuge is also important equipment. We can offer dangerously fast centrifuge for fine solids separation, middle speed centrifuge for barite recovery, significant bowl big volume centrifuge for fast reducing mud weight.
If you need some help support, pls feel from to make contact with us- GN Solids Control sales team. You can get most professional estimate and technical support from here.


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Nov 24

The going operator might know that immediately after several times reuse of the drilling mud, there will accumulate more and more really fine solids in the soil that cannot be separated out and about with physical method perhaps by using high speed decanter centrifuge device.
The accumulated solids can rise up the mud precise gravity that will greatly impact the mud performance. While, to help maintain the normal density of the off-road, under this circumstance, often the flocculation no doubt is the most well-known method to be used.
The flocculation process is produced in a form of machine called polymer combining unit. This unit can be used to mix the polymer that is fed into the centrifuge to accumulate the fine solids from the mud. This polymer blending unit is always connected with typically the centrifuge unit in the solid control system. After the splitting up by primary solids control equipment like shale shaker along with cyclone unit, most of the solid waste larger than 5 microns may be removed out. The centrifuge unit plays an important position in this flocculation process. At times, this centrifuge is called dewatering centrifuge.

polymer mixing unit (1)
GN’s polymer pairing unit is designed as a few compartments mixing tank together with automatic dosing conveyor along with agitating device. Dry chemical substances and water are feasted into the first compartment with regard to mixing, and then overflow in to the second compartment for growing old process. The third compartment is employed to store the solutions looking forward to use.
The material of this unit body is PP. At each drawer, there is installed one automatic seditionist with stainless steel made agitating shaft and impeller. The harmful chemicals feed hopper is also made from SS304.
In order to realize the particular continuously mixing, the container compartments are installed with fluid level control device. The mixing, growing old and storing process frequently transfer with low labour cost. The PLC layout makes the operator adjust the perfect solution concentration as per request, higher automatic degree, and no have to have human watch over.
GN could possibly provide the mud mixing system with dewatering centrifuge containerized for weather proof. For more information, delightful click to see GN Dewatering System.


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