Mar 10

In next week, since March 14th to 16th, from Wednesday to Friday, AOG 2018 will be held in Perth, WA, Australia. AOG is short for Australia Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference, and it has been held for many years in Perth, one of the oil center of Australia. GN Solids Control has been exported mud recycling systems and equipment to Australia for many years. This time GN Solids Control is not attending AOG directly, GN Screen sample will be shown at TENSA’s booth and GN brochures also available there.

GN light weight mud system

Light weight mud tank system

TENSA Equipment is an oil service company located in Australia, who provides different services, oil and gas drilling related equipment and turn-key solutions to clients in domestic Australia and also from adjacent countries like New Zealand, New Papua Guinea and etc. Last year, TENSA Equipment worked on a light weight mud system which was requested to be transported by helicopters, and that was also a start of cooperation between TENSA Equipment and GN Solids Control. Both parties were happy with this cooperation and in this coming Exhibition, although GN is not coming directly, TENSA would like to help with some introductions.

Following are some information about the AOG 2018 and TENSA’s Booth:
Links about TENSA’s booth:
Time of Exhibition: (AOG) 2018 from Wednesday 14 to Friday 16 March
Location of Exhibition: at the Perth Exhibition and Conference Centre (PECC). Perth City, WA, Australia
TENSA’s Booth Number: J1

At TENSA’s booth, GN will show a composite material frame screen. It is a composite material frame screen produced with new technology. For employing new technology into screen production, GN established a separate screen workshop and invested on cutting and welding robots, which enabled the automatic producing line for screens. Comparing with manual production, the robots are more easily and precisely controlled. Therefore, screen quality is much better.


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Apr 20

On March 29-31, GN Solids Control successfully attended the global biggest oil equipment exhibition —“2016 CIPPE Exhibition”.

At the exhibition, the products of GN Solids Control experienced the “word of mouth marketing”, let us know more about it in detail.

Now the international crude oil price is low and all the companies in the oil industry are suffering, but that does not mean they will compromise to product quality though they need low cost product.

Now in the world, lots of customers don’t like to use the products made in China, as the product quality they think is bad though the price is low. They would prefer to use theproducts with high price made in Germany, America and so on, as the product have good quality.

At this exhibition, 1 customer from Phillipines has the need with the solids control equipment like shale shaker, centrifuge, mud cleaner, but as they used the relative equipment from another manufacture of China before, the result proved to be disappointed.

CIPPE 2016

CIPPE 2016

This time they came to attend the “2016 CIPPE Exhibition” and tried to find other suppliers, but they are still doubtful duo to the previous experience. They came to the booth of GN Solids Control and looked at the products of GN Solids Control.

The customer looked at the Shale Shaker, Centrifuge, Vertical Cuttings Dryer, Vacuum Degasser , during the communication between the customer with the salesman of GN, the customer asked lots of sharp questions.

Compared with the salesman, they are more willing to believe the other customers.

GN Solids Control has one customer from France and has purchased GN’s products before. This time, the customer came to attend the exhibition and want to place another order on GN Solids Control.

Facing the doubt and sharp questions from the Phillipines’ customer, this France’ customer shared the personal experience and said GN’s products are believable!

The France’s customer gave a detailed comparison between the products of GN Solids Control and other similar manufactures in China. Finally, the Phillipines’ customer showed the trust and interest on GN’s products.

Compared with the salesman, customers are more willing to believe what said by the other customers.

This is the “word of mouth marketing” experience with GN Solids Control!!

Finally, if you have any need with the products used for solids control and drilling waste management, welcome to visit our website and contact us at any time.


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Nov 26

GN Solids Control delivery just one sets standard 500gpm mud system- GNMS-500GL to home-based client on May 25th, 2015. This mud system previously worked for over 3 tasks. Our engineer gives teaching on the installation & examination, taking back valuable construction site data. The client is much content with GN compact mud system.
Below pic is GNMS-500GL mud recycling system performing at HDD jobsite. Often the mud system including shale shaker, mud cleaner, mud agitator, centrifugal pump, mud hopper, mud tank and so on For details, pls visit our web site from GNMS-500GL mud taking system for HDD Trenchless Project
1) Which spot can GN compact mud system be used for?
GN Solids Control is China foremost manufacturer for HDD/CBM mud recycling system. The system can be used for:
• HDD trenchless project
CBM drilling as well as geothermal drilling project
• TBM or bored pile job
• Diamond drilling or h2o well drilling project
The compact mud system is usually widely used in Australia, Completely new Zealand, Singapore, Mongolia, Dalam negeri, Myanmar, Korea, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, Sth America, etc .

CNPC jobsite waste management centrifuge
2) Apart from compact mud system, that which equipment can GN present?
For GN Company, through 70% of sales total is from oil and gas drilling. We can give below equipment & soultion
A) Total solution to get oil & gas drilling mud system, like 1000gpm mud system /1500gpm mud system.
B) Total remedy for drilling waste management, from first step to final one:
Step 1: High H shaker / vertical cuttings dryer to treat the going cuttings discharged from shale shaker
Step 2: waste management Decanter centrifuge to treat the actual fluids recovered from Large G shaker / up and down cuttings dryer.
Step 3: Arctic desorption unit to treat the particular drilling waste ( solids part) discharged from up and down cuttings dryer.
Step 4: Following TDU treatment, the squander can be made into bricks regarding construction industry.
For drinking water based mud, we can offer you cuttings solidification unit to blend the cuttings with chemical substances & cement, making it zero harmful to environment.
C) Solids control centrifuge is also important equipment. We can offer dangerously fast centrifuge for fine solids separation, middle speed centrifuge for barite recovery, significant bowl big volume centrifuge for fast reducing mud weight.
If you need some help support, pls feel from to make contact with us- GN Solids Control sales team. You can get most professional estimate and technical support from here.


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Oct 27

Liquid mud plant is a very popular and useful tank configuration for drilling companies and waste management companies or drilling mud companies for Oil and Gas field. It is used for storage drilling mud, keeping the suitable mud proportion and also adding and mixing the drilling mud.

GN Solids Control ,as the second to none solids control manufacturer in China, has rich experience in designing LMP, and can provide complete equipments needed in a LMP. GN is glad to share with you some information for Liquid Mud Plant.


See GN’s LMP

In a normal configuration of LMP, below elements are necessary:

  1. Mud tank, as the most important application of LMP is for storage drilling mud, the mud tank is no doubt the most essential part. The QTY and dimension of tanks are customized by end user, and GN engineers always gives most suitable and economic solution for it.

  2. Mud agitators, which is the typical equipment for stirring the drilling mud from settling ,in order to keep an ideal proportion of mud. GNJBQ series mud agitator is very popular, not only used in solids control systems and LMPs, but always purchased by such companies sperately.

  3. Mud gun, used together with mud agitator, always one agitator is matched with one mud gun. Functions for mud gun is same as mud agitator.

  4. Jet mud mixer or shear mixer, combined with a centrifugal pump & jet hopper or shear pump & jet hopper, for adding new ingredient into drilling mud in case of necessary.

  5. Solids control decanter centrifuge. It is always an option but not a must. For some drilling mud companies or waste management companies, the drilling mud comes form jobsite only after treatment of solids control system until the desilter step, so in this case, it is necessary to further separate out the solids particles before letting the muMud tank, d enter the mud system.

Each year, GN Solids Control provides the customers numbers of such systems, both domestic and abroad. With GN’s years of experience and research, GN’s systems and all GN products are being more and more popular in the field.


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Jul 06

Trailer mounted mud tank recycling system is getting very popular for Coal Seam Methan(CSM) drilling and HDD for portable moving. GN1000GPM trailer mouted mud tank system is designed to compete with Kem-Tron Tango 1000 system

GN1000GPM Trailer Mounted Mud System

GN1000GPM trailer mounted mud system incluing 2 shale shaker 1 mud cleaner and 1 hopper. This mud tank systme is designed without disassemble any part when moving from jobsite to jobsite. What’s the advantages of GN 1000GPM trailer mounted mud recycling system compared with Kem-Tron tango 1000?

1) GN installed mud agitator, which enable agitating fuctions in clean mud compartment get better
2) Kem-Tron Tango 1000 mud system first phase cleaning is only 1 shaker but GN have 2 shaker which will make GN1000 mud system performace better because running 2 shaker for first phase cleaning
3) GN offer custmized tank design, let us know your requirement and then we work out an solution for you

Coal Seam Methan(CSM) Drilling Specials

Coal seam methan(CSM) drilling is very strict compared with HDD drilling mud system. The strict points are focus on electricals and safety issues. GN Solids Control have sold a lot of mud system to Australia for CSM drilling which enable us to be very proffessional on CBM mud recycling system.

Jack Up Leg System Replacement of Trailer Mouted Mud Tank Recycling System

GN also offer jack up leg system to replace trailer mouted mud tanks which is aslo fast moving mud tank compared trailer mounted tank. Please contact GN Solids Control freely for more info or inqury.


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May 24

Drilling mud tanks is using for mud circulation with drilling mud cleaning equipment like shale shaker , mud cleaner , decanter centrifuge . Also the mud tank can be working for mixing mud with mud hopper or working as a storage tank for mud . Here I will show you some reference for Australian clients .

Mud tanks for oil & gas drilling rig in Australian

Solids control system will be established by drilling mud tanks and solids control equipment .Defferent of solids control system will require for different size and quatity of mud tanks .Vern for same solids control system , the clients can choose different size of mud tanks and qutity . In oil & gas drilling area , large size of tank and much mud storage capacity will be required .

Mud tank system for HDD/CBM

HDD & CBM are two very important devision in Australia for mud tank system . most of the chince , one tank will be availeble for these area in a complete mud tank systsem .Different drilling rig will requrie different size of mud tank . a 150GPM mud tank system will require 6m long tank , 300GPM mud tank system will require 7.5m long tank , 500GPM will require 9m long tank , 1000GPM mud tank will require 11.5m long tank .

GN also offer mud tanks for other area . Like dredging slurry separation system mud tank , mining system mud tank ,Diamond drilling ,geothermal drilling,etc.Please contact our sales representative for more .


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