Mar 10

In next week, since March 14th to 16th, from Wednesday to Friday, AOG 2018 will be held in Perth, WA, Australia. AOG is short for Australia Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference, and it has been held for many years in Perth, one of the oil center of Australia. GN Solids Control has been exported mud recycling systems and equipment to Australia for many years. This time GN Solids Control is not attending AOG directly, GN Screen sample will be shown at TENSA’s booth and GN brochures also available there.

GN light weight mud system

Light weight mud tank system

TENSA Equipment is an oil service company located in Australia, who provides different services, oil and gas drilling related equipment and turn-key solutions to clients in domestic Australia and also from adjacent countries like New Zealand, New Papua Guinea and etc. Last year, TENSA Equipment worked on a light weight mud system which was requested to be transported by helicopters, and that was also a start of cooperation between TENSA Equipment and GN Solids Control. Both parties were happy with this cooperation and in this coming Exhibition, although GN is not coming directly, TENSA would like to help with some introductions.

Following are some information about the AOG 2018 and TENSA’s Booth:
Links about TENSA’s booth:
Time of Exhibition: (AOG) 2018 from Wednesday 14 to Friday 16 March
Location of Exhibition: at the Perth Exhibition and Conference Centre (PECC). Perth City, WA, Australia
TENSA’s Booth Number: J1

At TENSA’s booth, GN will show a composite material frame screen. It is a composite material frame screen produced with new technology. For employing new technology into screen production, GN established a separate screen workshop and invested on cutting and welding robots, which enabled the automatic producing line for screens. Comparing with manual production, the robots are more easily and precisely controlled. Therefore, screen quality is much better.


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Mar 01

GN Solids Control (with another US brand and corporation, GN Solids America) can be a leading manufacturer for drilling waste management system. GN brand drilling waste management equipment and system are offered to over 60 countries along with regions worldwide, including U . S ., Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Evening chill, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabic, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Turkey, India, Indonesia, etc…
GN drilling waste therapy system are suitable to treat typically the drilling cuttings with rigs or in the waste mud pit.
Below is a basic idea of the treatment for greasy waste from drilling rigs or from oil improve industry.
Step 1: Oily sludge mixing tank, 1 tool
The oil waste through mud pit goes to the actual tank and it is mixed with substances. There is mud agitators loaded to the tank to stirring it the oil waste having chemicals. The chemical is employed to make the oil comes out from your waste. The oil, waste material and solids are easy to you are using layers after settle down. Solids through the tank goes to shaker to be treated. Liquid goes to oil drinking water separator.
Step 2: High R drying shale shaker one ea and Decanter centrifuge 1 ea. This step is designed for mechanical separation.
A 4-panel high G drying shaker is used in this step. Often the shaker is used to remove rough particles from the oil squander. The liquid will be more separated by the 1# decanter centrifuge. Solids phase by shale shaker goes to TDU for further dry. Liquid stage from 1# decanter centrifuge goes to dewatering unit and after that separated by high speed centrifuge.

mud recyling system
Step 3: Dewatering unit and also a high speed Decanter centrifuge 2# for remove the fine solids
Flocculants from dewatering model is mixed with the water from 1# decanter centrifuge. And then the mixture of compound and liquid goes to centrifuge 2# for treatment. Solids by 2# decanter centrifuge goes toward TDU. The Fluids via 2# centrifuge is mix of oil, water and modest content of ultra okay solids, they can go to essential oil water separator.

GN Solids Control is China primary manufacturer of mud solids control systems including mud mixsing system , mud cleaning system , mud recycling system, any question welcome to contract us.


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Dec 04

GN Solids Control given many shakers, mud cleansing agents, decanter centrifuges, cuttings electric drying machine to worldwide clients. Several spare parts are also welcomed by simply our clients due to the good quality as well as satisfied working performance.
As being the oil price is going down, a lot of large oil and gas drilling online businesses are trying to cut cost by simply finding the most cost effective manufacturers. Although one thousand suppliers could have one thousand prices, we all be aware of lowest price products are not always the best option for oil and gas companies. We now have the belief that the oil cost will go up higher ultimately, but before we have a rewarding oil and gas business, how to choose a fantastic supplier for a long time win-win cohesiveness?
In China, there is an older provoke: Seeing is thinking. We strongly recommend our clients to see our Chinese factory or maybe GN Houston warehouse just before they place the final purchase, especially when they are decided to invest in many sets of solids control or drilling waste management systems.

GN Solids Control is a world famous top manufacturer on solids control and drilling waste management. Although many solids control makers are suffering the low necessary oil price, GN Solids Control is still selling many value packs of large mud recycling system including shakers, decanter centrifuges and cuttings dryers. GN spare parts such as shaker displays, hydrocyclones are also hotly made welcome by many drilling organizations.
GN hydrocyclones (also named cyclone separators sometimes) are constructed of polyurethane. With the characteristics excellent for efficiency, large treating ability and longer wear existence, GN hydrocyclones are successfully used to separate finer solids or particles.
GN hydrocyclones have two models:
– 10 inch desander cyclones, separate solids larger than forty microns.
2 . 4 in . desilter cyclones, separate solids larger than 20 microns.
GN Solids America LLC has its own solids control equipments in addition to drilling waste management programs storaged in Houston. To get clients in North America and South America, they are able to get these spare parts genuinely fast. GN shaker projection screens are also effectively used to substitution Mongoose, Derrick shaker displays.


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Sep 05

Given that its establishment years ago, GN Solids America has occupied a certain market for HDD projects and HDD companies. Like other drillings, HDD have to have cuttings dryer also. And technical specifications for HDD mud systems are higher than these of piling or TBM.

oil drilling solids control system 4
Lately, a wellknown Russian organization who majors in HDD projects has purchased a 350GPM HDD system from GN Solids America. Now this method is under pre-assembling and can be prepared for delivery close to quickly.
What equipments in this method?
1. Mud tank. This mud tank is made by GN, compact in style and efficient for storage drilling mud. Tank are divided into many compartment for various steps for treating. Tank dimension 6000*2100*1300mm
2. GNZY705-Y8S Double deck desilter mud cleaner with five panel screens along with a eight cones desilter. Because HDD includes a greater common for drilling waste management, drilling mud with cuttings very first enter reduce deck of shaker then treated mud sucked by centrifugal pump to desilter cones. Solids particles discharged from desilter fall on upper deck shaker for next step remedy.
three. GNSB6*5-9.5J Centrifugal pumps respectively for feeding desilters and jet hoppers for mixing.
4. GNJBQ Mud agitator 1 set for mud agitating.
five. GNNJQ Mud gun for helping mixing.
6. Lighting system and electric control method for full technique.
This program has a compact structure which may be transported in containers, this saves a great deal revenue for customer. Vermeer and CPP each have bought this related method from GN Solids Control.
Now GN Solids America has an additional program with capacity of 240m/hour in stock. If you have interest, pls make contact with us.


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Jul 02

Drilling Mud Tank Unit GN sold a 400GPM complete drilling mud tank unit to Korea for HDD and have finished commissioning and training to the buyyer.

Advantages of GN 400 GPM HDD Complete Drilling Mud Tank Unit Brief Specifications:

Output: Up to 400 USgpm (1500 litres/min)

Cut point: 16 microns (Final processing result)

Mud tank dimensions: 8000L x 2200W x 1800H(Including skid)

Mud tank capacity: 4500 US gallons

Sand pumps: Two 5x 4″ centrifugal pumps with 22kW motors

Mud mixing hopper:SLH150-35 with 30KW motor and hold mixing capacity 60m3/min

Mud agitator:JBQ7.5 Mud agitator provides more better performance mud

Drillling Mud Tank Unit power: Integral control panel for all electrical functions.

GN 400GPM drilling mud tank unit benefit:

1) Cost effective method of re-cycling drilling mud.
2) Reducing cost of supplying fresh mud.
3) Cut point of 16 micron removes particles which damage centrifugal pumps, whilst leaving the useful bentonite particles in suspension for re-use.
4) Reliable and durable design, based on engineers’ over 10 years of field experience worldwide. 
5)  Avoiding cost of disposing of liquid waste. 
6)  The discharge from mud cleaner is dramatically reducing disposal drilling costs.

GN have had some other models of drilling mud tank unit like 200GPM, 500GPM,800GPM and 1000GPM mud tank unit for HDD , CBM ,Diamond Drilling or core drilling . As GN has been one of the leading manufacture for small drilling mud tank unit in China , GN have had a very proffessional working team for international market .Please contact GN freely and we will surely give you the best solutions!


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