Nov 30

As a responsible country, China government has built “One belt, one Road” involving many countries all over the world. Like in Africa, lots of infrastructure projects are booming, and so are the requirements for the resources like the crude oil. Luckily, the born rich Africa has rich reserve for gold and oil, and also a splendid steppe. And from the very beginning, African government pay an eye to the environment protection along with resource exploration, and in most of countries in Africa, drillings are requested to have a waste management system to go along with as a premise to start.


GN Solids Control, as one of the leading solids control and waste management solution providers, enjoy good reputation in Africa, as in other places in the world. Recently GN has provided another 2 sets of drilling waste management equipment package to Africa, including:

1. Vertical cuttings dryers 2 sets: GNCD930 series vertical cuttings dryers are designed for treating oil based mud drilling cuttings and per some projects’ feedback, they are also suitable for water based mud, too. Such drilling cuttings are always from shaker discharge of a drilling system, quite muddy with high water content. By using the vertical cuttings dryer, the OOC could be reduced to 0.5%.

2. High speed waste management decanter centrifuges, 2 sets. High speed decanter centrifuge is always located after the vertical cuttings dryer for making the liquid phase cleaner. It has a VFD control panel for adjusting speed and differential speed to achieve an ideal result as per liquid condition.

3. Screw conveyors, 6 sets: screw conveyors could be used under shaker to collect muddy cuttings and also used to feed the vertical cuttings dryer. They can be horizontal or sloping based on jobsite layout.

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