Sep 23

Urban tunneling is one kind of TBM projects. When we mention the TBM, Tunnel Boring Machine, one must think of some in-city constructions like the subway, cross-mountain tunnel and etc. Exactly correct! In history of TBM, the tunnel diameter can range from as small as I meter by micro-TBM, to as large as 19.25 meters.

In TBM projects, there is special requirement that the surface of the working ground is better not disturbed or damaged. In this condition, the operator must pay enough attention to keep the soil pressures during and after construction of the tunnels. And also, pre-planning is vital to these projects, existing pipelines, and existing infrastructures must be taken into consideration.

GN has various optional capacity of mud systems

GN mud system

Just as all the drilling related to, no matter it is hard rock TBM or soft ground TBM, there must be a drilling mud cleaning system related to. Depends on the various capacity requirements, TBM mud recycling systems varies.

GN Solids Control is top manufacturer in China and also wellknown manufacturer in the world for mud systems for oil and gas drilling, TBM, HDD, PILING and etc. Lots of HDD companies, like CPP in China, HDD Rig manufacturers like Vermeer, TBM contractors and Piling contractors stably order their mud systems from GN Solids Control. CPP, for instance, purchases from GN around 10 sets for systems each year.

In order to provide with customers more suitable and quick mud recycling solutions, GN has standard configuration designs for different typical capacities at hand. In this way, a customer can easily choose what is needed, save time for customers. Sometimes, GN even has in-stock systems for customers’ convenience.

GN Solids Control is the first API certified solids control manufacturer in China, and also an ISO certified company. It got HSE certificates last year and its solids control systems has got CE Mark by DNV. It has exported systems and equipments to Russia and has got TP &TC certificate to Russian market.


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Feb 12

Shield drilling mud systemis for cleaning the shield drilling mud and reuse the mud for shield drillling . Depending on treating capacity and drilling conditions , we offer proposal from our clients .

SD250 Shield Drilling Mud System General Introduction

This shield drilling mud system is composed of 3 classes solids control stages: a. shale shaker separation ; b. desander cone separation; c. desilter cone separation . All mud particales above 1.0mm in mud can be separated in this shield drilling mud system .

Main Equipments in this sheild mud system

To complete this sheild mud system , there is 2 set GNZS83-3 shale shakerk , one ZQJ300x2/100×12 mud cleaner on the processing tank , here we named it as tank 1, 2 set of SB6x8-13 sand pump is working for feeding mud to desander and desilter cone  . The tank 2 is a mixing tank with 2 set JBQ7.5 on tank top . The third part is a jet mud mixer SHL150-50 for mixing together with tank 2 . Electric control components and ladders, walkways, guardrails, linking pipes etc… It adapts for compact structure, reasonable layout, installation and removal easy.

GN Brand Sheild Mud System

GN as a few top manufacture in China for sheild mud system , can design and manufacture sheild mud system as per clients request in stead of offering fixed models . This will help clients to choose mud system as per their request and depending on defferent of sheild drilling conditions to choose better model . That is one of the advantages for GN to win more orders all over the world .


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