Feb 03

As the calendar is turned to a new page and the Chinese New Year came soon after the year 2017. It is the Rooster’s year of Chinese calendar. In old China, the years were counted per different animal symbols, every 12 years a turn.
The year 2017 falls into Rooster’s year. For the Chinese New Year holiday, the whole China will have the longest holiday for 2 weeks. GN Solids Control held a annual celebration party before the holiday and then all workers were back to their hometown for the family reunion. But the sales team was not totally stopped, and GN technical supporting service and sales consulting email and mobiles were 24*7 available during holiday.

GN Solids Control greeting you a new year

new year greeting from GN Solids Control

For the new year, on the new page of calendar, GN will bring to the market following new products:
1. The oily sludge separation systems would be installed on job site and GN engineer team will go to jobsite to do the commissioning. There are several sets of such systems in both domestic China and abroad.
2. GN will bring to reality the first set of thermal desorption unit (TDU) and GN TDU will be a mobile one, and it is very useful for the final treatment of drilling cuttings from oil based mud and oily sludge. The discharged water and oil could be recycled, water for cooling and oil as fuel.
3. More models of screens will have their composite material frame as option and such screens will be more human oriented and serve longer service life. It means, GN will put into use more producing lines for the composite material frame screens. And the fully automatic producing line will bring out higher and stable quality of screens.
Welcome to visit GN website to know more about GN Solids Control and GN products.


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Apr 06

As it is known all, Saudi Arabian market is always with a highest standard in the world, in most cases, USA products are preferred by Saudi Arabians, especially for the mechanical equipments. But recently, a big group in Saudi Arab started business with GN Solids Control, the comparably younger company but of high quality equipments and good service.

see GN compact design mud system for piling

GN compact design of mud system for piling and TBM

This is the first order that company signed with GN, the chef engineer from the client say that this slurry plant is a test and beginning, if it is suitable for their projects, new orders will come soon, not only for slurry plant used for piling, but also HDD mud recycling systems.
In fact HDD is one of the 3 main majors, which include:

1 Drilling Waste Management Systems for oil and gas,

2 Oil and Gas Solids Control system and equipments,

3 HDD mud recycling systems and mud unit for TBM and piling and etc.


For such systems like mud recycling systems and slurry plants, GN Solids Control has following benefits:

1. GN Solids Control is most professional manufacturer for Solids Control Systems and Mud recycling systems, as is recognized by many end users in this field. For example, CPP, China Petroleum Pipeline, choose GN Solids Control as a long term and stable supplier for HDD mud recycling systems.

2. Australian market is regarded as the most difficult market in the world to enter, with the world’s highest standard. GN Solids Control is the only China manufacturer whose systems entered Australian market, cause GN’s systems are not only certified by API, ISO, but also DNV CE, and also some certificate from Russia.

3. Many world famous HDD Rig companies like Vermeer, use GN Solids Control’s systems into their packages and using them in jobsites.


May you need any such systems or have any question about it, pls don’t hesitate, just call us or send us email, we’re glad to help you find most suitable solution for your projects.


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Nov 01

In a complete waste management system in Oil and Gas drilling, no matter it is WBM or OBM or SBM, there are 2 steps of waste management systems, one is standard one, more popular and widely used, and the other is advanced system, for further separation, in case the end user is not satisfied with the separation result, this system comes into use.

1st step separation: Standard Waste Management System:

This is the widely recognized waste management system, always consist of following equipments:

  1. Vertical cuttings dryer for OBM and SBM, or High G Shale shaker for WBM.
  2. High speed decanter centrifuge.
  3. Screw conveyors, or named augers for transporting drilling cuttings.
  4. Necessary tanks for storage.

The standard waste management system is one of GN Solids Control’s best seller systems, because GN is very professional in such solids control systems. Just in this year, in past 10 months, GN has sold out 10 sets of  such waste management systems.

dewatering unit

a complete system with advanced waste management system

2nd step separation: Advanced Waste Management System.

This system is more called as Dewatering system or Dewatering unit. If the 1st step’s principle is physically separation, the 2nd separation system is combination of both physical and chemical separations.  This system includes such devices:

  1. Flocculation Unit, by adding some chemicals into the mud to be treated just before it enters into centrifuge, we need such a unit. It contains of chemical feeding and mixing devices, and corresponding space like tanks.
  2. Another decanter centrifuge, with high speed, for separation the solids out, such solids are comparably larger particles combined by small particles via chemical treatments.
  3. Such dewatering unit could be located in a 20ft container, including centrifuge or not, depending on customers’ request.

Now because of customers’ requests, GN also has  such systems available. If you need more information about that, we have designs for previous projects for your reference.


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Oct 09

Noumea is an Irland near Australia with a lot of mining industry there. The mining industry will need slurry sepration mud system to separate different size of materials out for mining but no good mud system supplier to Noumea this moment

GN Solids Control Slurry Separation Mud System

GN Solids Control has sold to Australia, New Zealand, PNG, etc succesffuly for mud system including for mining slurry separation mud system. Amount all slurry separation equipment, shale shaker, desander, desilter , centrifugal pump and mud tank are the main equipment for 3 phase cleaning or with a decanter centrifuge for the 4th phase cleaning

CBM mud system

Slurry Separation Mud system


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Jan 07

Slurry Separation Principle and Functions

Slurry separation principle is complex here .  Firstly , the shale shaker with vibrating strenth could separate the large size of solids particales , Then desander to go on the separte some smaller particales and the processed mud will go into desilter for separation . Since environment becomes more and more important , to meet a function of protect envoironment , slurry separation may goes further important for us .

Sllurry Separation System in China

Totally speacking , slurry separation mud system insist on large treating capacity like 500M3/h, 1000M3/h,2000M3/h or more .  Take a 1000M3/H slurry separation system for example , it contains 5 GNZS83-3 shale shaker , 3 set GNZJ83-3 desander with 3 desander cone , 3 set GNZJ83-3 desilter with 18 desilter cone , 6 sets of centrifugal pump for desander cone & desilter cone .

China GN slurry separation equipments advantages

1.  Top quality with good design of slurry separation equipments.

2. Reasonable price for the equipment

3. Reliable service . Before sales , during sales and after sales service for slurry separation equipments.


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May 25

PLC Controlled Slurry Separation System

One of our client asked for PLC controlled slurry separation system on mining industry dewatering purification or solids control.

They requested PLC controlled system should for all equipments in the slurry purification system. 

The whole slurry purification system including 2 shale shaker (GNZS 63-3) as first step separation, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, screw conveyer. There should be pumps before GNZS63-3 shale shaker. He also asked dewatering screen must be PU. After separating particles bigger than 420microns the solids will be transited by screw conveyor A.

Solids Control Shale Shaker

Shale Shaker

 PLC Controlled slurry separation system brief demand on equipments

Then there must be a tank and agitator then from agitator tank there must be a pump to shale shaker. There are two pumps one is spare. They must be PLC controlled there must be level sensors in the first slurry tank the PLC must adjust the pump speed depend on the incoming slurry if the capacity is not enough PLC must command the second spare pump and it must run all the system must be automatic, there must be level, flow, pressure sensors.

Specical requirements on PLC controlled slurry separation system

They asked 2 pumps for every equipments including Desander, Desilter, Decanter centrifuge. All the pumps should be rubber liner to assure the pump more durable and anti-friction. Because big sand particles are abrasion material 

At first step separation and back second separation there must be screw conveyor for dried sand ,dried silt, etc outputs after slurry separation system processing. 

They emphasized the system must be complete PLC controlled slurry separation system

PLC controlled system achieve what you care about

PLC controlled slurry separation system realize timely solution on switch pumps and easy-operation whole slurry purification system. PLC need to control all equipments on and off recommend best solution during slurry solids control process. Now according to customer’s specific requirements we’ve designed ideal solution on the whole slurry separation system. The system will be manufactured soon after getting clients’ agreement.

Mining Slurry Separation System

Slurry Separation System

PLC controlled slurry separation system and solids control system is the certin and wonderful tendency for mining and oil & gas industry. We GN will improve ourself by and by to meet customers’ specific demand and requirements.


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