Jan 07

A solidification unit or called solidification system is an efficient and economic solution for the treatment of drilling cuttings from both oil based mud and water based mud. Besides, it could also handle the sludge from some cuttings or waste pit. The principle is not so complicated, but the performance and continuous working ability are defining a solidification unit.

solidification unit

GN newest solidification unit ready for delivery

Since three years ago when GN Solids Control firstly designed and put into use the first set of GNGH Solidification unit, with the valuable feedbacks and experiences from both domestic China and abroad, GN improved the solidification unit several times. In a result, it is now more human oriented and easier to operate. This ready for delivery solidification unit is a newly designed one, and it would be its first show on client’s jobsite in a few days. It has following features comparing with previous design:


GN Solidification Unit System
1. It is more compact than before, with a smaller cuttings feeding hopper just above the coulter mixer the solidification unit itself are changed from two pieces into one piece. It is easier for transportation and later rig up on jobsite after transportation.
2. This new one is automatically controlled by a PLC control panel. All electrical components from brand Schneider, ABB or Siemens. Main operating data could be seen clearly on the screen and touching screen is easy for operators to control.
3. Mixing time could be controlled automatically and manually. Comparing with last model, this one is equipped with an electrical valve on discharge port of the unit, by using this, the operator could control the time period for the material to stay in the mixer for a better and adjustable mixing result.
4. Three VFD’s for the feeding. In this system, there are 3 feeding hoppers, all of which are VFD controlled by the control panel, then the fed proportion of chemicals, cement and cuttings could be adjusted according to the on time being conditions.
If you visit GN in recent days, you can check this system by yourself.


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Apr 12

GN Solids Control is professional in all the closed loop for solids control and waste management systems, including the solids control system, the drilling cuttings waste management system, the drilling fluids waste management system like the dewatering units and the further and final treatment, like the solidification unit.

GNGN Solidification Unit

GNGN Solidification Unit

Based on the clients’ request in treating the drilling cuttings, GN continuously designed the vertical cuttings dryer for the solids discharged from the solids control system, and the decanter centrifuges application in the same system and also the high-G drying shaker and decanter centrifuge configurations. In the past year, GN designed and put into use a new solidification unit, which is specially for the final treatment of drilling cuttings from the water based mud.

solidification unit was firstly tested and used at a domestic jobsite, and with the valuable feedback from the client and end user, GN updated the design and enlarged the treating capacity by 50%, then it was used in an oversea jobsite by a world top oil serve company. The update was proved to be practical and the treating result was satisfactory. After that, GN updated the design again. Now the new design has better than last design in performance but the structure is more compact.

Besides the solidification unit, GN Solids Control’s products also covers:

  1. complete solids control line of drilling rig, including shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud cleaner, mud mixing unit, decanter centrifuge and all necessary pumps.
  2. waste management systems for the drilling cuttings like the vertical cuttings dryer, high-G drying shaker, decanter centrifuge and screw conveyors.
  3. solidification unit and TDU units, respectively for final treatment for water based mud and oil based mud.

4, dewatering unit and dewatering centrifuge for the treatment of drilling mud after recycled from the solids control system.

In all, GN Solids Control would like to provide a turn-key solution for your project in this field.




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Feb 01

Chinese new year is coming in several days, it is the most important traditional festival to all the Chinese people in world, it is also called spring festival. Per Chinese calendar, it means the start of the new year, new spring, and on new year eve, all family members should be gathered together to celebrate and wait until the new year bell rings. And all flights leading for China are crowed with people, old and young, who are living all over the world and going home now.

In Chinese, there is an old saying that New Year, New Image. Before the ending of this year, GN has updated the home page image with new project pictures during the past year, and also new and more convenient functions for the visitors. It is much easier for you to find the needed equipment by searching the description or by identifying the equipment picture.

See GN, visit GN

GN Factory near Beijing Airport, China

It has been a fruitful year for GN Solids Control, the establishments including but not limited to following:

  1. GN Solids Control’s third factory has finished construction and would be put into use in the new year. This newly constructed factory is equipped with the rubber floor and high technology equipment for centrifuge manufacturing. Besides the decanter centrifuges, all GN’s rotating equipments or parts are manufactured in this new factory, including the vertical cuttings dryers and centrifugal pumps.
  2. GN Solids Control built new workshop in the old factory. Before, there was a yard surrounded by GN office building and 5 GN workshops in GN Solids Control’s factory. But in the past year, GN has constructed a new and big workshop which covers main part of the yard. It would be better for GN workers’ working condition and also GN’s products would be better protected from the bad weather.
  3. the third and most important landmark of GN Solids Control is that, GN has completed the product line, for zero discharged solutions including the solids control and waste management systems, for the drilling cuttings, GN has vertical cuttings dryer, high-G shaker, decanter centrifuge, solidification unit and TDU. For drilling fluids, GN has dewatering unit and dewatering centrifuge.

To Know more, welcome to visit our website: www.gnsolidscontrol.com


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Nov 26

GN Solids Control delivery just one sets standard 500gpm mud system- GNMS-500GL to home-based client on May 25th, 2015. This mud system previously worked for over 3 tasks. Our engineer gives teaching on the installation & examination, taking back valuable construction site data. The client is much content with GN compact mud system.
Below pic is GNMS-500GL mud recycling system performing at HDD jobsite. Often the mud system including shale shaker, mud cleaner, mud agitator, centrifugal pump, mud hopper, mud tank and so on For details, pls visit our web site from GNMS-500GL mud taking system for HDD Trenchless Project
1) Which spot can GN compact mud system be used for?
GN Solids Control is China foremost manufacturer for HDD/CBM mud recycling system. The system can be used for:
• HDD trenchless project
CBM drilling as well as geothermal drilling project
• TBM or bored pile job
• Diamond drilling or h2o well drilling project
The compact mud system is usually widely used in Australia, Completely new Zealand, Singapore, Mongolia, Dalam negeri, Myanmar, Korea, UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, Sth America, etc .

CNPC jobsite waste management centrifuge
2) Apart from compact mud system, that which equipment can GN present?
For GN Company, through 70% of sales total is from oil and gas drilling. We can give below equipment & soultion
A) Total solution to get oil & gas drilling mud system, like 1000gpm mud system /1500gpm mud system.
B) Total remedy for drilling waste management, from first step to final one:
Step 1: High H shaker / vertical cuttings dryer to treat the going cuttings discharged from shale shaker
Step 2: waste management Decanter centrifuge to treat the actual fluids recovered from Large G shaker / up and down cuttings dryer.
Step 3: Arctic desorption unit to treat the particular drilling waste ( solids part) discharged from up and down cuttings dryer.
Step 4: Following TDU treatment, the squander can be made into bricks regarding construction industry.
For drinking water based mud, we can offer you cuttings solidification unit to blend the cuttings with chemical substances & cement, making it zero harmful to environment.
C) Solids control centrifuge is also important equipment. We can offer dangerously fast centrifuge for fine solids separation, middle speed centrifuge for barite recovery, significant bowl big volume centrifuge for fast reducing mud weight.
If you need some help support, pls feel from to make contact with us- GN Solids Control sales team. You can get most professional estimate and technical support from here.


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Aug 04

For any drilling work in China or in many other countries especially in more advanced companies, there are strict laws for drilling waste treatment after the drilling work. The treatment or management of drilling cuttings covers two topics, one is the recycling of useful materials, the drilling mud, to be reused into next project. And the solids phase, the cuttings should be separated out to the most and to be discharged safely.

GN Solids Control

The first system used with the drilling rig is solids control system, it contains main equipments including shale shaker, desander cones, desilter cones, mud cleaner and solids control centrifuge. It is called 4 levels of separation. After those above mentioned equipment, the drilling mud is clean enough to return back to the mud system and to be used into drilling again. It is the first closed loop.

But since the liquid phase as cleaned drilling mud returns to system, the cuttings should be discharged after some treatment, because in most countries according to the law, drilling cuttings are forbidden to be discharged directly because of damage to environment.

Besides solids control system, GN also provide the complete system until both the cuttings and drilling liquid are separated and transported to the place they should be. The drilling cuttings are firstly treated by a waste management system, containing equipments like high-G drying shaker GNZS594HGE-LD or vertical cuttings dryer GNCD930D as the 1st step of separation, and second step is decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG-VFD.

Later, secondly, the discharges are divided into 2 parts, liquid, enter back into the drilling system’s clean mud, and the solids, to be treated to the next system, GN Solidification unit, to stabilize the drilling cuttings and to discharge them safely. End of the solids phase.

And the liquid part, after being used as clean mud for several times, there may be small and extra fine particles in it. Then, using GNDU dewatering unit, the liquid part could be further treated and cleaned.



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Jul 12

As the TOP drilling mud solids control and drilling cuttings waste management manufacturer and the 1st API certified solids control manufacturer in China, GN is always up to the pace of clients’ requests. Recently, GN has successfully designed and manufactured the solidification units for further treating the drilling cuttings from the forward hand waste management system.

Drilling cuttings solidification unit is also called drilling cuttings stabilization system, which is used after the waste management system, as further and final treatment of the drilling cuttings discharged from the solids control systems of the drilling rig system.

The complete procedure of complete zero-discharge line:

  1. a screw conveyor collects all drilling cuttings from solids control system of shale shaker, mud cleaner, desander, desilter and solids control centrifuge, and another screw conveyor transports the cuttings to the vertical cuttings dryer.
  2. after vertical cuttings dryer, solids discharge is collected and liquid discharge falls into a tank for being treated by high speed decanter centrifuge.
  3. then the cuttings from the vertical cuttings dryer and high speed decanter centrifuge now is of few liquid on them, they are nearly dry. They are ready to enter the solidification unit via waste collection hopper of solidification unit.

    Drilling Cuttings Solidification Unit

    See New design of GN Solidification unit for cuttins

  4. cuttings from the hopper are transported to mixing chamber by a screw conveyor.
  5. cement and absorber are respectively kept in boxes and transported respectively to the mixer.

And beside the mixer, there are water feeding device and chemical feeding device.

  1. a high-shear mixer is used to mix all materials together, and after being mixed, the solids cuttings are safely and ready to be discharged.
  2. GN also has the further treatment for liquid phase discharged by the centrifuge of the waste management system or the solids control system, which is dewatering unit. The liquid discharged by dewatering unit is very clean and could go back to system. While the solids cuttings discharged by dewatering unit could also enter solidification unit for final discharge.

May you have more interest, contact us freely or visit our website.


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