Mar 01

GN Solids Control (with another US brand and corporation, GN Solids America) can be a leading manufacturer for drilling waste management system. GN brand drilling waste management equipment and system are offered to over 60 countries along with regions worldwide, including U . S ., Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Evening chill, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Saudi Arabic, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Turkey, India, Indonesia, etc…
GN drilling waste therapy system are suitable to treat typically the drilling cuttings with rigs or in the waste mud pit.
Below is a basic idea of the treatment for greasy waste from drilling rigs or from oil improve industry.
Step 1: Oily sludge mixing tank, 1 tool
The oil waste through mud pit goes to the actual tank and it is mixed with substances. There is mud agitators loaded to the tank to stirring it the oil waste having chemicals. The chemical is employed to make the oil comes out from your waste. The oil, waste material and solids are easy to you are using layers after settle down. Solids through the tank goes to shaker to be treated. Liquid goes to oil drinking water separator.
Step 2: High R drying shale shaker one ea and Decanter centrifuge 1 ea. This step is designed for mechanical separation.
A 4-panel high G drying shaker is used in this step. Often the shaker is used to remove rough particles from the oil squander. The liquid will be more separated by the 1# decanter centrifuge. Solids phase by shale shaker goes to TDU for further dry. Liquid stage from 1# decanter centrifuge goes to dewatering unit and after that separated by high speed centrifuge.

mud recyling system
Step 3: Dewatering unit and also a high speed Decanter centrifuge 2# for remove the fine solids
Flocculants from dewatering model is mixed with the water from 1# decanter centrifuge. And then the mixture of compound and liquid goes to centrifuge 2# for treatment. Solids by 2# decanter centrifuge goes toward TDU. The Fluids via 2# centrifuge is mix of oil, water and modest content of ultra okay solids, they can go to essential oil water separator.

GN Solids Control is China primary manufacturer of mud solids control systems including mud mixsing system , mud cleaning system , mud recycling system, any question welcome to contract us.


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Feb 15

GN Solids Control LTD located in China, established since 2007 is the top rank heavy machinery manufacture that manufacturing drill cutting solids control and drilling cutting waste management machinery. GN Solid Control have been export hundreds and much more well-designed machinery and drilling mud system from simple stand-alone machinery to complex and fully functional mud system from 500 GPM to 3000 GPM drilling mud treating capacity.
High-tech enterprise certification issued by Chinese government.

2016.01.14 gn new high-tech enterprise certificate 1
With proven record of excellent machinery manufacture and after-sale service that GN Solids Control LTD, Heibei province bureau of science and technology development, the bureau of province finance, the bureau of tax revenue and revenue of local tax, has all endorsed achievements of GN Solids Control LTD over the years on research and development, profit margin increase and fulfill duty of tax that helped province of Heibei, China. As so far, GN Solids Control LTD have solids control machinery exported over 60 plus countries around the world and it has been become well-know brand in the industry in oil field is upper, middle and lower stream of oil machinery market. The HQ is establish in China while regional sale and service location are GN Solids America LLC (Houston, TX) and GN Solids Russia (Moscow, Russia) and upcoming GN Solids Control office in Middle East region. Regional office will have sale and services staffs in stand-by to assist customers from sales to after-service in timely matter. Regional office also will keep solids control machinery, drill cuttings systems and parts in stock and helps to shorten the lead time and provide a much better after sales service.
Operation cost need to keep in consist is always the goal of many company that can create profit. As for current event of the industry, it has been utterly No. 1 consideration for company in every scale. The aggressive selling price of GN Solids Control LTD’s machinery and timely delivery and full scale after-sale service provide as other big brand names. We offer great advantage to end-user to secure the goal of consist operation cost of oil drilling.


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Jan 26

Another decanter centrifuge device was tested and awaiting delivery to Nigeria to get drilling waste cuttings management. There are now in Nigeria around 30 units decanter centrifuges running on site. Researching with the requests coming from other locations of the world, during this down time period oil business, the requirements to get solids control and drilling waste cuttings management gear are keeping flourishing.
A lot of GN’s orders come from the aged customers’ repeated order, exactly like this customer, GN ever before contact with this valuable customer for longer than 3 years. Lots of equipments ended up sent to this customer’s functioning site, which includes Centrifugal pushes, screw conveyors, shakers and so forth This long term cooperation testifies the good quality of GN’s equipment and on the other side it is also telling people that GN person is consistently doing it best to ensure the products good quality.

2015.7.2 vertical cuttings dryer
Decanter Centrifuge for Drilling Waste management
The decanter centrifuge ordered by this buyer is to be used polish often the drilling fluids recovered from the cutting dryer unit. Using the speed up to 3200RPM, this specific decanter centrifuge could take away out the solids sizing involving 2-5 microns. Duplex steel makes the bowl rotating considerably more stable and the protection involving ceramic casing at the solids discharge port extends living time of the unit in addition to greatly reduces the maintenance rate of recurrence.
GN’s decanter centrifuge to get waste cutting management will get belt pulley for 3200RPM. However , customer may also might use this centrifuge for different function like the barite recovery as well as normal solids control. Simply tell GN what you want to accomplish, then GN is able to source belt pulley for 2200 RPM and 2200 RPM. Another better solution is for getting one VFD centrifuge which will run for various operations.
GN other Equipment Roaming Nigeria
Decanter centrifuge is usually GN’s main equipment roaming Nigeria, there are still vertical cuttings dryer unit over at this time there for oil based cuttings management. By using this cuttings dryer, the actual driller could recover much more drilling fluids to reduce typically the drilling cost. For last solution to dispose the waste material cuttings, GN also has renforcement unit working in Nigeria.


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Jan 12

The past year 2015 was really tough for all the oil and gas related industries and companies. Ever since the last quarter of year 2014, the crude oil price has been dropping rapidly from 90 us dollar per barrel to 34 us dollars per barrel, to the very bottom price in the past 11 years. Drilling rig numbers are cut down, while oilfield service companies’ benefit was greatly squeezed, even some small ones shut down already. But some tough ones survived and even get stronger.

GN Solids Control is one of the successful companies who had got a fruitful passing year 2015. Why could GN win off even in the difficult year? Just like one coin has two sides, everything has it’s good effect, just like the bad economic situation.

GN Centrifuges

GN centrifuges deliver to Africa

  1. during such difficult time, all companies and buyers are looking after their wallets more carefully. They are no longer focusing only on the most famous brands, but quality is still the most important factor they consider most. So the most cost-effective products attract their eyeballs. They want to buy the best quality with least money.
  2. GN Solids Control ever since its establishment years ago, GN has set up the standards for the products as the international highest standard. After years of hard work in R & D and workshop equipment improvement, and strict staff training, GN now has developed from a new born company to the leading manufacturer of solids control equipment with a professional engineer team and producing staff.
  3. regarding the brand evaluation, GN Solids America is the first USA based solids control company from China and now becoming more and more popular among the drilling companies and oilfield service companies. GN’s products have arrived and accepted by more than 60 countries and regions in the world, including Middle East, Africa, America North and South, Australia, Asian and Pacific countries.
  4. GN Certificates including API, DNV CE, HSE, ISO….

This year, year 2016, GN will start to use the new factory and the new workshop in old factory would be finished soon. Happy and fruitful year, welcome.



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Jan 11

GNZS703E is really a 3-panel single deck shale shaker with linear motions. The shaker model is made and made by GN primary solids control manufacturer – GN Solids Control. GNZS703E is the newest design of GN 3 panel single deck shaker.
Applying GNZS703E shale shaker
1) The shaker can be used to get oil and gas drilling, used because the first step solids control products.
2) The shaker design can be used in compact mud recycling system for horizontal online drilling (short name: HDD), water well drilling, fossil fuel bead methane (also known as CBM drilling).

GN Linear motion shale shaker
It can also be employed in other underground construction system as pre-separation, to remove the particular solids.
Extended models of GNZS703E shale shaker per diverse feeding type
Option just one is top feeder; family member shaker model is GNZS703E-DZ.
It is designed for oil and gas drilling field. As in oil and gas drilling field, the dirty mud from well head is drilling to be transferred by pumps by means of pipelines. They do not use mud pit for storage. And also mud pumped from properly head will flow for the shale shaker feeding package through the pipelines and cave in directly to shale shaker under the gravitational pressure.
In this case, the back feeding kind can reduce the height for nourishing.
Option 2 is rear feeder. It is specially intended for HDD and water very well drilling.
As in HDD, CBM or water welling drilling, the system is sleek and stylish and mud tank will not be big aspect. Top type feeding shaker is with a smaller footprint. Far east for layout.
In this type of drilling, there is commonly some sort of mud pit around the drilling rig. The dirty mud from well head will likely be pumped to mud ditch first, and then transferred to mud system shale shaker by the slurry pump.
Other applying GNZS703E shale shaker
Typically the shale shaker can be put together with desander cone assembly or desilter cone assembly to be able to used as desander separator, desilter separator or mud cleaner.


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Nov 23

GN built one set of 200GPM soil recycling system this Auguest for No Dig 2015 which is held in Gold Seacoast. After the show, GN Debris keep the 200GPM mud taking system to show clients as well as for sale with great low cost cause we want to show totally in accordance with numerous structure in next year. The 250 GPM mud recycling system can be used for horizontal online drilling, diamond drilling along with drilling that mud taking flow bellow 200GPM. Its contained 2 phase associated with mud recycling with shale shaker and desilter together with mixing pump and hopper for mixing applications.

Key Equipment And Layout regarding GN 200GPM Mud These recycling System

One set increase deck shaker shaker along with 3 panel of shaker screens. The bottom deck set up 2 pcs of shaker screen for first cycle cleaning by 20 in order to 80 mesh screen based on drilling conditions, the reproced drilling mud will fall into first tank inner compartment for second phase cleansing. One set of centrifugal pump can pick up drilling mud via first tank compartment and also feed to desilter cone for second phase clean-up to 20 microns size. The particular solids particals will fall onto top deck regarding shaker screen to dry hues and recycle part of liquids contain. The clean going mud after desilter will probably over flow into second container compartment for re-use.

There may be one set of mixing pump and also mixing hopper for blending new mud. The mixing send and desilter feeding send layout together to save fish tank space which sit on a 4m long dirt tank for 5000 amounts tank capacity. The off-road tank is skid fastened with fock lift position for fast movement in addition to transport. There is a T wall plug for mixing pump that can be worked as an transfer send also.


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