Dec 22

Each year, GN Solids Control produces around 150 sets of decanter centrifuges, a certain number among those are used for flocculation systems together with some chemical dosing systems. In some countries and regions, it is compulsive to have a set of flocculation unit and a decanter centrifuge alongside of the drilling rig, in order to treat the drilling fluids on time. And the after treated drilling fluids could flow back to the drilling system.

containerized GN dewatering unit

GN Dewatering unit in 20 ft container

GN Standard Chemical Dosing Unit’s model is GNDW2000, which is designed in a standard 20ft container. It is easy for transportation and even suitable for hot or cold conditions. Inside the container, GNDW2000 chemical dosing system includes:

1. Three chamber polymer powder mixing unit, with a 2000L/hr treating capacity.
The three chamber tank has a total volume of 2000 liters. It is divided into 3 chambers for different functions: the first chamber is used for mixing the chemicals. After chemicals are added into the tank via a hopper, the small agitator is used to evenly mix the chemical into the water. Second chamber is for the polymer to dissolve. It need some time to dissolve before being added to the drilling mud. Normally it need 45 minutes. The third chamber is for storage. The ready dissolved fluid is in this chamber, waiting for pumped out by the dosing pump.
2. GNDW2000 Unit is using high standard material. The 3 chamber tank is made of stainless still. Besides being used as polymer dosing unit, it could be used for adjusting PH value also, by adding different components.
3. GN dewatering unit is a continuous working system with automatic functions. There are three level meters in this system for monitoring the levels and allow the system and operator to give suitable adjustment.

GN other equipment for waste management
If you have more interest, welcome to visit us or contact GN sales team directly.


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Nov 07

Ever since GN Solids Control started manufacturing for solids control equipment, in order to control the screen quality for GN’s own brand shakers, GN has invested in a screen factory. As the rapid development of GN Solids Control, just in early year 2017, GN Solids Control has invested in a new screen producing line with automatic screen producing facilities and upgraded all screen models for GN shakers.

Previously, nearly all frame screens are made of steel frames, and most producing procedures are manual. But with the new screen producing line, following improvements were achieved:
1. For welding the screen frames, GN is using an automatic welding robot to ensure the precise positioning of every point.
2. GN is choosing the highest quality fiber glass as the plastic component in order to ensure the high temperature resistance of screens.
3. Stainless steel material as screen mesh for longer screen service life.
4. Ideal screen mesh configurations as per API RP 13C standard, and higher conductance at same API number.

As both the producing cost and material cost are higher for composite material frames than steel frame screens, why GN and GN clients prefer composite material frame ones?
1. The composite material frame screens could be storage for longer time than the steel frame ones. Per GN experiences, after storage for 2 years, most of steel frame screens would lose much characters, but composite material frame ones could be storage at least 5 years without losing any performance.
2. Comparing with steel frame screens, the composite material frame occupies smaller screen area, so the useful area is larger, by more than 10%.
3. Composite material frame screens are repairable. With GN Special made screen plugs, the composite material frame screens could be underuse with up to 10% surface broken.

Now GN is holding big promotion on screens, pls contact GN for more information.


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Sep 30

November is one of the best months in Middle East, when the weather is not so hot. It is also the best season for the business and opportunities for oil and gas industry, because one of the biggest oil shows, ADIPEC, will be held in Abu Dhabi, which will attract nearly every big player and important manufacturer of oil and gas industry in the world. –GN Solids Control


GN will attend ADIPEC 2017

As the capital of Middle East’s most open country UAE, Abu Dhabi is not only the political center. Also, Abu Dhabi has more than 95% share of UAE’s crude oil reserve. ADIPEC will not only attract the companies, which are mostly big buyer in the world from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Iran and etc, but also the big oil companies, oil drilling companies and oil service companies from all over the world.
China is a new trend of power during the past decades. Most of equipment including the drilling rigs and solids control systems, and also the raw materials as steel and tubes, nearly everything are made in China. GN Solids Control, as the leading brand in China and one of the most famous brands in the world, are more and more popular.
Unless previous several times when GN attended ADIPEC with new models of GNLW series decanter centrifuges, this time, for ADIPEC, GN will attend with shaker screens. Shaker screen is one of GN’s core products, by upgrading the producing line, GN has developed the high quality composite material frame screens for frame screens. In near future, GN will make PMD screens into composite material frame, which could endure a longer storage time, a better human oriented, and more important, a longer service life. Now, GN is holding a big promotion on composite material frame screens. Welcome to contact GN for more information.


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Jul 20

Ever since long time ago, perhaps since the Chinese silk dealers explored the silk roads, or since the Columbus firstly discovered the new continent, the world had become smaller and smaller. The trade and sharing of information between different nations are not only the causes but also the results of mutual understanding. As the modern transportations like vehicles, express railways and airplanes becoming possible, the international trade is more frequent and much easier than before.

The international exhibitions are one of the facilities which help the international trade. According to the different exhibition types, there are general exhibitions and professional exhibitions based on certain industries. As the boost of oil and gas exploration, the exhibitions for oil and gas are one important group among the exhibitions.
Most famous 3 Oil and Gas exhibitions:
1. OTC in Houston, USA. This exhibition is held in May in every year, and it is located in the center of oil and gas technologies. Also, Houston occupies most of active drilling rigs in the US. In this exhibition you could see the most advanced technologies and newly designed machineries.
2. ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi. Middle East countries have the largest oil reserve share in the world. As the capital of the most open countries in Middle East, Abu Dhabi has more than 95% of the oil reservation in UAE. This exhibition is held in every November of year, when the weather in Middle East is quite nice. All companies, the drilling contractors, equipment manufacturers, and service companies attend this exhibition.
3. CIPPE in Beijing, in each March. It is also one of the largest exhibitions in oil and gas industry. Because most of the machineries involved with oil and gas industry are made in China or at least OEM in China.
Besides these 3 exhibitions, there are Australia Oil show in Feb., MOIGE in Moscow in June, Iran Oil Show in May, Indonesia Oil Show in Aug, and etc.


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Jun 03

Early of this 30 days, the 2nd facility in The far east of GN Solids Control was put into operation immediately after almost 3 years’ building. Its formal operation entails GN walks a big thing you want to do when the top leader in the “Solids Control” industry in the world.

This specific 2nd facility is also situated in the Chaobai River Manufacturing Zone of Dachang urban center, the distance is only 2km on the headquarter and 30km on the downtown of Beijing.

Based the company plan, the 2nd capability will be mainly used for production the Decanter Centrifuge in addition to Vertical Cuttings Dryer, the ability will be 300 centrifuges along with 100 dryers per year.

Given that GN was established in 3 years ago in Tangshan city of Hebei, it has almost been several years. In the 10 years, all of GN’s people have kept struggling jointly, kept researching & making the best products to the world customers. As it is said that there is nothing impossible for the willing cardiovascular system, until now,

GN 2nd factory

GN 2nd factory, for decanter centrifuges

1 . GN is the No . 1 in the solids control industry in Tiongkok. Compared with the competitors, GN has the most complete product classes and could ensure to provide the actual “one-stop service” to virtually all the customers;
2 . GN’s internationalization strategy and layout was already walked in front of all the rivals in China. Until now, contour headquarter in China, GN has the branches or associates in USA, Russia, Down under, Middle East, Latin America, Southern East Asia, and many others;
3. GN’s mark location of facing the middle as well as high-end customers become more and much more clear.
Until now, GN’s services happen to be servicing in over 58 countries. High-end customers similar to Baker-Hughes, Baroid and Scomi establish the deep cohesiveness with GN.
4. GN keeps the continuous expense on the innovation & investigating.
Until now, GN has owned or operated over 10 patents about the Solids Control Euipments and also Drilling Waste Management;

You are welcome to contact us for any need:
Web: http//
Email:usa@gnsolidscontrol. com
The introduction about GN’s Mud Cleaner


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Mar 23

Among all the centrifuges GN produces, GNLW363, the 14 inch decanter centrifuge is the most popular one, and among the 4 optional models of same size GNLW363 Decanter centrifuge, the most popular and advanced model is of course the GNLW363CG-VFD, which is a VFD controlled high speed decanter centrifuge with positive pressurized control panel with PLC smart touch screen.

The GNLW363CG-VFD is especially suitable for the high temperature conditions, and has many advantages over the fixed speed ones or the simple flame proof VFD control panel ones. But still, some end users prefer the fixed speed GNLW363CG, and the reasons are clear as below:

  1. GN CENTRIFUGES BEFORE DELIVERYIf the end user has clear idea of the requested rotation speed of the centrifuge, the fixed speed one is a good option for easy operation. It doesn’t request the jobsite operator to follow the complicated procedure as a VFD one.
  2. The VFD controlled decanter centrifuge has 2 parts, the first part is the centrifuge itself, the second part is the VFD control panel. It is large and when transportation, you need double the load and space. On jobsite also, there should be space for locate the centrifuge and VFD control panel separately. Comparing with VFD controlled decanter centrifuge, the fixed speed one is much more compact.
  3. For VFD control panel with positive pressurized function, the end users have to prepare an air compressor as the air source for the VFD control panel. It seems more work to do and higher cost. No need for this for the fixed speed decanter centrifuge.
  4. In order to achieve more optional speeds for the fixed speed centrifuge, GN also have some extra pulley and belt for providing different speeds, for different applications. End user could prepare more than one set pulley and belts for option to make the centrifuge suitable for different cases.

Of course, comparing with fixed speed decanter centrifuges, VFD controlled ones have their advantages also. Pls contact GN sales and engineer to find more suitable solution.



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