Jan 12

What is a solidification unit? As its name, a solidification unit’s function is to reduce the moisture of some material, to get it dryer, or change it from liquid to solid. A GN Solidification unit is designed originally for the final treatment of drilling cuttings discharged from the vertical cuttings dryers and decanter centrifuges which are used for drilling cuttings separation.
Normally, the OBM drilling cuttings from a drilling cuttings vertical cuttings dryer is already quite dry, with oil on cutting only 0.5%. But still, it is not clean enough to be disposed, cause the cuttings then are still a little bit wet and with lots of active agent in it. A solidification unit’s function is to get the active agent into inactive, in order to allow the cuttings to be safely disposed. GN Solids Control has put the solidification unit into market for several years, and has sold it to both inside China and abroad.
GN Solidification Unit has following features:

  1. GN Solidification Unit is suitable for both oil based mud and water based mud cuttings.
  2. GN Solidification unit is easily operated by VFD controlled, easily to adjust the input capacity and chemical usage capacity.
  3. GN Solidification unit could work automatically and continuously.
  4. By using the solidification unit, the cuttings could be buried directly in most of jobsite, or being made into bricks for roads.
  5. Comparing with other solutions, the solidification unit is less expensive.
    Talking about other solutions, GN Solids Control, as a professional separation solution provider, has other solutions available, for example, the thermal desorption unit. And all above mentioned equipment used for such separation, as the shale shaker, mud cleaner, and solids control decanter centrifuge, and in a waste management system, for both cuttings treatment and fluids, there are vertical cuttings dryer, chemical dosing, oil water separation and inclined clarifier.
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Jan 12

As the largest country in the world, Russia ranks the 1st for oil reservation in the Europe, while the 2nd in the world. As an European country, Russia used to use lots of European brands for oil and gas drilling and solids control systems. But in recent years, as the development of Chinese brands’ quality and the changing of opinions towards Made in China, more and more Russian companies are turning to China for purchase.

GN Solids Control is the most welcome solids control brand in Russia and when considering about new mud systems for a new rig, lots of clients are buying from GN Solids Control. Just this week, GN Solids Control has finished the manufacture of a lot of oil field drilling fluids shale shakers for Russia. Those shakers are of model GNZS594F-SHBF, designed for an oil gas solids control system with following parameters:

  1. Shaker vibrating motor: Italy Oli Brand, 2 sets, each of 1.72kw.
  2. Motional type: linear motional
  3. Screen size: 1165x585mm
  4. Screen type: composite material frame screens, screen mesh in accordance with API RP 13C.
  5. Screen quantity: 4 pieces, with total screen area of 2.74 square meters.
  6. Maximum G force: 7.5G adjustable.
  7. GNZS594F is especially designed for the oil and gas solids control applications, together with GNZS703F series shakers. Depending on the requested treating capacity and jobsite layout, clients could choose which model to buy.
    GNZS703 is another model smaller than GNZS594, with treating capacity a little bit smaller, while screen area of 2.6 square meters. GNZS703 is also popular in non-oil gas industries like HDD, TBM, pipe jacking and etc. For bigger capacity, clients can also choose double deck shaker, with 3 screens on upper deck while 3 screens on lower deck. For smaller footprint with smaller capacity, GNZS752 is a good option.
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Dec 29

Decanter centrifuge is one of the most efficient equipment for physical separation. As long as the solids phase material are settleable (instead of floating on liquid surface), and they are of suitable particle sizes, they could be separated out by centrifugal force easily.

The decanter centrifuges are widely used for various applications, such as food industry, like the juice factory or jam factory, for the sugar plants, edible oil separation and etc. Waste water separation is one of the applications, too. Also the oil and gas industry, for the solids control system, barite recovery, drilling cuttings waste management and drilling fluids recovery, and also, for the refinery plants’ oily sludge separation, decanter centrifuges are playing an important role. In power plants, decanter centrifuges are also quite essential. Just recently, for only 1 client’s 1 order, GN has supplied 5 sets of decanter centrifuges which are to be used in a power plant.

There are several factors affecting the separation performance of a decanter centrifuge, and by adjusting the input data, a VFD centrifuge could achieve different separating goals. Normally, the larger bowl length-diameter ratio is, the dryer separated solids phase will be. GNLW454EY is a big bowl centrifuge with 18 inch bowl diameter and 4 of bowl length-diameter ratio. It is a quite ideal choice for power plant use. GNLW454EY also has a special cone angle and a high speed for such projects.

Based on different applications, GN Solids Control has designed a wide range of decanter centrifuges, more than solids control or waste management’s use. Like the bowl diameter, there are 9 inch bowl centrifuges, 14 inch bowl centrifuges, 18 inch bowl centrifuges, 22 inch bowl centrifuges and also as big as 30 inch bowl. For each bowl size, there are 2 or 3 optional length for different length-diamter ratio. And bowl material are of Duplex stainless steel like SS2304.

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Dec 27

GN Solids Control has been established for 12 years, in the past 12 years, GN Solids Control has developed from a Nobody private owned company into the leading brand in Chinese solids control manufacturers and one of the leading brand in the world. During the past 12 years, GN Solids Control not only witnessed China’s development, but also participated in it.

During the past 12 years, GN Solids Control has established branch companies in America and Europe, and started cooperation with partners in South Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America, Australia and Russia. GN Solids Control’s equipment have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions in the world.

As the leading solids control brand in China, GN Solids Control has achieved some remarkable goals with classic projects, for examples:

  1. In November of 2019, GN just finished the fabrication of a complete solids control system for Papua New Guinea, to a nowhere drilling site. Because of the rough transportation conditions, this system had to be delivered by air. Picture below was taken when the system was on boarding into the second largest cargo plane in the world. This system was accurately designed and made to reduce the weight while keeping the function and strength. Just 2 years ago, GN has made a similar system to Papua New Guinea which was transported by helicopters.
  2. Hongkong Airport project, for a 5.2km HDD project, GN Solids Control was also chosen as the mud recycling system manufacturer among the competitors all over the world. As a Chinese brand, GN Solids Control has been brought to many different projects to other countries together with rig manufacturers, drilling contractors and service companies.
  3. New projects coming soon.

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Dec 15

After more than one month fabrication and commissioning work, GN Solids Control just finished a complete set of solids control system ready to be air-shipped to an Australian client, yeah, correct, not transported by sea, instead, it will be transported by air directly to the no-road-linked jobsite across the ocean.
Australia is a special market with more strict standards than other countries, even stricter than the USA and European countries. It has special cable color, handrail height and electrical explosive proof standards. Besides, for this system, since the client has to transport it to a place with no road, the weight is carefully calculated for helicopter transportation.
This mud system contains following equipment and sections:

  1. Six sets of mud tanks for the complete solids control system, including shaker tank, mixing tank and storage tanks.
  2. Shale shaker 2 sets as the first step separation and all shaker screens are also from GN Solids Control.
  3. Mud gas separator 1 set for remove the flammable gas from the drilling fluids.
  4. Mud cleaner 1 set, including the desander and desilter cones for the 2nd and 3rd step separation.
  5. Centrifugal pumps 8 sets. Centrifugal pump is one of GN Solids Control’s core product, for the pump impeller and pump casing are made of hard alloy, which ensures a longer service life.
  6. Jet mud mixing unit 2 sets, one for use the other for backup, for adding new chemical or material into the clean drilling mud.
  7. Mud agitators for each tank, totally 18 sets.
    As the leading manufacturer of solids control system and equipment in China and one of the well-known brands in the world, GN Solids Control is the 1st Chinese brand to be accepted by Australia and also the 1st one to enter the oil and gas industry in Australia. And this is the 2nd sets of mud system GN has made for this market, to be transported by air.

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Dec 08

In last month, from November 11th to 14th, the ADIPEC was held in ADNEC Conference Center of Abu Dhabi, UAE, and along with the recovery of the oil industry, this festival attracted more visitors than the past 5 years’ and also gained the eyeballs of the elites from all Middle East Countries, even the king of Abu Dhabi. More than 2,200 exhibitors attended this year’s ADIPEC, and it attracted more than 150,000 professional visitors.

GN Solids Control attended this oil show as always, and this year, GN got an even bigger booth with more equipment shown in the exhibition, including:

  1. Decanter centrifuge GNLW363CG. Decanter centrifuge is important equipment for both solids control and waste management applications in oil and gas industry, and also more and more widely used for other separation projects like oily sludge separation, bottom tank cleaning and etc. It is quite efficient for separation works. GN has a full range of centrifuge models ranging from 9 inch diameter to 30 inch diameter.
  2. ViST vacuum screen device for shakers. This design enables the shaker to have higher efficiency by saving around 30% mud than usual. It is fixed to the last piece of screen and by providing a negative force form below screen, it helps make cuttings dryer.
  3. GNSP Vacuum pump for transferring material with large particles or material with high viscosity to a quite far distance. For this vacuum pump, GN has different models available respectively for 10 cbm/hr, 20cbm/hr and 40 cbm/hr three models.
  4. Shaker screens. GN has a factory for shaker screens and all GN frame screens are made of composite material frame. Welding and cutting are proceeded by robots to insure the stable quality.
    Welcome to contact GN team for more information.

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