Feb 17

Silently, the year 2018 slide by with gains and pains. As we opened the calendar of year 2019, the CIPPE Oil Show come as scheduled by end of March, in Beijing International Exhibition Center, capital of China.
In the past several years, the oil and gas industry suffered a roller coaster time as the crude oil price went up and down. It was both challenge and opportunity for a promising company, like GN Solids Control, which has developed from a new solids control brand to a leading manufacturer in this market. CIPPE Oil Show is a good platform for all brands both in domestic China and abroad, and this oil show also witnessed GN’s achievements in past years. Each year, GN Solids Control would bring to CIPPE some new designs.
In year 2017, GN Company set up its second factory in the same industry zone as headquarter, and moved its shaker screen factory and centrifuge workshop to the new factroy. In CIPPE, GN Solids Control got a full range of decanter centrifuges to CIPPE, including a baby centrifuge with 9 inch diameter bowl and a big bowl centrifuge with a 30 inch diameter bowl. In fact, GN Solids Control now has a full range of decanter centrifuge products including the bowl diameters of 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch and even 30 inch. For the popular sizes, like the 14 inch series. 18 inch series and 22 inch series, there are both 3 and 4 L/D ratio models available.
In year 2018, GN put into market 3 models of vacuum pumps, with capacity from 10 cbm/hr to 40 cbm/hr, which is an efficient choice for transferring drilling waste, oily sludge, and even animal waste. Meanwhile, GN’s several different solutions for oily sludge were proved to be successful. In same year’s exhibition, GN’s lab OST had attracted lots of professional visitors’ eyes, and fully met clients’ requests in this field.
For CIPPE 2019, what surprise will GN bring to us?
Let’s see at GN Booth E2168 on March 27th.


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Feb 12

A Chinese new year just started in February and the first exhibition GN Solids Control will attend in the Chinese New Year will be PetroTech, which is to be held in India, in the neighborhood of China.
India is adjacent with China on China’s south border, and both China and India have a large population and rich oil reserve in Asia, only second to the Middle East countries. Also, India is a large market and consumer for oil and gas drilling equipment. GN Solids Control has been cooperating with leading Indian drilling companies for a long time and GN Solids Control is the most popular brand from China in India, ranking among USA brands. Each year, GN will provide for Indian market several sets of complete solids control systems, including shale shaker, mud cleaner, decanter centrifuges, various pumps and batches of shaker screens.
This time, for this exhibition, GN will bring following items to show to Indian clients:

  1. GN Shale shaker, GNZS-703F, a high performance shale shaker equipped with 3 pieces of composite material frame shaker screens, the total screen area is 2.63 m2 and the G force produced by the OLI vibrators are adjustable up to 7.5G. Shaker deck is made of stainless steel for stronger structure and GN’s unique screen changing technic greatly facilitated the operators.
  2. GN Vacuum Pump GNSP-10A. it is a new product GN has put into market in the recent 2 years. The first set was a bigger one with 40 cbm per hour capacity, and later GN has designed and put into reality the smaller ones, GNSP-20A and GNSP 10A, with wheels to be movable. These pumps can handle material with high solids content up to 80% and solids particle size only limited to the hose diameter.
  3. GN Centrifugal pump is brought to this exhibition too, one of the full series models. GN has a full range of centrifugal pump models from 11kw to 75kw, covering nearly all needed models in oil and gas drilling industry.
  4. Shaker screen samples of different models are to be brought to this exhibition too.
    GN’s booth number would be D4.

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Jan 20

Horizontal Screw Centrifuge, is shortly mentioned as decanter centrifuge, is widely used for many different industries for separation. GN Solids Control has been manufacturing decanter centrifuges for years, at first, those horizontal screw centrifuges made by GN Solids Control were designed for oil and gas solids control projects, then, to be used in waste management projects for both drilling cuttings and drilling fluids. In recent three years, such centrifuges are also used for oily sludge separation works.

Clients from different industries who trusted GN Solids Control are using GNLW decanter centrifuges in different projects, and GN Solids Control is also exploring more applications for GN centrifuges. Meanwhile, GN is designing different models for decanter centrifuges, not only different sizes, but also different slope angles… to meet more applications.
Recently, a client has tested his material with a GNLW Decanter centrifuge and the feedback is more than satisfactory. This customer’s work is to treat aluminum hydroxide slurry. His aluminum hydroxide slurry has a concentration from 8% to 10%, and their aim is to remove water from the aluminum hydroxide mixture and enhance the concentration up to a high level from 60% to 80%. In the raw material, there are alumina in fine particles and also dissolved sodium nitrate in water. After strict test with real material, GNLW series centrifuge could fully meet the desired separation standards.
Based on requested treating capacities, GN has various centrifuge models from 9 inch diameter centrifuge bowl to 30 inch diameter bowl, designed at high speed or mostly variable frequency. If you or clients have similar projects which are in need of such centrifuges, please contact GN directly, GN professional engineers would help with choosing a suitable centrifuge model. GN also have centrifuges suitable for beverage treatment, oil separation, food industry and etc.


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Jul 05

Only in the first half of year, GN Solids Control has delivered to India more than 5 sets of mud recycling systems for the trenchless projects, 2 month ago, GN delivered 3 sets of customized 600GPM Mud recycling systems, and this time, which GN Solids Control has provided was a complete set of 1000GPM Mud Recycling System, including:

gn mud system

1. GNZS703F-DZ shale shaker. This is the best seller shaker model among GN shale shakers especially for the non oil gas industry. In this shaker design, GN has 5 patents like the unique sealing design, the gear unit for changing the screens and etc. The G force of this shaker model is upto 7.5G, adjustable. And shaker deck angle could be adjusted from minus 2 degree to plus 5 degree for a good performance. The shaker deck is made of stainless steel, for a stronger structure. It has 3 pieces of composite material frame screens, which gives 2.63 square meter screen area.
For the same model, GN has also high-G drying shaker available, with G force up to 8.5G.
2. GNZJ703F series desander and desilters. In this system, because of enough space and enough budget, the end user chose the desander and desilter design alongside the shale shakers. The desander has 2 of 10 inch cones and an underflow shaker, while the desilter has 12 of 4 inch cones with underflow shaker. Both of the underflow shakers are same as GNZS703, with interchangeable shaker screens, of course, different API numbers.
3. Mixing unit is equipped for this mud system, too. Both the mud mixing hopper and mud mixing pump are fabricated by GN Solids Control.
4. GNSB series centrifugal pumps are also one of the core products GN produces and provides. All GN centrifugal pumps, including individual parts are fully interchangeable with Mission Magnum centrifugal pump. They are widely used for the desander or desilter cone feeding, for the mixing purpose, or serve as charging pumps and transfer pumps in trip tanks.
Welcome to visit GN website for more information.


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Dec 22

Each year, GN Solids Control produces around 150 sets of decanter centrifuges, a certain number among those are used for flocculation systems together with some chemical dosing systems. In some countries and regions, it is compulsive to have a set of flocculation unit and a decanter centrifuge alongside of the drilling rig, in order to treat the drilling fluids on time. And the after treated drilling fluids could flow back to the drilling system.

containerized GN dewatering unit

GN Dewatering unit in 20 ft container

GN Standard Chemical Dosing Unit’s model is GNDW2000, which is designed in a standard 20ft container. It is easy for transportation and even suitable for hot or cold conditions. Inside the container, GNDW2000 chemical dosing system includes:

1. Three chamber polymer powder mixing unit, with a 2000L/hr treating capacity.
The three chamber tank has a total volume of 2000 liters. It is divided into 3 chambers for different functions: the first chamber is used for mixing the chemicals. After chemicals are added into the tank via a hopper, the small agitator is used to evenly mix the chemical into the water. Second chamber is for the polymer to dissolve. It need some time to dissolve before being added to the drilling mud. Normally it need 45 minutes. The third chamber is for storage. The ready dissolved fluid is in this chamber, waiting for pumped out by the dosing pump.
2. GNDW2000 Unit is using high standard material. The 3 chamber tank is made of stainless still. Besides being used as polymer dosing unit, it could be used for adjusting PH value also, by adding different components.
3. GN dewatering unit is a continuous working system with automatic functions. There are three level meters in this system for monitoring the levels and allow the system and operator to give suitable adjustment.

GN other equipment for waste management
If you have more interest, welcome to visit us or contact GN sales team directly.


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Nov 07

Ever since GN Solids Control started manufacturing for solids control equipment, in order to control the screen quality for GN’s own brand shakers, GN has invested in a screen factory. As the rapid development of GN Solids Control, just in early year 2017, GN Solids Control has invested in a new screen producing line with automatic screen producing facilities and upgraded all screen models for GN shakers.

Previously, nearly all frame screens are made of steel frames, and most producing procedures are manual. But with the new screen producing line, following improvements were achieved:
1. For welding the screen frames, GN is using an automatic welding robot to ensure the precise positioning of every point.
2. GN is choosing the highest quality fiber glass as the plastic component in order to ensure the high temperature resistance of screens.
3. Stainless steel material as screen mesh for longer screen service life.
4. Ideal screen mesh configurations as per API RP 13C standard, and higher conductance at same API number.

As both the producing cost and material cost are higher for composite material frames than steel frame screens, why GN and GN clients prefer composite material frame ones?
1. The composite material frame screens could be storage for longer time than the steel frame ones. Per GN experiences, after storage for 2 years, most of steel frame screens would lose much characters, but composite material frame ones could be storage at least 5 years without losing any performance.
2. Comparing with steel frame screens, the composite material frame occupies smaller screen area, so the useful area is larger, by more than 10%.
3. Composite material frame screens are repairable. With GN Special made screen plugs, the composite material frame screens could be underuse with up to 10% surface broken.

Now GN is holding big promotion on screens, pls contact GN for more information.


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