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Coal Bed Methan(CBM) or Coal Seam Methan(CSM) is a very important part for drilling mud cleaning system market . At the very beginning , maybe mud cleaning system is used in petroluem industry but it’s developed to other working area like HDD , Micro-tunnelling drilling , Coal bed methan & Coal seam methan , etc .

Breif introduction of Coal Bed Methan(CBM) / Coal Seam Methan(CSM)

As opposed to extracting gas from working mines, Coal Bed Methane (CBM)specifically exploits natural gases from unworked coal seams. Often called Virgin Coal Bed Methane (VCBM), the process involves drilling directly into the unworked coal. The way of determining whether or not gas is present in the coal, and can be produced commercially – varies from site to site. Indeed, studies have found that every coal seam is different in its characteristics. Essentially, the detailed appraisal process involves pumping water away from the coal seam, with the water saturation of the seam being a key factor in determining the viability.

Mud Cleaning system for Coal Bed Methan(CBM) / Coal Seam Methan(CSM)

While drilling , drilling mud will act as a lubricant . The drilling mud will get dirty after back to ground with drilling cuttings and a unit of mud cleaning system will be required to separate solids from it and re-use drilling mud to decrease cost . Shale Shaker , Desander , Desilter will be the core equipments in the mud cleaning system for CBM/CSM . For re-use the drilling mud , we also use a jet mud mixer to mixing the mud with chemicals to balanced the mud .

Coal Bed Methan (CBM/CSM) is a growing industry for drilling mud cleaning system . We mud cleaning equipments manufacture should focus on the industry for sales too as per my idear.


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    Have did any mud cleaning system for CBM/CSM to Australia?

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    What’s the difference of mud cleaning system in mining and HDD?

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