Oct 08

For the past eight days, from October 1st to October 8th, whole China is in a happy and excited mood. It is the longest national holiday of year 2017, except for the Spring Festival which is always scheduled in late January or early February, during when, the national holiday is also around eight days.

GN company is celebrating National Day and Mid Autumn Day

2017 National Day

GN celebrates National Holiday

October 1st is the National Day of China, cause the new China was established on October 1st, 1949, in the famous Tiananmen Square in Beijing, which has been China’s capital for several empires. And the whole China get three days holiday for this date plus two weekends, normally the holiday lasts for seven days. And this year, the National Day overlapped with the Mid-Autumn Day, which also a one day holiday in China. Mid-Autumn Day is also called Mooncake Day, on 15th of the eighth month according to Chinese traditional calendar. It is a reunion day for family. Traditional Chinese calendar is a lunar calendar, and each 15th day of months is when the moon is in round shape, among those, the one in eighth month is when the moon is largest. Autumn is also the harvest season. In many places in China, this day is also celebration for harvest.
On Mid-Autumn Day, all family members get together and share the mooncake. Moon cakes are round, baked stuffed cakes with different flavors. In South China, like Guangdong Province, the mooncakes are stuffed with yolks, and in East China, the mooncakes are more oily and sweeter. In Shanghai, the meat stuffed mooncakes are very popular. While in North China, mooncakes are drier and stuffed with sweet nuts and dates. No matter what kind of mooncakes they have, every Chinese is enjoying the festivals and holidays.
GN Solids Control always encourages its employees to enjoy life with family. For this special holiday, the company gave staff fruits, soft drinks and mooncake package as gifts for their families. In fact, in GN Solids Control, employees are enjoying life like being in family. Although they are on different positions, they are sharing the benefit from hardworking and the development of the company.


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