May 19

Decanter centrifuge introduction for natural gas drilling

Decanter centrifuge is a equipment that separating suspension for natural gas drilling with solid phase concentration being 2~70% and liquid phase viscosity υ≤0.01Pa•S and containing solid phase granule of particle diameter d≥2μm, in separating the suspension of amorphous material difficult for renewing filtering cloth and of big change in solid phase concentration. And the decanter centrifuge is also used in the range needing to separate solid and liquid substance for petroleum, chemical industry, food, pharmacy and environmental protection, etc., able to finish dehydration of solid phase, liquid clarifying, separation of liquid to liquid to solid, and granularity grading, etc.

Centrifuge stands popular in USA

Most of the clients choose a centrifuge stand in USA which is much different in China . It always with a platform , bracket , discharge plate , handrail and lander. GN design and manufacture centrifuge stand based on safty and convenient for operation of decanter centrifuge . GN has 3 models of decanter centrifuge that suitable for our centrifuge stand and also we can do customized design on centrifuge stand like single stand or tendom stand for 2 decanter centrifuge .

GN Solids Control is one of a leading manufacturer for solids control equipment including decanter centrifuge and centrifuge stand . Please feel free to contact us for inqury or questions , we will be consistantly offer you our best services for you .


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  1. 1. solids Control Says:

    yours articals for centrifuge stand is a new devission in China as many user don’t use the stand

  2. 2. mud system Says:

    I found many US users will looking forward a centrifuge stand base for their decanter centrifuge , what’s the stand fuction ?

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