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Decanter Centrifuge on Diamond Drilling

Decanter centrifuge is the last phase to clean diamond drilling mud. For diamond drilling ,every equipment should be small footprint and compact for a whole system. GNLW220x660 decanter centrifuge is designed with a small footprint too meet diamond drilling space limit. Main Spec:


Differential gear type: Mechanical Differential

Treating capacity:150l /min;

Drum diameter: 220mm

Rotary speed: 3500rpm

Extruder rate L/D: 3

Separation factor: 1500G

Main motor:11kw;Assistant motor: 5.5kw

Dimension :1530×1080×755mm (as the drawing below)

Weight :750kg;

Operation period:Continuously 24hours

Centrifuge System configuration

GN build centrifuge system will including a GNZS752 shale shaker before a centrifuge. GNZS752 shale shaker is designed for small HDD mud system and diamond drilling with spec:

Model: GNZS752

Motor: 2×0.45KW

Screen Area: 1.35 M2

G forth: 7.0G

A centrifuge system including one set GNZS752 shale shaker, 1 set GNLW220x660 centrifuge, 1 mud tank and pump.

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