Feb 12

China sheild drilling mud separation equipments manufacture like GN Solids Control is many . However GN is a few that have passed API certificate and ISO certificate . Sheild drilling is a large market for mud system manufactures , GN as a specailized manufacture for mud system have exported over 30 countries for mud system.

China sheild drilling mud system totally will be chearper than US mud system . Take a SD 400 sheild drilling mud system for exsample , one GNZS83-3 shale shaker , one GNZS83-3/12″x3 desander , one GNZS83-3/4″*18 desilter , and 2 SB6x8-13 feeding pump for desander and desilter make a total processing part of sheild drilling mud system with a tank . To make a mixing system for sheild drilling , a mixing tank ,  mud agitators and jet mud mixer helps for a mixing system for cheild drilling mud system .

GN is a proffecial manufacture in China for sheild drilling mud system . Their are many news regarding for our sales all over the world in our web  , please feel free to check it and get more info from that . Our Web Here for News


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