Oct 29

China is one of the shale shaker manufacturer center all over the world for oil & gas drilling , Horizontal directional drilling(HDD), Coal Seam Methan (CSM), Geothermal Drilling and so on. There are thousands of manufacturer in China for shale shaker with a wide range of quality and markert share difference. Here will introduce you one of the top 5 shale shaker manufacture in China as bellow:

GN Solids Control Breif Introduction

GN Solids Control is a China based company focus on solids control equipment (shale shaker is one of the core equipment) GN ‘s principle is “Quality first , price second” which promote GN to focus on international clients and top local clients who would like to buy top quality instead of cheaper price. GN passed the API certificate and manufacture accordingly API standard which enable GN well received for international market.

GN Shale Shaker Benefit

1. Adopt ANSYS limited element analysis to optimize structure
2. Adopt SS304 or Q345 high-strength alloy material
3. Heat treatment on complete shaker deck
4. Shaker surface is coated with heavy anticorrosive paint
5. Vibration motor is from Italy Oli
6. BEM shaker was praised by government and got “National technology progress awards
7. Compared with linear motion shale shaker, treating capacity increased by 20%-30%,
   discharge speed increased by 10%-20%

GN Solids Control has started to enter the developed market like USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, France and some of the market has been well promoted. Please contact GN Solids Control freely for shale shaker and also other solids control equipment, GN will give you the best solutions!


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