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Shale shakers are always regarded as the most efficient application in the industry of oil and gas drilling, not only in the solids control system, but also in waste management system for the drilling cuttings, and also, the mud cleaner is combined with a under flow shale shaker. Even in HDD or CBM systems, the shale shaker plays an important role in the mud recycling work. In some project, the operator uses only one shale shaker to roughly treat the water based drilling mud.

double deck shale shaker linear motion
The benefit of the shale shaker comparing with other treating equipments:
1. comparing with desander, desilter and the centrifuge, the shale shaker is used for separating out the largest amount of solids particles.
2. normally, for the solids control use, the shale shakers don’t need a feeding pump with large energy consumption, like the desander or desilter which need high powered sand pump as feeding pump respectively.
3. easy to change shaker screens to different diameter of solids particle sizes.

linear motion high G shale shaker

How to choose a suitable shale shaker?
1. per jobsite requested capacity, you could choose a suitable capacity shale shaker. GN Solids Control has 2 main models of shale shakers, GNZS594E shale shaker with 4 nos screens and a longer treating capacity and treating route and GNZS703E shale shaker with 3 nos screens and a comparably smaller treating capacity.
2. since the vibrating force determines the treating performance of the shale shaker, a good performance motor is important too. GN use Italy Oli vibrating motors and sometimes use Martin brand for option.
3. a high G force vibration motor request a strong shaker deck. GN use stainless steel as material for shaker deck and complete heat treatment to insure the strong structure and a longer service life of the shale shaker.
4. a good sealing also important to shale shakers. GN has patent in the sealing of shaker deck and the shaker screens to ensure a good sealing and successfully avoids the leaking of mud.

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