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 As we know, Cobra II shale shaker is one of Cobra series shakers manufactured by NOV Brandt. It has another name—King Cobra II shale shaker. It is dual motion shaker. It can be changed vibration motion automatically or manually.

And move detrimental drilled solids from the mud system. When it is operated by manual mode the Cobra II will be same with other shale shakers

Similar shale shaker with Cobra II shaker

Cobra II shale shaker holds following specifications:

Overall dimension: 124¼ in (3156 mm) x 70 in (1778.0 mm) x 64 in (1625.6 mm); the weight: 5755 lb (2612.8 kg); the screen deck: 33.4 ft2 (3.1m2); shaker screen type: 24 4/5” (630mm) x 49 1/2”(1250mm); motor: each one 2.5hp(1.9kw)

GNZS63-3 Shale shaker

GNZS63-3 Shale shaker

GNZS63-3 from GN solids control is a similar type with Cobra II shale shaker. They have shaker screen as 24 4/5” (630mm) x 49 1/2”(1250mm). Usually we fit 2-3 panels of screens on the screen deck. The overall dimension is 100 7/10” (2558mm) x 74 2/5” (1891mm) x 59” (1500mm); weight is 3704lb/1680kg; vibration motor: 2x2HP; the G force: ≤7.0G (Adjustable) 

GNZS63-3 holds superiority same as Cobra II’s advanced technology enables it to minimize mud losses while enhancing cutting dryness. Maintenance on the is minimal and its rugged design offers years of reliable operation. And they hold fast-replace screen tensioning type

Replacement screen for Cobra II shaker

The Cobra II shaker use one series screen sized: 24 4/5” (630mm) x 49 1/2”(1250mm). This screen can be used for

Cobra series shale shaker. Including King Cobra, King Cobra II, King Cobra Venom, King Cobra Plus Shaker, Mini Cobra 3-Panel Shaker, Mini Cobra 2-Panel Shaker.

The GNZS63 Series shale shaker can be designed as 2 or 3 panels of screen. And the screens can be interchangeable with Cobra series shale shaker from NOV Brandt. Subject to clients’ requirements the screens panels can be designed as pyramid also. This will increase the treating capacity and mud coverage of screen


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