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Major components of the centrifuge (As per fig) consist of the rotating assembly, control cabinet,bowl and conveyor drive motors, control system, purge system, vibration switch, and case, base assembly, and skid. The following paragraphs describe these components.

Rotating Assembly For Centrifuge

The rotating assembly consists of a cylindrically shaped, high-strength carbon steel bowl,conveyor assembly, gearbox, and related components. The bowl consists of a straight steel cylinder with a conical section at the solid discharge end and a flat liquid bowl head at the opposite end. Openings are provided at both ends to permit liquid and solid discharges. The bowl ends are supported by roller bearings having grease fittings to facilitate periodic lubrication

Bowl Assembly For Centrifuge

The liquid bowl head at the liquid discharge end contains movable weir plates that permit manual adjustment of the liquid level remaining in the bowl during rotation. Notched locking plates adjacent to the weir plates facilitate precise adjustment. The liquid level or pond depth, along with other factors, helps determine the liquid content of the discharged solids. The conical bowl at the solid discharge end forms an upward sloping beach, where solids collect and are continuously discharged through the solid discharge ports. Replaceable inserts line the solid discharge ports to minimize the rate of wear due to abrasive action.

Conveyor For Centrifuge

The conveyor assembly is a hollow, cylindrical auger that receives the inlet slurry into its interior,disperses it through feed nozzles to the bowl assembly, and transports the solids to the solids discharge outlet. Rotated by an electric motor through a three-stage planetary gearbox, the conveyor turns in the same direction as the bowl but at a higher rate of speed. The outer housing of the gearbox is secured to the bowl, while the shaft is directly connected to the conveyor

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