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Decanter Centrifuge Breif Introduction

Decanter Centrifuge for separation of detrital material of drilling muds is widely used in solid control system for drilling mud to separate the solids phase of mud, remove harmful fine drill solids such as debris, etc. in the mud fluid, or recover weighting materials such as barite etc. so as to reduce the cost of mud fluid.

Decanter centrifuge provides two drive modes: rated frequency drive and variable frequency drive. As to rated frequency drive centrifuge, the rotating bowl speed is fixed, so the speed can be changed only by changing drive pulley; while variable frequency drive centrifuge can achieve large-range stepless speed regulation easily with parameters displayed, e.g. speed and working current.

Centrifuge sales and rent

Centrifuge is a core and expensive equipment for mud cleaning equipment. Some clients will buy and some rent depending on different working conditions. GN Solids Control sales decanter centrifuge for several models to meet clients requirement. GN has sales for decanter centrifuge to over 40 countries like Brazil, Australia, USA, Ecuador, Russia…… Some clients also asked us if we could rent centrifuge to them. The answer is we didn’t rent centrifuge yeat but we are starting to consider this business. As we are setting offices all over the world and keeping stocks and equipments all over the world and rent business will be one of our division soon.

GN decanter centrifuge high speed model is a popular one and sales popular to all over the world. It can separate solids particals above 2-5 microns with 176Gallons per minute speed. GN has designed a new model to keep a large treating capacity to meet more clients application


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    About how much would that centrifuge pictured above cost? Looks like one pretty nice piece of machinery 🙂

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