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Please find information on Derrick 600 DP Shaker, Mongoose dual motion shale shaker, GNPS Shale shaker. You can find how do shale shakers work, different shakers hold different performance in variouse motion.

Derrick DP600 shaker

The revolutionary DP 600 shaker provides increased capacity without enlarging its footprint. Fluid Centering Technology maximizes fluid throughput by forcing the feed to the center of each of the two concave screen beds.

More API screen area increases capacity, potentially reducing the number of shakers required.  The screen support structure’s stainless steel construction results in maximum durability prolonging life. Easy to install, oil-resistant bed cushions provide an all-important complete seal with no hardware required.

Scalping deck

The optional scalping deck provides coarse solids removal, reducing the feed load on the primary deck, resulting in an increased life of primary deck screen panels.

The scalping deck’s unique design increases available API screening area and can be utilized for reclamation of Loss Circulation Material (LCM). Unobstructed access is provided to the primary deck for inspection, cleaning and rapid screen replacement. The scalping deck may be bypassed allowing process material to flow directly to the primary deck.

Derrick‘s long-life urethane screen panels (patent pending) are inherently non-blinding, abrasion-resistant, oil-resistant, and permit fast, easy removal and installation.

Mongoose Dual Motion shaker

Dual‐motion MONGOOSE shakers applied in Lake Maracaibo proved to be a successful solution to the previous experiences of operators in the region. Operators had found wells in this region challenging as a result of the need for high drilling rates and incidence of a high percentage of drill cuttings. These cuttings were saturated with oil‐base mud.

The conventional possum belly designs that had been used in the region are known to progressively accumulate drill cuttings, eventually leading to flowline plugging. Elimination of the possum belly in the MONGOOSE design significantly reduced obstructions on the flowline while drilling both Lake Maracaibo wells.

GNPS Ballanced Elliptical Shaker

GNPS series balanced elliptical shale shaker  is the fourth generation Patented shale shaker introduced by GN and Southwest Petroleum University. It is the advanced shale shaker known in the world. It holds much more treating capacity cater to drilling mud system high capacity

In 2009,this Shaker research project got approval from National Technology Commission and gets the “National Technology Progress” Award. GNPS balanced elliptical shale shaker designed from uneven diameter principle, and applied patent successfully; compared with overseas famous companies’ even diameter principle, both theoretically and practically, GN patented shaker is better.

GNPS Shale Shaker

GNPS Shale Shaker


Screen area of above shakers

All Derrick screens offer cut point integrity and are API RP 13C (ISO 13501) compliant, the new industry standard for physical testing and labeling of shaker screens.

The available API RP 13C non-blanked screen area for the DP 600 is the following:

DP 616 with PMD screens = 29.1 sq. ft.; with PMD+ screens = 35.0 sq. ft.
DP 626 (Scalping Deck) = 12 sq. ft.

DP 618 with PMD screens = 38.8 sq. ft.; with PMD+ screens = 46.7 sq. ft.
DP 628 (Scalping Deck) = 16 sq. ft.

GNPS Shaker screens design come from treating capacity requirements and API standard. Please find following shaker screen area
GNPS70-3 holds 3 picees 700*1050mm PWP or PMD screen. The general area is: 2.2sq.m.
GNPS70-4 holds 4 pieces 700*1050mm PWP or PMD screen. The general area is 2.94sq.m.

Thanks to so considerable screen area, the treating capacity of GNPS70-3 is 704GPM. While GNPS70-4 holds about 880GPM capacity. Moreover, since it’s balanced elliptical shale shaker it works more effectivly. It overcomed the jam on the screen, horse foot effect, etc. block situation.

Screen Deck and Screens on Mongoose PT shaker
Screen area: Net (API):1.97 m2, Deck-angle adjustment:-3°to +3°,Screen type: Pre-tensioned 4 x (1.2 x 0.61 m).
And the outer dimension, the Length: Dual motion 120 in.(3,048 mm), Width 68.9 in.(1,749 mm), Weir height 29 in. (737 mm), Height 51 in. (1,295 mm), Weight3,800 lb (1,724 kg)


Abovings are brief information on Derrick DP600 shaker, Mongoose Dual motion shaker, and GNPS shale shaker. Consider those points, it’s easy to find different types hold various advantages. No matter on treating capacity or the harmony between different drilling mud system configuration


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