Mar 29

Derrick FLC503/504 shale shaker is one of the most popular shale shaker in the world. FLC503 is a shaker with 3 decks holk type shaker screen. FLC504 shale shaker install same shaker screen but with 4 shaker decks to max treating capacity

Replacement Shaker Screen for Derrick FLC503/504

Shaker screen is one of the most important spare parts for shale shaker to separate solids above 150 micron solids by vibrating  shaker decks to effecitive separating performance. FLC503/504 shaker screen is hook type for tighten installation which is good to max effect screen size. Flate scree will have a much longger working life especially good when solids content is very high. Pyramid screen normally shorter life but better performance.

Shaker Screen Manufacturer

There are many manufacturers for shaker screen ,different manufacturer offer different special design, different price and different quality levels. GN Solids Control is a China based manufacturer for shaker screen as well as shaker. GN don’t copy Derrick or other brand shaker but design it’s own brand shaker. The design & manufacture of shaker enable GN get a better knowlege on shaker screen which helps better design and manufacturer for shaker screen

Other than derrick FLC503/504 shaker screen, GN build derrick FLC2000, Brandt Cobra, DFE, etc too. Please contact us for inquiry freely


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